Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak Review: The Best Sit on Kayak Available?

The design makes it incredible from any other fishing kayaks available on the market Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak One of the best fishing kayak with unique features including the simplistic, Sheild guards and aerodynamics.

Over the years, kayak fishing is increasing in popularity among many fishermen. For most of you who enjoy the fishing sport, you definitely know how to get closer to the fish. When you are fishing using a kayak, you not only get the opportunity to find the fish but also catch them.


Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler


There are so many benefits that you are going to get from using a kayak for fishing. Some of the benefits include: It is easy to cover long distances, it is very economical, kayaks are convenient and comfortable and they offer peace and silence.

If you are looking for a kayak that is specifically designed for fishing, the Ocean Prowler Trident 13 Kayak will be worth investing in. This is a stable and quiet kayak that works perfectly well on calm and rough waters.

Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler Sit-On-Top Fishing Kayak Review

Let me discuss what helps this kayak provides us in this following review.

The Design Makes it Easier to Use

It is just 13.6 inches long and 29.5 inches wide .This makes the Kayak incredibly small but swift with a space for fishing bag. You will be able to maneuver this kayak really well. Don’t worry if you go into sea fishing with it.

The Kayak will break the surf and tides to remain steady. Considering the size, the Kayak is much spacious and you can carry it easily out of the water.

Its weight is just 57 lbs. But the boat can take the weight of up to 475 lbs. So, you can load it up with your essentials when going to a fishing trip. You can even load up a fishing crate in the oversize tank that is on board.

The Kayak has a Comfortable Seat


The most vital part of a ‘Sit on Kayak’ is the seat.

Ocean Trident 13 passes the exam with flying colors. I, being a tall person, find it easy to move around thanks to the adjustable foot braces. I could adjust them to my feet length and didn’t have any problems adjusting to them.

There is also a best seat back to provide comfort to your back area. The kayak offers comfortable paddling position for fishing enthusiasts. I mounted my 8 feet fishing rod without a problem.

Furthermore, the kayak has a cup holder as well. So you can drink coffee while waiting for the fishes. Also, I found it really easy to camouflage my Kayak for productive fishing due to the color option being available.

The Sonar Shield is Really Benevolent

Anglers who use an awesome fish finder will love using this kayak just like I do, because of its sonar shield. It offers an enclosed storage for the fish finder when it is not in use.

In addition, it protects the unit when it is in operation and allows you to read the screen perfectly well even in bright sunlight without using fishing sunglass.

As a bonus, this Kayak offers you transducer compatible scupper and a battery bag.

Low Center of Gravity Counters Tough Situations

The Ocean Trident 13 Kayak has a low center of gravity. The common problem with Kayaks is that when the wind picks up, the person sitting there and the walls tend to sway with the wind.

That makes it hard for the boat to move in the right direction. With the low center of gravity, my Kayak negates the wind and I can keep myself from becoming a sail.


  • Simplistic yet effective design.
  • The seat has support for your back as well as foot adjustable foot braces.
  • Paddling this thing is easy thanks to the aerodynamics.
  • The Kayak has a “Fishing Rod Holder” that keeps the rods steady in various positions without involving your hands.
  • Sonar Shield guards the “Fish Finder Radar”.
  • The low center of gravity saves you from swaying in the waves.


  • The price is a bit of a concern for some of the fishermen.
  • Off-shore performance is Sub-par.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q: Is the Kayak Foldable?

A: You cannot fold this Kayak.

 Q: Will it fit into standard Kayak carrier?

A: Yes, it will. Plus, it is lighter than most. So, you will not have troubles when transporting it.

Final Verdict

For some, the price of the Kayak might be unrealistic. But the Angler kayak provides all the facilities of Ocean Trident 15 Prowler. It is the smaller version of the hugely popular boat.

I personally found the finishing and the overall straps of the vessel really sturdy. It amazingly held on to my fishing crate’s weight of 385lbs.

Plus, the fish finder feature helped me greatly. The battery cover is worth the money as well as the sonar shield. So, I’d say it is worth every penny you put in it.

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