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Top 10 Picks for the Best Bowie Knife – Comparison

Are you looking for the best bowie knife and cannot decide which one to buy? Well that’s what this guide is going to do for you, as we have compiled the top bowie knives for your perusal. We have included the pros, cons, and major features of each knife on the list so you can easily […]

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Collecting the Best Japanese Knives for Your Kitchen

The Japanese have a legendary swordmaking tradition that spans hundreds of years. To this day, their continuing devotion to craftsmanship, beauty, and efficiency is well-known among knifemakers. The best Japanese knives have their own sense of function and aesthetics, and you may even find these types of knives manufacturedby US and European brands. There are of […]

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Searching for the Best Santoku Knife [2018 Version]

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine in the kitchen, then it’s likely that you will need the best Santoku knife for your arsenal. The design of Santoku knives is different from that of a typical western chef knife. Their blade is thin and sharp, but it’s also wider so you get greater manipulation space for […]

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Best Bushcraft Knife – 2018 Top Selections from A Survivalist

There’s a range of knives you can carry outdoors, from EDC to pocket knives to tactical and even survival knives, serious outdoors men know that a dependable bushcraft knife is one of the most crucial items in a survival bag. Sure, EDC and pocket knives offer convenience, and tactical and survival knives offer assistance should things […]

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In Search of the Best Sharpening Stones [2018 Models]

If your home is like most, then it’s very likely that you have utensils such as kitchen knives, scissors, and other tools that need sharpening from time to time. You may even have axes, and if you’re an outdoors man, you probably have several hunting knives. To keep them all in excellent working condition, you […]

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Best Slicing Knife – 10 Recommended Products & Reviews

As compared to standard kitchen knives, slicing knives are thinner, sharper and also longer. The long blade of these knives, measuring 7 to 15 inches, allows you to cut larger pieces of meat into clean and consistent slices. Whether it’s a family gathering, BBQ party, or the holiday season, having the best slicing knife can save […]

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