Humminbird 718 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder Review

Fishing enthusiasts crave a fish finder that is laced with sonar and every other capability they need. More often than not, people end up not having the bucks to afford it. But for those who want a suitable device and at a convenient price, a Hummingbird 718 can be an option.

Hummingbird 718 Fishfinder Review


People won’t get a color screen on the machine. But, it has other features that will make up for the gray-scale mode. Also, you will find this device user-friendly. Let me review few of the benefits of owning Hummingbird 718 Fish Finder in this article.

The Display of Hummingbird 718

Hummingbird 718 FishfinderSome would say the screen of this device is nothing fancy. But amazingly, Hummingbird 718 has a 16-level grayscale screen. These levels help fishermen to determine the nature of underwater fish habitats. The 320X320 resolution gives you clear picture even when you are fishing in dull weather.

Also, the 5-inch screen is a surprise considering the price level of Hummingbird Fishfinder. But I guess the Hummingbird 718 manages to attain the display as a core trait of the 700 series from the manufacturers.

On top of that, Hummingbird provides GPS tracking ability for the users. It is quite a feat.

The GPS System of the Device

Hummingbird 718 Fishfinder Review

Yes, like you heard me say, it is compatible with handheld GPS tracking and also chart plotting. But you will need a compatible antenna to activate the feature.

It will navigate you to your goal, but the chart plotting isn’t as good as in some of the expensive kayak GPS models. Hummingbird doesn’t suit navionics or lakemaster. But it has Hummingbird Mapping package that will help you navigate your way.

It will navigate you to your destinations using a grid line and black dots. It doesn’t show the shoreline and understandably so. It is a budget friendly model with its own limitations.

The Dual BeamPlus Sonar System

It comes with Dual BeamPlus sonar. The sonar helps to scan underwater at 20 degrees and 80-degree angles. The Dual BeamPlus lets you adjust your viewing area on the display in both the modes. You can also watch the two modes operate on split screen that will help you immensely.

The sonar is fairly accurate and the manufacturers mention that it will behave accurately even in areas where the water is 1000 ft. deep.

Additional Features People will Enjoy

I spoke on Hummingbird Mapping System or Unimap a little while earlier. Unimap lets you store 750 waypoints on your device. You can also store up to 10 tracks with 2000 points. It is perfect for a person who fishes for recreation.

Also, you have multiple options while mounting this device. I particularly like the in-dash mounting system which keeps it in one place. You can use the swivel and tilt system that turns your kayak  into a fish seeker. With just the 4 lbs. of weight, it will work fine on every fishing or pontoon boat.


  • Simplistic design and display work fine.
  • The screen is perfect for viewing in intense sunlight.
  • It is easy to customize with programmable buttons.
  • The GPS system is perfect for an entry-level product.


  • Sonar system has accuracy issues. People mentioned they found readings to be accurate for shorter depths than advertised.
  • It isn’t compatible with modern chart plotters.
  • GPS system is very basic.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: What to do if I want to pair GPS with it?

A: You’ll have to buy an antenna. Then just enter the one of the popular GPS PUKs. If you wish to use a transom-mount sensor, Humminbird sells that separately with transom mount. It is a lot cheaper than PUKs.

Final Verdict

Humminbird 718 5-Inch Waterproof Fishfinder is practically an entry level product for beginner anglers or recreational fishermen. It has its lacking in Sonar and GPS department.

But it covers up with the display and other features which let you calculate different metrics with programmable buttons. Also, additional attachments are available if you want to enhance the performance of your device.

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