Old Town Predator 13 Kayak Review – A New Predator in the Water?

The Old Town Predator 13 is another reliable kayak that provides a ton of different features that make kayak fishing easier and safer. The long, narrow body of this kayak is perfect for using on calm waters and would be best used on still lakes and calm sections of rivers.

This kayak offers a ton of different storage options and space, with ways that you can customize storage on your boat. This gives you a variety of different ways that you can choose to utilize the space in your kayak.

Long, Durable Body

Old Town Predator 13



The first thing that you will notice about this particular kayak is that it has a long body. The reason that it is designed this way in comparison to other kayaks from predator, is to make it more stable and balanced on large, calm bodies of water. The body of this kayak is made of lightweight and durable polyethylene to keep you afloat for years of fishing trips and excursions. The long body makes it really comfortable for anglers of all sizes.

Anchoring and Non-Slip Surface

Another feature that we really like about this particular kayak is that it provides tons of safety and stability for the angler. One thing that you will notice about cheaper kayaks are that their surfaces will get really slippery and unsafe when they are wet. They may or may not include additional straps of safety features that keep you upright and keep you on your kayak.

This kayak from Predator remedies both of those issues. The surface of this kayak has a non-slip surface so that you will have no issue moving around your kayak to access your equipment and supplies. It also has foot straps so that you can lock your feet down when you are reeling in a big catch.

Old Town Predator 13


One-Way Drains

Another problem that you can face with other kayaks is taking water into your boat, and potentially putting it under the water. Thankfully, the Predator 13 comes with one-way drains that allow water to drain out of your kayak without taking water back into your kayak.

Space for GPS or Fishfinder

Another feature that we really like about this kayak is that you have plenty of room and the appropriate mounts and place to put a fish finder or a GPS. Fishfinders have become wildly popular because of the ability that they give you to locate fish in your vicinity. Having a space to place and mount a fishfinder or GPS on your kayak is great for keeping your technology on your kayak and preventing your technology from falling into the water.

Tons of Storage Options

Much like the other kayaks that we have looked at today, the Predator 13 also comes with a lot of great storage options. One the most important things that you need for long fishing trips is plenty of storage for all of your supplies and gear. The secure, locking center console of this kayak comes with plenty of space for holding all of your gear within reach. You even have side-mounted retainers for additional storage options, which give you the ability to grab and cast fishing.


Old Town Predator 13


Things We Liked

  • The entire body of this boat is made of incredibly durable, strong and lightweight polyethylene. It is really easy to paddle with and cuts through the water like a knife through butter.
  • The tri-hull design of this boat makes for the ultimate in stability while on the water, and is ideal for tracking while you are angling
  • This model includes stand-up fishing straps that you can easily hook into when you are working on reeling in a huge fish. They are great for giving you additional leverage and power when you are bringing in a big one.
  • When you need to move around on your kayak whether it is to stand up while fishing or to access supplies and gear while you are on the water, your kayak is covered with a slip-resistant Exo-Ridge ridge deck. That way, you don’t fall off or tip your kayak while you are on the water.
  • Just in case you get any water in your boat, this kayak uses custom designed one-way scupper valves to drain the water out of your kayak.
  • The longer and narrower design of this kayak is ideal for larger, still bodies of water, like calm lakes and rivers.
  • It even has a Hummingbird transducer scupper that is made to support the latest transducer and fishfinder technology.
  • The kayak has plenty of space in the center console that you can use to store any additional or supplemental gear that you need while you are fishing
  • This kayak comes with not two, but six high strength mounts that gives you more space and more room to customize the organization of your kayak.
  • It has retainer bungees also which makes it really to store additional gear

Things We Didn’t Like

  • This kayak isn’t meant for all kinds of water, and won’t do well in waves


Question: Is this kayak durable?
Answer: This kayak is made of durable polyethylene that will hold up for years of fishing.

Question: Is it easy to paddle and maneuver?
Answer: This kayak is easy to control and ideal for paddling in large, still bodies of water.

Final Verdict

Overall, this is another sturdy and spacious option for a fishing kayak. The Predator 13 gives you plenty of storage space for all of your rods, your paddle, a GPS or fishfinder and any additional or supplemental gear that you want to bring with you while you are fishing. Keep in mind that this kayak may not be the best option for wavy or choppy water conditions. It is long, narrow kayak that is ideal for using on large, calm bodies of water.


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