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Best Softshell Jacket in 2018

If you have an active outdoor lifestyle, then you probably lament the fact that finding the right clothing can be so challenging. On the one side, you can buy weatherproof jackets that repel wind and rain, but they also make you get soaking wet on the inside from sweat. On the other side, warm and breathable […]

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10 Best SUP Paddles in 2018

One important part of stand up paddle boarding equipment is, of course, the paddle. But not just any paddle will do the job. Paddles come in varying different properties, lengths, and sizes. Some paddles are even used exclusively for casual boarding, surfing, racing and more. Avid riders will tend to have different paddles for different […]

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10 Best Slackline – 2018 Top Kits Tested & Reviewed

As far as extreme sports go, slacklining is one that involves the most patience and skill. Tying a flexible line between two points and walking across isn’t something that you can master in a day or two, and it involves mental endurance as well as physical ability. The challenge of slacklining is why people are drawn […]

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Best Survival Radios You Should Check Out in 2018

Stay in Touch without the Grid A good survival radio is a key part of any emergency preparedness kit, so it’s important that you pick up the best survival radio you can afford. Recent weather events have shown that it is crucial to be prepared for an emergency, but even if you don’t live in a […]

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8 Best Duck and Waterfowl Hunting Waders Check Out In 2018

Brutal Hunting Conditions Call for the Best Gear Waterfowl hunting is tough on men and equipment simply because the hunting season for ducks and geese takes place during the fall migration season, and the northern areas of the US into Canada and along the frigid northeastern coastlines are where the best hunting grounds lie.Unless you are […]

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