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7 Best Karambits in the Market – 2017 Models For EDC

The exotic karambit is a knife that has come a long way. It started as a utility knife from the farming fields in Indonesia, spread throughout Southeast Asia via trade, became a weapon for revolution, then became used as a martial art weapon in Indonesia and the Philippines, and finally it was exported to the […]

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Top 10 Picks for the Best Bowie Knife – Comparison

Are you looking for the best bowie knife and cannot decide which one to buy?Well that’s what this guide is going to do for you, as we have compiled the top bowie knives for your perusal. We have included the pros, cons, and major features of each knife on the list so you can easily […]

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Collecting the Best Japanese Knives for Your Kitchen

The Japanese have a legendary swordmaking tradition that spans hundreds of years. To this day, their continuing devotion to craftsmanship, beauty, and efficiency is well-known among knifemakers. The best Japanese knives have their own sense of function and aesthetics, and you may even find these types of knives manufacturedby US and European brands.There are of […]

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Searching for the Best Santoku Knife [2017 Version]

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine in the kitchen, then it’s likely that you will need the best Santoku knife for your arsenal.The design of Santoku knives is different from that of a typical western chef knife. Their blade is thin and sharp, but it’s also wider so you get greater manipulation space for […]

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Top 10 Picks for the Best Paring Knife in 2017

Anyone who’s spent time cutting, chopping, slicing and dicing will tell you that nothing less than the best paring knife is needed for success. With the right paring knife at your disposal, you will have an easier time finishing up those kitchen chores.But how are you going to find that knife with literally thousands of […]

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The Best Neck Knives for 2017 – Top Models Compared

First, let’s be clear: neck knives are not specifically designed self-defense knives meant to use against your enemy’s neck. Instead, they’re simply small and compact knives designed to be worn on a cord or chain around your neck. Of course, nothing is going to stop you from actually using this knife for self-defense to target […]

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Top 10 Picks for Best Hatchet – Step by Step Comparison

Are you a frequent camper? Do you like spending time in the great outdoors as a survivalist? If you have answered with yes to either of these questions, you will also need the best hatchet for cutting wood and performing other chores around camp.The problem now is not finding a hatchet, as there are lots […]

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