Lowrance 000-11146-001 Elite-5 HDI Combo Review – Split Screen View & Easy Installation!

Knowing the right things to take with you when you are out there for fishing changes your experience and makes it better. With this regard, fish finders are essential devices that you need for you to locate fish among other benefits.

I’m an angler, and I have used quite some devices in the past few years. From all the different brands of fish finders that I have used, Lowrance remains as my best because their products are unique and they also come with very great features that any angler will love.

I have had a good experience with the Lowrance Elite 5 HDI, and I advise any angler out there to try this fish finder, and you won’t look back again. This fishfinder combines the best technology as compared to previous models.


For those people who have used Lowrance fish finders, you know how good they are when it comes to DownScan Imaging and traditional broadband sounder. This HDI model (Hybrid Dual Imaging) combines the two technologies in one hence giving you a very incredible device with a high resolution.

I have reviewed this fish finder in details to help you learn all the information that you need to know before you buy this device. Read more product features and other benefits here.

Split-Screen Viewing

The technology that is incorporated in this fish finder makes it very easy to use the device. It comes with a large 5-inch high-resolution screen that allows you to split the screen into three panels. In one page, you can easily see charts, broadband sonar, and DownScan.

There are other different parameters that you can see on the split-screen like frequency, Sonar/GPS among others. All the views are pre-installed you just need to move room one to the other with the use of a button.

Easy Installation

Mounting this fish finder is a very simple task. It only has one transducer that comes with all the four different frequencies. The best thing about the fish finder is that you can mount it easily on any flat surface. It could be on top of your dash, and when you need to fix it in tight places, you just need a ram mount.

If you are planning to use the fish finder on a kayak or canoe, you can mount the transducer inside the hull on a flat surface with silicone or marine goop.

Hybrid Dual Imaging

As I mentioned earlier, this fish finder incorporates two technologies in just one package. It combines the DownScan imaging with traditional broadband sounder which results in a new Hybrid Dual Technology. This technology eliminates all the guesswork when you are finding fish. You can see all the details of everything submerged such as trees, rocks and other objects.

GPS Capability

Purchasing this device is like buying two devices in one because it acts as a GPS and fish finder. It features a GPS antenna that is built into the unit and comes with a map of the United States with coastal charts and over 3000 rivers and lakes. On top of that, it also includes contours and shoreline details.

The GPS also features a built-in memory that can save up to 3000 waypoints as well as 100 routes. This gives you an assurance of tracking back your way when you are lost.

Ease of Use

For those fishermen who want to enjoy the features of expensive fish finders at an affordable price, this model is best suited for you. It will be ideal for any novice user who is learning how to use a fish finder.

The device provides you with an easy operation, so you do not need to expect any complication. It is designed with a select menu feature that is simple and straightforward to use, so you will always achieve an easy navigation.

Another feature that makes the device easy to operate is the multi-window display that allows you to choose the pre-set page layouts. If you wish, you can see all the panels at once.

Frequency and Power

Any angler out there is it a professional or a beginner will enjoy using the Lowrance fish finder. The broadband sounder has a power of 300 watts, and it has a maximum RMS power output of 500 watts. The transducer of the unit provides a wide range of frequencies that you can select from depending on your current fishing position.

On top of that, the DownScan Imaging also provides you with dual frequencies of 455 and 800 kHz that give you the chance to see below the boat up to 300 feet.


  • It is very easy to use
  • Has shallow water and depth alarm
  • Designed with a high definition screen
  • Features a compact design
  • It is very easy to install
  • Has a GPS alarm
  • It has an internal temperature sensor
  • The fish finder is perfect for beginners


  • Difficulty seeing deep in the waters

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do you need a different transducer for the down scan?

A: I do not think that you require one. The one that is included does it all.

Q: Can you put the transducer on trolling motor?

A: Yes you can, but you need to purchase an adapter separately. The adapter doesn’t cost a lot of money.

Q: How long is the transducer cable?

A: The book says that the transducer cable is 20 ft. long. I hope you find this information helpful.

Final Words

The Lowrance fish finder is a device that you should invest your money on if you want to own a high-performance fish finder. With this device, you will always know what is below the boat, so there will be no more guesswork when you are fishing.

It is also designed with an incredible GPS that allows you to get from one place to the other. I believe after reading the review of the device, and you will consider buying it for the most successful fishing trips.

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