Hummingbird Helix 10 Review – Our Favourite Sonar with GPS!

What we really enjoyed about this finder model is that it offers a lot and has few limitations. It has a screen with a beautiful 10 inch, detailed, LED display which gives you access to all of the relevant finder information on your current fishing trip. It uses powerful imaging technology to give you the clearest possible view of the fish around your boat.

What is really exceptional about this particular model is that it uses Advanced SwitchFire Sonar and DualBeam plus sonar to give you the maximum amount of information and visibility. The SwitchFire sonar lets you adjust the level of detail on your screen to your own preference, and the DualBeam uses high and low frequencies to enhance your view around your vessel.

It comes stocked with 3,000 different lake maps in the US and can integrate with a variety of different mapping suites so that you can expand your map archive.

Hummingbird Helix 10


Beautiful Screen

This unit features a massive gorgeous screen to display your finder information. It has a 10 inch, colorful, backlit, LED display.

Powerful Imaging Technology

What is awesome about this model is that it uses a couple of different types of imaging technologies to give you a better view around your vessel. It features HD Down Imaging and HD Side Imaging to give you that kind of power to get real distance and depth in the view to the side of your boat, as well as beneath it.

Precision Sonar Technology

This unit also uses two different kinds of sonar technology. It uses Advanced SwitchFire Sonar which gives you the ability to adjust the level of detail that your sonar display. The finder also uses DualBeam Sonar to send out a variety of different low and high frequencies to give you better detail and separation of the fish and your environment.

GPS and Mapping System

The built-in GPS and mapping system gives you the ability to navigate 3,000 bodies of water in the US, right out of the box. This is perfect for navigating and marking new fishing territories and bodies of water.

Optional Additional Mapping Suites

This model is also open for updating from additional mapping suites so that you aren’t limited by the stock maps that it comes with. Feel free to explore other mapping suites and packs to download them to your device.

Hummingbird Helix 10


  • This unit comes with a large 10-inch full color, LED, the backlit display which gives you a beautiful screen to view all of your pertinent fishing information on.
  • It has an expansive push-button interface that allows you to quickly and easily navigate all of the information that you need on your fish finder.
  • This unit uses a powerful combination of HD Down Imaging and HD Side Imaging to give you the clearest view possible of the fish and water around and beneath your boat
  • This model also uses Advanced Switchfire Sonar which gives you the ability to control the level of detail that is presented on screen. It gives you the water depth, temperature and even indicates turbulence.
  • It also features DualBeam Plus SONAR which uses high and low frequencies to give you high accuracy returns and visibility.
  • This unit features a high-class GPS and a CountourXD mapping system that gives you access to over 3,000 US bodies of water
  • What is nice about this particular unit is that it is compatible with a variety of different mapping suites, so that you aren’t as limited to what maps you are able to download.


  • The display is pretty complex to read. It takes some time to get used to it.


Question: Does this come with a transducer?
Answer: Yes, it comes with a transducer.

Question: What is the distance that side imaging extends to on each side?
Answer: Side imaging can display up to 240 feet to each side of your vessel.

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