Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo Review

It becomes extremely complicated trying to trace fish, especially in new waters. You are a fishing enthusiast that I do not dispute. It happens that you move to a new location and one way or the other you have to take a fish home.

You could get lucky and make a friend who would guide you. Even then they might be experiencing trouble finding the fish. Their ego makes them believe that they are pros at fish finding. The fact is no one can beat the efficiency and accuracy of a fish finder.

Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo


The manufacturer will tell you that the Humminbird 999ci HD fishfinder has predatory instincts. I had the chance to ascertain that allegation. It is no longer an allegation, and it passes on that instinct to you. Woe unto the fish once you set foot in the waters with the Humminbird 999ci HD fishfinder.

Full-Color HD Screen

With an 8 inches screen, I love how much I get to capture. Owing to that the screen is high definition, with a high resolution the clarity of the images is excellent. If you have doubt, check out the 16:9 aspect ratio. The aspect ratio also facilitates for easy split display. If you get anything less of the super bright display, feel free to call me a liar.

The display gives you the user menus and a range of other variables. The other variables include the GPS signal strength, water depth, and temperature. You will also be in a position to tell how much longer the battery can last with the battery state on display.

Compatible with Ipilot

Ipilot works together with the internal Gps enabling you to have the best subsequent fishing trips. What do you get to do using the pilot? Ipilot capability enables the trolling motor to communicate with the Humminbird 999ci HD fishfinder. The communication allows for automatic navigation, leaving you to concentrate on fish finding and casting.

Have you ever got lost in the waters? Before the Humminbird 999ci HD fishfinder, I would miss the dock each and every time. It never happens again as it helps me with tracking my way back to the dock.

Down and Side Imaging

Down and side imaging allows you to see much more than most of the other fish finders. You also have the capability to sightsee if you wish to. The oceans and sea are always rich with features. Using the Humminbird 999ci HD fishfinder, you get something else to enjoy on top of the fishing. There still could be some fish under the boat and on the sides. Call it a 100% visibility enhancement.

Fish love the sea water drops. Using the side imaging feature, you get to locate these with ease. Thus it boosts your yields a lot.

High-Speed Processor

It has an up to date high-speed processor. High speed allows for instant image updates. Also, it allows you to sift through the menus without delay. Onboard among the features is the true arch technology. True arch technology enables excellent arching once you determine the size and depth of the fish. It does the sizing in a fraction of a minute while filtering obstructions that would cause inaccurate measurements.

The 60-degree beam allows for optimal fish targeting. The wide-angle of coverage covers a wide area thus increasing your chance of finding fish.

Programmable GPS

GPS allows me to mark locations on the screen. Exactly how many points and routes can I map and program? More than you will ever need. You can mark up to 2500 locations, and a total of 45 routes. Since the behavior of fish is predictable, their choice of habitat will mostly be the same. You store the spots and routes for a revisit at some later time.

I also get to help my friends with my GPS data. I am selfish when it comes to lending my fish finder but generous with my routes and spots. Using the Ethernet port, I share the routes to friends who have the Humminbird 999ci HD fishfinder units.

Sonar Recording

Sonar recording is possible only if you have got memory. I still do not think that you would need dual SD card slots but the Humminbird 999ci HD fishfinder happens to have two. It happens that one slot could spoil, highly unlikely but if it does the remaining slot will come in handy.

You will not get trouble trying to find fishing spots. The fish finder has preload XD contour maps that allow you to locate channels and major spots with ease. The switch fire sonar locates fish up to 1500 ft.

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  • Color LCD
  • Transom mount transducer
  • Broadband Sounder
  • Dual SD card slots
  • Hybrid dual imaging
  • One year warranty (parts and labor)
  • Advanced signal processing
  • Owner’s manual


  • I have a hard time trying to call it compact
Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo

Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q: Can I get grayscale display if my eyes are sensitive to color?
  • A: That will not be an issue, despite being super bright the display allows for high definition grayscale too.
  • Q: How do I get to revisit spots and locations?
  • A: the backtracking feature will allow you to review the sonar history and revisit locations.
  • Q:  is the unit waterproof?
  • A:  Yes, just don’t worry about bad weather.

Final Verdict

Have you seen all the above features? Then what are you waiting for? Getting this unit will make your fishing dreams come true. I once found myself researching on how to increase my catch. I read a load of articles.

Most would recommend that I find a fish finder. Being the doubting Thomas, I am I did not believe that at first. I purchased several units. And I never in the world find myself leaving my fish finder or having it break down. Of the units that I like, I love the Humminbird 999ci HD fishfinder. You should consider getting the Humminbird 999ci HD fish finder.

Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo

Humminbird 999ci HD SI Combo

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