Jackson Cuda 12 Kayak Review – Better Design with Versatility!

Kayaks were originally made to hunt the inland island many years back. Today, a lot has changed, and many people now embrace kayaks for recreational activities mostly during summer. There are so many types of kayaks that have been invented, and they come with very user-friendly designs.

Before you purchase a fishing kayak, there are some paramount considerations that you need to make so that you can get a perfect product. Apart from the brand, price and the features, here are some other important things that you can check in a fishing kayak.

  • The length for speed, stability, and width
  • Consider the location and positioning of the seat
  • Is the kayak rigged or unrigged?
  • Consider transportation and storage
  • Storage available

Kayaks provide beginners with a very easy way of paddling and they feature scupper holes that are effective in draining water. For those anglers who are fond of fishing, purchasing a fishing kayak will greatly improve your experience. If you want a nice fishing kayak, I would recommend the Jackson Cuda 12 kayak which is my best fishing kayak.

The kayak is equipped with great features that make it easier for fishermen to use it when fishing. There are quite some things that you will in this kayak as an angler. I have given you a full detailed review of the kayak, and I believe if you are looking for a fishing kayak, you will consider this one. The following are the top leading features of the fishing kayak.

Storage Space

Many fishermen prefer using this kayak as compared to other models on the market because of its large storage space. We all know that any angler would love to use a kayak that provides them with ample storage space where they can keep all their fishing gear and other equipment. On top of that, a kayak that provides a large storage space makes the fishing experience enjoyable.

The Cuda 12 is designed with a roomy center hatch which gives a fisherman the opportunity to store much stuff in the kayak. You can also add a tub insert that will help you to store plenty of water accessories.

I love the pouch at the back of the Elite seat that I use to store some items when I’m on a trip. It also has rod holders to your left and right with RAM rocket launchers that you can click into the base rather than securing a ball.

You also have the chance to choose between bigger boxes storage units with divers and those without depending on what you want. For those fishermen who have more fishing equipment, it is great if you choose a bigger storage unit to store all your items effectively. It has ample space to fit your fish finder, phone, scent additives, battery, fizzer and several plastic bags among other things that you want to take with you.

Rod Tip Protector

This is an incredible feature that many fishermen love because it helps them to keep your rods when not in use or when you are paddling in tight areas with mangrove tunnels. When you cover your rod tips, you prevent your vessel from getting scratches or being destroyed when it brushes on weeds and mangrove branches.

Hull Design

The kayak features a nice design with an adjustable seat that can go high or low depending on what the fisherman wants. How you position the seat greatly affects the stability of the kayak, and this makes it one of the most stable fishing kayaks you can find.

Stand-Assist Strap

When you are out there for s fishing trip, I’m sure you do not end up spending the entire time seated. At times, you need to stand up. For you to stand up conveniently, this fishing kayak is designed with stand-assist straps that make it very easy when you are standing up when fishing. The straps are also designed to help you sit down safely.


I must agree that this Jackson Cuda 12 kayak is one of the most versatile models out there. I have used it on lakes, rivers against currents, small lakes, slow floats and tiny ponds and it does an impressive job.

It performs well in all situations so you can use it to whenever you want to fish in different waters. The kayak best suits fishermen because of its versatility that makes fishing relatively easy in different places.

Tracking And Speed

Before you pick the best kayak for fishing, it is great if you consider the tracking. After comparing this Cuda 12 kayak with other models that I have used for fishing, I find its tracking capability exceptional. If you fish down banks, you will find the kayak very easy to maintain in your angle without the need of a rudder.

Even when you are paddling, you will experience very minimal side movement, and this makes your experience great when you are trying to paddle for many miles. Also, with regards to its size, the kayak turns very quickly without giving you any difficulty. From my experience with the kayak, I find it pretty fast. The kayak rides low in waters to counter the wind effectively.

Ease Of Transportation

This might not be a lightweight kayak, but I find it very easy to transport. You can easily transport it with a trailer or a kayak cart to your required destination without experiencing problems.


Comfort is very important when you are kayaking. If you want to paddle for many hours either for adventure or fishing, you need to have a comfortable kayak, and this is what you get from the Cuda 12 kayak.

The kayak features an elite seat that provides high and low positions, and this keeps you very comfortable. You can enjoy paddling for many hours without feeling fatigued.

Adjustable Foot Pegs

The kayak is designed with adjustable foot pegs that are very user-friendly. This is where you keep your foot, and you can easily make the right adjustments to keep you comfortable.


  • Its length provides good speed and maneuverability
  • The kayak has a very comfortable seating system that is height adjustable
  • It has a perfect outfitting, and it has a paddle keeper
  • The kayak provides you with enough dry storage space
  • The tracking and speed of the kayak is awesome
  • It is designed with adjustable foot pegs
  • The kayak is very versatile
  • Has a stand-assist strap
  • It comes with a rod tip protector


  • The design of the center console interferes with the standing room
  • The kayak weighs 74 lbs, and this is heavy making it difficult for some anglers to load without assistance
  • As compared to other short kayaks, this model is less maneuverable
  • It doesn’t have anchor trolley

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For those fishermen who have used the Cuda 12 and the Cuda 14, what is the difference between the two kayaks?

A: I have both types of kayaks, and I must admit that the kayaks have very similar features. The only difference is that the Cuda 14 boasts of some other extra features that I didn’t find so true.

Q: Is this fishing kayak a perfect section for oversized anglers? I’m an oversized angler, and I want a very safe fishing kayak.

A: Absolutely yes! The kayak has an overall capacity of 350 pounds, and this makes it a perfect pick for average-sized anglers.

Q: How much storage space does this kayak have? I have pretty much fishing equipment and want a fishing kayak with ample storage.

A: If this is your case, then this kayak best suits you. It is great for anglers who have more fishing equipment. Its large storage space helps you store all your items safely.

 Final Words

From the above review, I believe you have all the information that you would love to know about the Jackson Cuda 12 Kayak. This is an excellent kayak for anyone who wants a great vessel for attacking lakes and other water bodies. There are many features that you will enjoy once you purchase this fishing kayak.

Also, you understand how standing is necessary as an angler. I don’t think there is any other fishing kayak that is going to provide you with the performance of the Jackson Cuda Cuda 12 Kayak. It has a very nice standing system that makes it easy for you to stand safely.

I must admit that this is a nice fishing kayak that is perfectly designed to help you the get the best out of your fishing trip. The kayak doesn’t cost a lot, and it will provide you with so many benefits. In as much as the center console is on the way and the fact that it doesn’t have an anchor trolley should not bother you.

There are many other ways in which you will benefit from this kayak. Make a point of trying it on your next fishing trip, and you will love the whole experience.

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