Lowrance Mark-4 Combo Base Fishfinder and Chartplotter Review

If you are serious about fishing, having a fish finder will greatly help you increase your catch without any struggles.  There are many brands out there offering fish finders, but Lowrance is one of the most reliable brands. It does great in the line of fish finders providing fishermen with devices that make fishing great.

Lowrance Mark 4


The Lowrance Mark-4 is just one of their best devices that any fisherman would love to have. Buying this device gives you the opportunity to use it like a fish finder and a chart plotter all in the same package.

This budget-friendly fish finder utilizes innovative technology that is effective for tracking fish. It also has a built-in GPS antenna that makes the charting simple. You will also enjoy reading different parameters on the large LCD display with an easy menu. There is more than you will get from the Lowrance Mark 4. Let us discuss some of the greatest features of the device.

Ease Of Use

Do not expect any hard time when you are using this fish finder. It has a user-friendly interface, and this makes it perfect for beginners and professional anglers. The device has simple menu settings and controls that provide you with a great time. Additionally, you will get a manual to help you learn all the controls of the fish finder for easy operation.


The display of the device is amazing. It has a large LED display that provides you with the best vision without straining the eyes. The screen measures 5 inches, and this gives you a clear view of the images. The screen has a high resolution with 320×240 pixels so you can easily see all the details of the images. You read the screen under any lighting condition because it has backlighting.

You should also note that the screen is black and white featuring grayscale and this will help you differentiate fish and other structures and objects found in the water below the boat.


Apart from using it like a fish finder, it also functions as a chart plotter. It has a built-in GPS antenna. This GPS system is very accurate in providing you the details on the current position of the boat. You can easily mark important spots so that you can always come back. The device is also compatible with Navionics Premium and Fishing Hotspots. It also has a micro SD that you can use to upgrade to the new cartography.


As compared to other fish finders in the same price range, this unit has a high power output of 2100 watts. This brings about a quick output, and you can also see sonar results in deeper waters.


Mounting this fish finder is easy. You can choose to mount it permanently to your boat or use it as a portable device. Installing the device is simple because it comes with a quick-release mounting system. It also has a tilt and swivel bracket that allows you to use it as a portable device. You can also flush-mount the fishfinder using the accessory mounting kit.


The fish finder comes with a transducer with dual-beam sonar which is great. The sonar will help you get more details on what is happening under the water, and it becomes simple to detect any fish that might be present. This means that it can support two different frequencies that you can choose depending on your situation. It has the 83 kHz frequency with a broader cone angle and gives more coverage underwater. This makes perfect for fish detection. The second frequency is the 200 kHz which you can use to detect the bottom structure in shallow waters.

TrackbackTM Scrolling

The TrackBack feature allows you to save all your recent sonar history so that you can access it at any time when you need to. This means that you will find it easier to access your previous fish targets, transition, and structure. You no longer have to keep tracing back your path after leaving the fishing spot. All you need to do is to move the cursor through your sonar display history.


  • Has a brighter LED backlighting
  • The fish finder is easy to use
  • Has an accurate internal GPS antenna
  • Features a microSD card slot for high-level mapping option
  • Chartplotting is included
  • Comes at an affordable price
  • The device performance is reliable


  • The screen is black and white
  • The manual doesn’t have enough details

Lowrance Mark 4

Lowrance Mark 4

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: For those who have worked with this fish finder, can it store fishing hot spots?

A: I have used this device, and it can store up to 3000 waypoints and label them. All these are made possible by the maple leaf GPS.

Q: I was wondering if the fish finder has a GPS antenna. Anybody who has used this device to clarify?

A: This is the best fish finder that I have ever used. It has a built-in GPS antenna.

Q: Hello there. Does this fish finder come with a transducer?

A: Hello too. The device comes with a transducer. It is an amazing fish finder that works well.

Final Words

Finding such an awesome fish finder at an amazing price is not simple. The device gives you the performance of a fish finder and Chartplotter. There are many great features that anglers love this device making it they’re favorite. If you want to boost your fishing experience and look for more fish, it is great if you consider trying this unit.

It works well, and the display is clearly visible so no more eye strain. In as much as the display is not colored, but this is just a minor issue if you compare with many other benefits that you will get from this device. The fish finder is also very easy to use, and it will suit both professional and beginner anglers. I hope you have found the review of the Lowrance Mark 4 fishfinder helpful.

Lowrance Mark 4

Lowrance Mark 4

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