Humminbird 409670-1 PiranhaMax 197C Color Fish Finder Review – Fish Finder with Greater Clarity!

As a fisherman, you understand that there’s a lot of skill and expertise that goes into catching your next fish. However, if there aren’t any fish to find, to begin with, then it doesn’t matter how skilled you are; you’ll just be sitting on the water, waiting for something that will never come.

That’s why fish finders are so popular these days. These compact and portable devices ensure that you won’t come home empty-handed. Today we’re looking at the Piranhamax 197c Fish Finder from Humminbird.

Although technology has created some super high-end models out there, the fact is that if you’re looking for something convenient and easy to use, the 197c is all you need. Let’s see what kind of features you can expect.

Humminbird Piranhamax 197c

High-Definition 3.5-Inch Display

This particular fish finder comes in two varieties. First, there is a grayscale image, or you can opt for full color. In either case, the pictures are shown in high-definition, so you will be able to spot your next catch easily.

Grayscale is good if you want to save a little extra money on your device. If you’re not looking for a super fancy finder, you can definitely make this work for you. It’s already a huge step up from traditional fishing methods, so you don’t need all of the bells and whistles of other finders.

The other great thing about this display is that it’s backlit so that you can read it in both direct sunlight and at night.

Easy-to-Use Interface

Although this finder doesn’t have some of the more advanced features that you can find on other models, it still has more than enough functionality for finding fish. First, it comes with Fish ID technology, which makes it much easier to differentiate your next catch from any other object in the water.

Second, the Piranhamax 197c comes with both fish and depth alarms. You can customize the depth based on your needs, which is helpful if your boat is deep in the draft. You can ensure that you know when the bottom is shallow so that you can avoid getting stuck anywhere.

The fish alarms are helpful because it allows you to focus more on getting into position without having to watch the screen the whole time.

Finally, you can zoom in on any section of the readout so that you can see it more clearly. As you can see, even with such a basic model, you have more than enough insight into how and where to catch your next fish.

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Dual Beam Sonar

When comparing fish finders, the most important thing to look at is the sonar. All the technology in the world isn’t going to matter if you can’t even find what you want beneath the surface. In this case, the Piranhamax 197c comes with two sonar beams, with a combined power of 1600 watts.

When you activate one of the beams, the depth range is about 300 feet. Naturally, with both beams on you can go down to 600 ft. This makes the Piranhamax ideal for all kinds of waterways, lakes, and even sea fishing.

Transducer Included

Also, the Piranhamax does come with its own transducer. Some models out there force you buy it separately, which only adds to the overall cost. Also, you have to make sure that the two pieces are compatible, which can be a pain if you try to shop for a good deal.

This transducer is highly capable and will sync well to the Dual Beam Sonar. It comes with all of the connection cables and wires, so you simply mount it to the transom, and you’re ready to catch some fish.

Humminbird Piranhamax 197c


  • Durable construction
  • Lightweight and portable design
  • Dual beam sonar
  • Crystal clarity
  • High-definition screen
  • Fish and depth alarms
  • Fish ID for convenience
  • 1600 watt PTP sonar
  • Transducer included
  • Mounting bracket
  • Easy-to-use menu buttons


  • No GPS
  • Images are Gray, not color


  • Can I connect this finder to my boat’s main battery?
  • Yes, it’s possible to do that, so it doesn’t die on you while you’re out on the water.
  • Can this device work on saltwater?
  • Although it’s not built for that specifically, it can handle salty conditions relatively well.
  • What is the max depth for this finder?
  • When you activate one beam, you can go up to 320 feet down. With both beams, it can detect fish up to 600 feet below.

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Final Verdict

Although we would prefer for this finder to come with GPS, we appreciate the compact design and simplified control panel. When it comes to finding fish, the Piranhamax 197c is more than capable and will ensure that you bring home the catch of the day.

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