Lowrance 000-11448-001 Elite-3X Fishfinder Review – Advanced Search Technology & Day-Night Use!

When you hear of fish finders, Lowrance is one amazing brand that provides fishermen with quality devices that make fishing easy and enjoyable. There is a wide range of fish finders that you will get from the company and Lowrance Elite 3x is just one of their best devices.

This device is very useful for any angler out there because it uses a sonar signal to find fish that might be under the boat and you can’t see them with your eyes. You will also benefit a lot when you are using the fish finder in murky water because it helps you differentiate between fish and debris.

When I bought this fish finder, I thought it was a miss, but after using it some days, I was very pleased with the purchase because it performed better than I expected. I consider it my best purchase of the year having tried different fish finders in vain.


The fish finder is comfortable, has a compact size, comes at a low price, and the most important thing is that it works well. The review gives you more information about the device, read more, and I believe by the time you are through, you will be considering purchasing the fish finder.


Operating the device is easy because it has different buttons for power, page, and menu.  You can use the power button to operate the backlight feature by simply adjusting from daylight to night time to give an optimal viewing.

The page button is used to switch between 83 kHz and 200 kHz frequencies quickly. Again, you can use the menu button to get access to different parameters such as sensitivity, range, noise reduction, color line and fish ID just to mention a few.

Ease Of Use

A fish finder should not stress you when it comes to operation. It should give you an easy time when you are using so that you can get the best from fishing. With just pressing the button, you can control most of the features.

It has an automatic and advanced signal process that identifies the objects that are located at the bottom of the water that you can barely see with your eyes. With the use of the menu button, you can access a variety of customizable features like range, sonar sensitivity among others.

Search Technology

The device has an incredible search technology with two frequencies that you can switch between. The frequencies are important because they help you to search under and around the kayak.

When you switch to the 200kHz, you can view the area around your boat. This frequency is amazing especially when you want to distinguish between fish and the bait that you are using to fish.

Day And Night Use

This fish finder provides you with an optimum use, and you can view details well whether it is during the day or at night. Because fish are active at different times, the device helps you to identify them regardless of the condition. You can still bring home your catch after a night out fishing or fishing during the day.

You can also use the power button as a control for backlight, and the glare is also reduced hence allowing you to see the display clearly in any light condition.


Once you buy this fish finder, it comes along with a bracket. This helps you to make adjustments to the angle of the device so that you can see clearly. When you are not using the fish finder, it is advisable to remove it from the boat so that you do not end up losing it.

Advanced Signal Process

This is a great feature that eliminates the need for making elite adjustments manually. This fish finder gives you details of fish and other solid substances that are below the water. You can be sure of getting all the details and the bottom terrain for easy fishing.


For you to get a perfect fish finder, you do not have to empty your bank. You will love the performance of this device bearing in mind its pocket-friendly price. This makes it ideal for beginners or people who are on an entrylevel budget. You will enjoy quite some features and a great value for your money. So why not get this device?


  • The display is great in any lighting condition
  • Easy to switch between frequencies with just a press of a button
  • The device is easy to use
  • It’s an affordable fish finder
  • Features a screen with a high pixel resolution
  • Has a menu button that helps you access different parameters


  • Complaints of inaccuracy
  • Has depth reading failure

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For those who have used the fish finder, does it work well in muddy water?

A: This is a great device that works well in muddy water. I have used it, and I can’t complain about its price. You will love its performance.

Q: I was wondering if the unit is backlit or whether it has light for night viewing?

A: The device is amazing because it provides you with different levels of backlighting. You will always get the best display under any lighting condition.

Q: How do you power this device for it to function effectively?

A: The device requires you to hook it up to a 12-volt battery for it to work. You will find that there is a positive and negative lead that is included.

Final Words

To sum it all, you realize that there are a wide range of features and benefits you will get from the Lowrance Elite 3x fishfinder. It is a great device even for people who are on a low budget and want an accurate and reliable device.

You can also achieve a clear display be it at night or during the day. The screen is visible all the time so you can go fishing at night and during the day. Do not make your fishing trips boring, just get the Lowrance Elite 3x fish finder, and you will find out how much you have been missing.

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