Lowrance X4 Pro Fish Finder Review

We can’t ignore the fact that a good fish finder is necessary for rewarding fishing trips. It has to have capacities to tell you where to look for fishes, scan the area around your boat for obstacles or filter out the disturbances.

Quality fish finders usually cost a considerable amount of money. But what if you short of budget. Thankfully, you can avail a good fish finder machine within your comfort range when it comes to price.

Lowrance X-4 Pro Fish Finder is the ideal device for the job. With multiple grayscale levels, top notch sonar technology, and easy installation process, this machine has won over fishermen like a charm! In this descriptive article, you will be able to scope out what makes this tool so popular.

Top Lowrance X4 Pro Fish Finder Review

Easy to Navigate Controls!

Lowrance x4 Pro fish finder is known for the easy navigation control panel. There is a power button with basic on/off functions. I particularly liked the Menu navigation (up-down switches) it has.

Through these, you will have no problems accessing the depth monitoring, water temperature screen, and going through the sonar modes.

There are primary up down buttons as well which navigate the sub-menus. With the small footprint, it is amazing how sophisticated the machine is! You could access all the features of a high-end handheld fish GPS through this budget efficient model.

The Display Screen is Compact!

Unlike the competition, Lowrance X-4 Pro features a grayscale display which gives you 240X160 resolution and clear picture.

You can see things clearly for up to the depth of 500 ft. in deep water. The depth decreases to 200 ft. for the shallow water understandably.

The grayscale has four levels. It will help you in identifying fishes and obstacles underwater in different shades. The screen has a backlight as well.

The Competent Sonar System!

Lowrance X-4 Pro shoots out two beams thanks to the dual beam sonar technology. You’ll get narrow beams at 83 KHz.

The narrow beam does well for deep water at 500 ft. depth. The wider beam works at 200 kHz. It is suitable for shallow water and 200 ft. depth. In shallow water, we target the fish habituating areas so it is more than enough.

This sonar is equally good for the lake areas and the coastlines.

So, being a sea angler, I found the machine useful. Also, it displays fishes with “Fish” symbol rather than arches. That is a definite improvement over all other fish finders.

Additional Benefits

There is an alarm mechanism which goes off whenever I am near a fish habitat. The icons are clearly visible even on the small screen. The auto tuning will ease your workload. You won’t have to fine-tune the sonar or the display to get a clear view of what is happening underwater.

The Lowrance X-4 Pro filters the gain and sets signal strength automatically to help people in catching fishes from both freshwater and salty oceans.


  • It has a small footprint which fits on your boat efficiently.
  • Comes with dual wavelength transducer.
  • The display is equipped with 4-grayscale levels to gauge different underwater environments.
  • It shows fishes with icons rather than traditional arches.
  • Automatic alarms alert you whenever your boat is near a fishing habitat.
  • You can monitor water temperature.
  • It is a waterproof device


  • The manual is a bit difficult to interpret for some.
  • The transducer can malfunction if not taken good care.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Will it show Speed while operated with?

A: Unfortunately, it doesn’t. It is a budget friendly product and shows significant stats like voltage, depth count, and water temperature.

Q: Is the blue cover included?

A: I am afraid not. You will have to purchase that separately.

Q: How good is the waterproofing?

A: It works pretty well. As an extra measure, you can wrap a plastic sandwich bag around the unit.

Final Verdict

Best fish finders are often judged by their performance level. Lowrance X-4 Pro delivers what the manufacturers advertise for. It works fine in all types of water. Mine did good in sunny, shady and even during hardest of rainfalls.

I’ve been using this product for quite a while now and would be happy to recommend this pocket wonder like Lowrance X-4 Pro to everyone who’s enthusiastic about a quality fish finder through this review.

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