Intex Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats Review

No matter what type of boat you have, this motor should work well. Intex Trolling Motor has a control panel that allows you to adjust the settings to your preference. It’s ideal for those that want to use a motor the way they want to. It provides enough power to push some of the heaviest boats.

Intex Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats

The adjustable handle is easy to use, and you can put it where you want. If you’re thinking about getting a trolling motor, this is the one you should consider. Even if you don’t have a heavy boat, this Intex Trolling Motor will do everything and more when you’re using it.

Designed for Intex Boats

You can use Intex Trolling Motor on any Intex boat. Whether you have a Challenger 3, Seahawk 2, 3, or 4, Excursion 3, 4, or 5 or a Mariner 3 or 4, the motor will work well.

Most inflatable boats with a built-in motor mount fitting should allow this motor to fit on the boat. It’s ideal for taking different Inflatable pontoon boats out for different rides on the water.

Control Panel

The control panel displays the battery meter, allowing you to determine how far you can go on a charge. The automatic escape weed control key allows you to clear out any weeds caught in the trolling motor.

The dry operation allows the motor to be cleaned easily. You can protect the motor from overloads to prevent burnout of the motor.

Adjustable Handle

The handle adjusts quickly, allowing you tilt the motor to different heights to navigate through different water levels. The motor can change from 45-0 degrees upwards, while tilting from 0-75 downwards.

Intex Trolling Motor ideal for getting the right angle for travelling at the fastest speed. It has five forward speeds, and three reverse speeds to help you travel across the water.


The powerful motor runs at 420 watts on a 12-volt DC charge. You won’t need to worry about the battery dying when you’re on the water. Since the motor is powerful, you can travel faster than with other motors.

The long shaft ensures it stays in the water when you’re motoring along. It works in fresh and salt water, giving it a versatile edge compared to other motors.


  • The motor is powerful
  • Works well on kayaks
  • It is durable
  • It has excellent acceleration
  • Ideal for inflatable boats


  • Some units break easily


Q: Is it easy to install?

A: Yes, it is. All you need are some clamps and alligator clips to ensure the motor is locked onto your boat.

Q: Does it come with the mount?

A: No, it doesn’t include a mount. You will need to buy it separately.

Q: How long will the battery last on a charge?

A: The battery should last you all day, depending on how far you’re going.

Final Verdict

This is a powerful motor that can work well. If you don’t have an Intex boat, you may not like the way the motor works. While many people have had issues with the company, it shouldn’t deter you from using this motor. It is durable enough to handle run ins with rocks and other debris on the floor. Since you can angle the blades to different places, you can catch more water, which helps you go faster.

It’s ideal for those looking for a durable motor than can handle crashing into different things. You won’t need to worry about replacing the motor, and it runs for a long time on a single charge.

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Intex Trolling Motor for Intex Inflatable Boats
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