Lowrance 000-12647-001 Hook-4 Finshfinder Review – Our Top Findings

When you’re out on the water, how long does it take you to find your next catch? Even if you’ve been fishing for years, there’s no guarantee that you’ll get a bite, unless you know for sure that the water is teeming with fish, ready to get onto a hook.

Although there is some pleasure from just spending time out on the water (or the shoreline), we both know that there is much more satisfaction when you feel something tug at the end of your line.

Thankfully, these days technology has made it so easy to find your next catch that it practically makes the process foolproof. All you need to do is mount a fish finder to your boat, and you’ll be reeling them in no matter what.

In this case, we’re looking at the Lowrance Hook 4. This is one of the more basic models that the company has to offer, but it still provides you with all of the tools you need to make your next trip fruitful. Also, unless you have some pressing need for a bunch of added features, this model is perfect for most anglers, regardless of skill level. Let’s see what it has to offer.

Lowrance Hook 4

HD 4-Inch Display

Most newer models have screens that are at least seven inches or more, but this is just enough to see the information that’s most pertinent to your next catch. However, even though it’s not as big as some of the others, it still offers a multi-view option, meaning that you can track both your position on the water and what’s happening below.

As with all Lowrance Finders, this unit displays in high-definition and full color. This is a considerable advance over older devices that would project in black and white, and it makes it so much easier to differentiate the fish from everything else on the bottom.

CHIRP Sonar + Downscan

When it comes to locating your next fish, the only thing that matters is how well your sonar works. In this case, CHIRP is the industry standard, so you will be able to see everything clearly and instantly.

Some models provide side sweeping as well, but this unit only has down scan. Thus, you won’t be able to see what’s surrounding your boat, but odds are that most of the fish are below it anyway. This model comes with its own transducer.

Advanced Signal Processing

Another reason that this finder is so helpful on the water is that it delivers crisp, reliable results. Some models are mostly grainy when showing you the fish, so it’s almost impossible to tell what’s going on beneath the surface.

However, with the Hook 4, the display does all of the work for you, interpreting the signals from the sonar and relaying them as clearly as possible. This way you won’t have to guess whether the ping is from a fish or a piece of debris.

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Record Data

Assuming that you like to go out on the water a lot, you want to be able to track your progress and make sure that you can follow the fish effectively throughout the season. Since this model comes with a GPS built-in and the ability to record, it’s never been easier to track your movements over time.

You can set waypoints, record sonar feedback, and recall them instantly for your convenience. With just one little device you can upgrade your boat to a high-tech fishing machine.

Lowrance Hook 4


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to mount
  • Intuitive menu controls and buttons
  • High-definition four-inch screen
  • Clear imaging for convenience
  • Track location and targets
  • Record sonar data for next time
  • GPS installed
  • Set waypoints and locations
  • CHIRP sonar with down scan
  • Multi-window display option
  • One thumb operation


  • Not really waterproof
  • Screen size may be too small for some users


  • Does this fish finder come with a transducer?
  • Yes, it does have one included.
  • How long is the cable to connect to the transducer?
  • It is about twenty feet long, so you shouldn’t have any trouble mounting or connecting it.
  • How is the mount for this finder?
  • It’s okay, but it’s not high-end. It tilts back and forth and comes with a quick-release option. However, some fishermen prefer a gimbal mount instead.

Final Verdict

If you were to compare the Hook 4 to other finders on the market, you might think that it’s got fewer features than most of the competition. However, many of the high-end models out there are much more expensive without offering a ton of new benefits. The bottom line is that this unit helps you find fish and track your location. Really, that’s all you need it to do. So, why spend a ton of money on something that doesn’t offer much more beyond that?

Overall, we really like this finder because of its simplicity and attention to detail.

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