Lowrance Elite 5 TI Fishfinder Review – Should You Go?

There is very little that we can find at fault when it comes to this fish finder. You know at first sight by the gorgeous, bright, colorful screen that you have a high-quality fish finder model on your hands. The screen is fully touched sensitive, which gives you a user experience with the familiarity of your smartphone or tablet.

This model uses a combination of CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan, and Sidescan imaging to give you the clearest possible view at every angle around your vessel. It gives you clarity even with long distances away from your boat, and down into the murkiest depths.

Another nice feature of this model is that it gives you wireless access to tons of great maps. May you never be lost again, because this fish finder gives you wireless access to the GoFree Cloud. That cloud gives you access to tons of third-party approved maps so that you can find your way around any body of water.

The TrackBack technology on this finder is really nice touch, giving you the ability to scroll back through your previous GPS and sonar history. It even has built-in memory so that you can mark all of your favorite spots and waypoints.

Lowrance Elite 5 TI


Advanced Touchscreen

This deluxe model of fish finder from Lowrance has a lot to offer any angler from novices to experts. The first thing that you will notice about this model is the five inch, high-resolution touchscreen. The screen is fully touched sensitive so it will feel as intuitive as using and navigating your smartphone. It is backlit and LED which gives it tons of color and brightness.

Sonar Technologies

This model uses a trifecta of sonar technologies to give you the clearest possible view of the water around you. It uses CHIRP Sonar, StructureScan, and DownScan Imaging to give you the clearest possible view beneath and around your vessel.

Wireless Access

The wireless connectivity features on this model are astounding. You are seconds away from accessing, buying, downloading and using new maps at any time on your fishing trips. Through access to their cloud network, you can get thousands of different maps from approved third parties.

Trackback Technology

Trackback technology gives you the unique ability to revisit any data from your most recent fishing trips. The reason that this is so valuable is that you can scroll back through your GPS and sonar memory to save your favorite way points. It even gives you the ability to roll back through your sonar history so that you can review the sonar profiles of fish and the underwater terrain from your trip.

Expanding Your Device

There are limitless charts that you can use to upgrade your fish finder at any time. Thankfully, Lowrance’s software gives you access to a variety of global chart upgrades that you can use to explore the unlimited power and potential of this fish finder.


Lowrance Elite 5 TI


What We Liked

  • This Lowrance model has a high-resolution, backlit, LED color display that fully touches sensitive. The intuitively designed touchscreen on this model gives you instant access to any information that you could possibly need while fishing.
  • This unique model uses an eclectic combination of DownScan Imaging, CHIRP Sonar, and StructureScan to give you the clearest and crispest possible view of the underwater environment that is around you.
  • Another great feature that we really liked about this model is that it is built with wireless connectivity so that you can have access to the Lowrance cloud system, at any time. Access to their cloud system gives you the ability shop around, purchase, download and immediately use maps from third party maps that are for sale on the GoFree wireless store.
  • This particular model features trackback technology which gives you the ability to rewind through and revisit your fishing trip via your sonar memory. This gives you the ability to track and save waypoints that you liked the most and also gives you the power to review fish targets and structure from your most recent fishing trip.
  • This model comes with a detailed map of the US and a state-of-the-art GPS antenna built into the unit so that you don’t have to buy one separately.
  • With this model, you also get the ability to select a variety of optional, Global chart upgrades including everything from Navionics Gold and Platinum to NV charts. The list of chart upgrades that you can expand to is virtually limitless.
  • Need to expand your memory? This model has an SD card slot built in so that you can add even more to your fish finder including maps, favorite waypoints, sonar information and more.

What We Don’t Like

  • For as high quality as the screen looks, the graphics kind of pale in comparison to other models in the same price bracket
  • It feels like the company is kind of fishing for you to keep paying for their maps and access to them


Question: Does this model come with the transducer?
Answer: Yes, the transducer is included with your purchase

Question: Does it come with a power cable?
Answer: Yes it does.

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