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Best Slicing Knives – 10 Recommended Products & Reviews

As compared to standard kitchen knives, slicing knives are thinner, sharper and also longer. The long blade of these knives, measuring 7 to 15 inches, allows you to cut larger pieces of meat into clean and consistent slices. Whether it’s a family gathering, BBQ party, or the holiday season, having the best slicing knife can save […]

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Best Knives for Cutting Meat – Top Models in 2020 Compared

Would you prefer cutting meat with a chef’s knife, bread knife or, God forbid, your hands? Well, that’s about the difference owning professional kitchen knives can make. Finding the best knife for cutting meat will save you not only time, but also money and effort, and this is where we come in. We’ve done the […]

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A Guide to the Best Camping Knives You Can Buy Today

The best camping knife should be rigid, strong, and sturdy for a wide range of outdoor tasks—from cooking meals to clearing campsites. These tasks also range from small chores, such as skinning animals and preparing food, to large tasks like cutting wood and bone, and even defending yourself from animal attacks. Your choice in a […]

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Top 10 Picks for the Best Bowie Knife – Comparison

Are you looking for the best bowie knife and cannot decide which one to buy? Well that’s what this guide is going to do for you, as we have compiled the top bowie knives for your perusal. We have included the pros, cons, and major features of each knife on the list so you can easily […]

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Top 10 Picks for Best Electric Fillet Knives

Are you looking for the best electric fillet knife? Well, you’re not the only one as more and more anglers, cooks, and chefs are choosing these over the manual ones, and that’s not surprising given how convenient they are to use. To save you time, we have prepared here a list of the top 10 electric […]

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Collecting the Best Japanese Knives for Your Kitchen

The Japanese have a legendary swordmaking tradition that spans hundreds of years. To this day, their continuing devotion to craftsmanship, beauty, and efficiency is well-known among knifemakers. The best Japanese knives have their own sense of function and aesthetics, and you may even find these types of knives manufacturedby US and European brands. There are of […]

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Searching for the Best Santoku Knife

If you’re a fan of Japanese cuisine in the kitchen, then it’s likely that you will need the best Santoku knife for your arsenal. The design of Santoku knives is different from that of a typical western chef knife. Their blade is thin and sharp, but it’s also wider so you get greater manipulation space for […]

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