Motorguide 940500020X5 80Fw 45” 24V Foot-Operated Review – Trolling Motor Worth Depending?

As a fisherman, you know that having the right kind of boat can make all the difference while you’re out on the water. Although it can be nice to have a top-of-the-line beauty that will look and feel amazing as you’re traveling, most of us can’t afford that kind of luxury. So, instead, you can opt for a smaller, motor-less boat and then buy a trolling motor separately.

In this case, we have the Motorguide 940500020. This is one of the several options within the X5 series, and they are all built for performance, speed, and maneuverability. Simply put, when you install this motor onto your boat, you are providing a killer upgrade for a fraction of the cost of buying a brand new rig.

High-Tech Design

No matter what kind of craft you attach this to, it will instantly be upgraded thanks to the care and attention that comes with the Motorguide 940500020. MotorGuide has always been in the business of building high-quality motors, but the X5 is even more powerful than most other models.

Motorguide 940500020X5 80Fw 45" 24V Foot-Operated


The reason for the higher level of performance is the construction. The shaft is made of stainless steel and aircraft-grade aluminum. The internal components and brushings are built to endure less wear and tear, ensuring that this motor will last for decades (assuming that you don’t abuse it).

Overall, MotorGuide has engineered a trolling motor that is perfect for both casual fishermen as well as competent professionals. This model is tournament-ready and will enable you to traverse almost any kind of water (except saltwater). Seize the day with the X5.

Variable Ratio Steering (VRS)

Another reason that we like this motor so much is that it is so adaptable and agile. Its proprietary variable-ratio steering allows you to navigate through even the tightest of obstacles. Best of all, the motor doesn’t make that much noise, so you can even sneak up on your next target without ever missing a beat.

Using a foot pedal control, you can get pristine movements and turns from the X5. When compared to other motors in its class, you will be amazed at how well these maneuvers, even with somewhat larger crafts. Overall, if you love the precision navigation and a motor that won’t quit, you’ll really appreciate what the X5 has to offer.

Digital Power Management

One of the issues with most trolling motors is that they are not exactly designed for long-distance travel. Since they are battery powered, you have a much more limited range when compared to a boat with an engine. Nonetheless, the X5 still has you covered because it uses sophisticated technology to squeeze as much power from the batteries as possible.

X5 Motor is one of the most energy-efficient models you can find. If you’re running it at full blast, the battery will last about 2.5 hours. However, if you’re doing a mixture of high speed and trolling, then you should be able to stay out on the water all day long (12-14 hours).

Fortunately, you won’t have to question how much life you have left since the battery also comes with indicator light. Thus, you will never risk getting stuck out on the water because you decided to go too far or go too fast.

Dual Blade Weedless Prop

Since this motor is designed for freshwater, that means that you’ll most likely be traversing through some thick water from time to time. Reeds, marsh grasses, and other materials beneath the surface can easily get caught in your propeller, making it harder to navigate through some areas.

However, with the X5, you get an expertly designed dual-blade prop that won’t snag on any weeds or underwater grasses. You should be able to maneuver through any kind of river, stream or lake unimpeded, even if you aren’t trolling.

Also, because it only has two blades, even if something does get caught on the propeller, you can remove it much more easily than most other models.

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Fast and Secure Mount

Overall, the primary reason to get a trolling motor is that it is quicker and more efficient than trying to upgrade your boat altogether. However, some models are so complicated to install that they almost cause more problems than they are worth.

Fortunately, the X5 is not only super easy to mount onto your craft, but it will stay in place much better than most other units. This not only means that you can install it onto a wider variety of boats (as well as switch back and forth if necessary), but it won’t cause any problems after being mounted, either.

Motorguide 940500020X5 80Fw 45" 24V Foot-Operated


  • Durable construction
  • Expertly engineered for performance
  • Tournament-ready parts and materials
  • Foot pedal operation
  • Easy to mount
  • Mounting bracket stays on tight
  • Variable response steering
  • Tighter turns and faster speed
  • Two-blade weedless propeller
  • Lightweight and durable stainless steel shaft
  • High-efficiency battery
  • Power level indicator for convenience
  • Quiet operation
  • 80 pounds of thrust


  • Not designed for saltwater operation
  • Battery life can vary greatly depending on usage (2-20 hours)


  • Does this motor come with variable speed adjustment?
  • Yes, you can control the speed via the foot pedal.
  • Is the 80-pound model the only one in the X5 series?
  • No, MotorGuide has several different sizes and classes in this series. You can get 55, 70, or 105-pound models instead of the 80 if you prefer.
  • What is the recommended boat weight for this motor?
  • Since it comes with variable speeds and it’s built tough, we would recommend using it on a boat that’s less than 4000 pounds. Overall, it will work on practically anything as long as you can mount it correctly.

Final Verdict

When you look at all of the design features of the X5, you can’t help but be impressed. MotorGuide has created something that enables fishermen of all kinds to take to the water without having to worry about whether their motor will be up to the challenge.

If you love to go out for a whole day, or you just want something for competitions, the X5 is the perfect addition to any boat. We love the durable and sturdy materials, the precision engineering and controls, and the reliability of the battery. Once you’ve seen what this motor is capable of, you won’t want to switch to anything else.

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