Lowrance Elite-4 Gold Combo Fishfinder Review – Good or Bad?

Don’t just show an angler an excellent fishing tool; show them an excellent fishing tool that is reasonably priced, and they’ll flock the stores looking for it. The fish finder industry, just like any other industry, is evidently benefiting from technological advancement.

Thanks to innovation, we are witnessing the introduction of some very advanced fish finders, and they are changing the game. The Elite 4 is an example of such good tool, we will see the details on this Lowrance Elite 4 review.

I have seen many fish finders come and go just because they couldn’t fit in today’s market. That’s why when I see a model that can survive the test of time, I can spot it. Before you go looking for the perfect fish finder, first know how to differentiate a good-quality device from a poor-quality one. Lowrance is a reputable brand, with lots of successful models to boast of.

It is a world-leading brand in marine electronics, producing some amazing devices. The quality of the fish finder you use will greatly influence your fishing success to a certain level that is worth it.

Sometimes I tend to think that fish have become wiser with time too, just like humans. And it is only because of smart technologies such as this that anglers still have a chance at catching fish.

Lowrance Elite-4 Gold Combo Fishfinder with Transom Mount Transducer

Powerful Built-in GPS

The Lowrance Elite 4 also offers these amazing features. It makes it easy to spot fish and hence an increased chance of catching fish. It boasts a powerful GPS and a super accurate mapping. It comes with a great GPS receiver that is capable of pinpointing your location. It also comes loaded with a comprehensive US map that contains over 3000 lakes and more than 1000 coastal areas.

For an angler like me, this would make my work simplified and interesting. Optionally, users can upgrade it for more charting power.

For its reinforcement, you can purchase Navionics Gold, Nautic Insight, Lake Insight, among other more to make it give even more information. The receiver on this device is extremely accurate, and will always give you precise navigation.

DownScan Overplay

This is an amazing feature that gives you the benefits of Downscan and traditional sonar combined. It works by overplaying Downscan imaging onto the broadband sounder. What you get afterward is a stunning presentation of the larger underwater, where you get to clearly define fish, and be able to separate it from the rest of the surrounding structure.

DownScan will help you find structures, though it isn’t very accurate for spotting individual fish. For that reason, you can always rely on traditional sonar. Combining these two technologies help bridge the gap. The Lowrance Elite 4 is easy to operate in that regard, which means you don’t need a lot of time with it to find things out on your own.

HDI Technology

Fish like to hide a lot, which is why you need innovative features like this to crack them down. For all the time that I’ve been an angler, I’ve realized how innovation has made fishing easier. This fish finder boasts the same amount of power you find on its bigger siblings.

The Hybrid Down Imaging (HDI) is a technology that uses the traditional broadband sonar and the Downscan sonar, which is often used for getting more detailed images.

With just a single transducer you can get two different sonar returns. And the two provide a combination that gives the best possible view of the underwater. It multiplies your chances of catching both small and big fish species.

Brilliant Display

I love to talk about displays. I guess it’s because it’s where all the magic is relayed. The Lowrance Elite 4 has a brilliant LED-backlit display that makes it clearly visible anytime, day and night. It is clear even when you use it in bright sunlight.

It is a 4.3-inch display, larger than those of the previous models. Its size allows it to show split-screen on a smaller display. The screen provides color images in high definition. You will enjoy seeing water depth, temperature, and the speed at which your boat is moving, through the large on-screen digits. It is one of the clearest fish finder display screens.

Ease of Use

There are lots of models that are easier to use, but the Lowrance Elite 4 has incorporated into the unit numerous innovative technologies that are also easier to use. This is what makes it unique from the rest of its competitors. You can use it either in manual or automatic mode.

The moment you first turn this fish finder on, you find it in automatic mode, with all its programmed settings. It has a new page selector menu that you use to switch in between screens with just a single finger.  So if you want to see just DownScan, just sonar, or a combination of both technologies, you will only need to use a finger.


  • High GPS accuracy
  • Clear images thanks to HD display
  • Numerous innovative features
  • Easy to navigate
  • Gets the job done


  • Not waterproof

Lowrance Elite 4

Lowrance Elite 4

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Does it come with a transducer?

A: Yes. It comes complete with a transducer and a cable.

Q: Can I use it in saltwater?

A: From the look of things, the Lowrance Elite 4 is designed for both freshwater and saltwater fishing.

Q: Does it show small ponds in the US?

A: With the Navionics gold maps, it shows internal lakes and even the pretty small ponds.

Final Verdict

The Lowrance Elite 4 packs a lot of valuable features, most of which you will find in pricier models too. By using this fish finder, you will have enhanced your fishing experience a great deal. You will have increased your ability to catch more fish.

I have also noticed that this fish finder has many positive reviews. Many users love it, and for a good reason. You get the chance to view underwater in much greater detail on the display screen. Besides, this is a highly functional piece of technology that despite its top quality, still, doesn’t cost much.

Lowrance Elite 4

Lowrance Elite 4

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