Lowrance Elite-4 HDI Combo Fishfinder Review – Should You Buy?

A fish finder is an important device that will help you locate fish with ease. All that it takes to be incredibly good at fishing is purchasing a quality fish finder. Quality is a trait that all manufacturers will claim that their fish finders have. In reality, it is usually a whole different story. I took the trouble to search and research for the best fish finder.

To tell the best fish finder, you have two options. Get to use the fish finder or get a recommendation from a reliable source. I want you to read this Lowrance Elite four HDI review afterward try out the fish finder. You will then ascertain that I am a reliable source.

I will dare you to proof me wrong. I am 99.99% sure that you will love the Lowrance Elite four HDI. It does not consist of the name elite by luck. It will see you shoot from an average archer to an elite archer. It is a new generation, so what is better? Let us find out.

Lowrance ELITE-4 HDI Combo Fishfinder



Lowrance Elite 4 HDI  is not one of those motors that will take up all your deck place. Despite being compact, it has all the features that you will find in bigger units. The only thing that could lack is a large display screen. For a kayak and other smaller boats, Lowrance Elite 4 HDI is the best option.

The display is one of the features that give the Lowrance Elite four HDI an edge over its predecessor. The edge is that it contains 70 % more pixels that give for excellent image quality. It also has got more usable screen area. The compactness is one of the reasons you can navigate through the menu using the thumb.

High-Definition Mapping

From the manufacturer, it comes loaded with high definition maps. The Lowrance Elite four HDI is also network compatible. Network compatible allows you to upgrade the maps from specific sites. The maps are useful in determining the fishing hotspots.

A feature the manufacturer term the Insight Genesis allows me to create my maps. Using the sonar data, I just map specific locations to create routes and hence my maps. The mapping would not be possible without the inbuilt GPS.

Hybrid Dual Imaging

These dual imaging technologies are both award-winning technologies. They are all at your disposal. They work hand in hand to give you close to photographic image quality on the targets. The down scan imaging gives grayscale imaging with the broadband giving color imaging.  Down scan overlay technology merge the two images to give a refined image.

The two technologies also result in image clarity at large depths. You will be finding fish up to depths of 1750 ft. The transom mount transducer uses an 83/200Khz broadband sounder. The unit comes with the mounting bracket and the power cord.

I would like to mention that the screen is also a high definition. A high definition screen means you clearly locate the fish. Also tracking the cast is incredibly easy.

Advanced Signal Processing

If it were not for the advanced signal processing, you would have to manually adjust the settings. Advanced signal processing executes real-time adjustments for fine image processing. It clearly makes for ease of use. Multiple display windows also make for easy selection of the pre-set page layouts.

Navigating through the features is as easy as using the thumb to navigate. I like to compare the Lowrance Elite four HDI to my smartphone when it comes to navigation. Using the menu system is easy to learn, and you will be using the fish finder instinctively after only a few times of use.  Waterproof


What happens when the unit accidentally gets a splash of water? Nothing happens. The manufacturer makes the unit to be fully waterproof. You can afford to immerse the unit in the water fully, and it will still be functional. That is a rare feature on other fish finders.

Being waterproof minimizes the chances of having a junk piece of equipment that has no use. The manufacturer offers an advantage program that covers you in the case of a mishap. They cover the labor and parts.


  • Full-color HD screen
  • Side imaging
  • Down imaging
  • Switch fire sonar
  • Ipilot and autopilot compatible
  • Has an internal GPS
  • High-speed processor


  • It is a small unit
  • You might not be in a position to use the down scan out of the box, and it requires that you purchase the HDI transducer.

Lowrance ELITE-4 HDI

Lowrance Elite 4 HDI

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is it programmable?

A: Yes, that comes in the ability to create your maps also get the ability to review maps using the backtrack feature.

Q:  How do I mount it on the transom? Does it come with the mounting bracket?

A:  I guess your question is whether it comes with the mounting bracket? Yes, it does come with the mounting bracket.

Q:  Can I learn how to use the unit on the web?

A: Yes of course, plus it also comes with a user’s manual.

Final Verdict

My biggest worry when making a purchase would be to buy a fake. The Lowrance Elite 4 HDI is not a fish finder that requires a features exaggeration to look good. It is incredible. I would like to see your feedback once you take the Lowrance Elite 4 HDI for fishing. So far the reviews are full of positivity. It is unlikely that you will be an exception.

Getting this information from a Lowrance Elite 4 HDI user and enthusiast, you have no reason to doubt any of the above facts. Doubt is only keeping you from enjoying the awesomeness of this fish finder. The manufacturer gives you incredible value for your money. Purchasing the Lowrance Elite 4 HDI will be a wise choice and great investment.

Lowrance ELITE-4 HDI

Lowrance Elite 4 HDI

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