Lowrance Hook 3x Review – What’s Included With The Fish Finder?

One of the most important features to look for when shopping for a high-quality fish finder is the kind of screen that you are getting with it. If the screen isn’t high enough in quality, isn’t big enough, or isn’t backlit, it can present a lot of problems when you are using it.

Thankfully, this Lowrance Hook 3x fishfinder comes with a 3-inch colour display and 320 x 240 resolution and it totally backlit, so that you will have no problem reading it, even when it is pitch black outside.

The resolution and backlight work well enough that you don’t even get any glare on the screen when you are trying to read it under direct sunlight.

Lowrance Hook 3x

Let’s dive into the details of what this device has to offer, in our in-depth Lowrance Hook 3x review.

Broadband Sounder

Another aspect of owning a fish finder that is a must-have is the amount of detail that it can provide about the area that you are in. You will often find with cheaper models of fish finders that they will provide inaccurate portrayals or representations of the location of your fish targets and the shape and texture of the floor beneath you.

This Lowrance hook 3x fish finder has no issue with providing all of the detail that you need to see, beneath your boat. This unit uses a high-quality broadband sounder to give you as much detail as possible when it comes to locating surrounding fish in the area and giving you a clearer picture of the structural detail of the floor under your boat.

83 and 200 kHz Operation

Another nice feature of this Lowrance 3x fish finder is that it uses a dual frequency sonar design to give you a more vivid picture of the area surrounding your boat. The 83-hertz sonar on this unit gives you 60 degrees of conical coverage around your boat and is perfect for searching large areas and spotting large fish arches. The 200-hertz setting only provides 20 degrees of conical coverage and covers a smaller area, but it also provides a lot more detail when using it. This setting is best for lure tracking and an enhanced view for better fish target separation.

Advanced Signal Processing

Any fisherman who has used a fish finder before has an idea of how important advanced signal processing (ASP) is for using your fish finder. The ASP system on this fish finder is so helpful because it eliminates the need for constantly having to manually adjust the settings on your finder so that you can actually see fish. ASP automatically adjusts your fish finder as you move so that you always have a clear view of the bottom and the structure of the underwater landscape around you.

What’s Included

Fish finders can be expensive, and provide a lot of value to you while you are fishing. That being said, you want to make sure that your fish finder is taken care of to the best of your ability. Another facet of this fish finder that we really appreciate is that Lowrance 3x fish finder comes with two integrated mounts that you can use to mount it anywhere. That will help keep your fish finder safe and secure while you are out on the water. This unit also comes with a case and utility box to store your fish finder in when you aren’t using it.

Things We Liked

  • There are a lot of features of this fish finder that we really like. The ASP makes it really easy to use so that you don’t have to keep constantly adjusting your fish finder to be able to read the bottom and see fish beneath your boat.
  • The mounts and casing that it comes with are really handy for keeping your fish finder out of the water and right where you can see it.
  • The variance in sonar between 83 hertz and 200 hertz provides useful views and information about the water, the floor beneath your, and the fish around you.
  • The broadband detailer on this model gives you plenty of detail when it comes to viewing the area surrounding your boat.

Things We Didn’t Like

You have to keep the backlighting at 100% if you want to keep the screen as readable as possible. Otherwise, you have to strain your eyes to read it. This particular model from Lowrance is a solid choice for beginners, but we would not recommend it for more experienced fishermen and women. It can be difficult to read at times and the instructions don’t make it an easy process of installing it and getting it set up.

FAQ -Some pre-selling Questions and Answers about the particular product

Question: Is this product easy to use?
Answer: Overall, it is pretty easy to use but it can be a pain to install.

Question: Who is this product best for?
Answer: This product is best for someone who is new to fishing and using a fish finder, or someone who doesn’t need a top of the line fish finder.

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