Pelican Liberty 100X Kayak Review : Does It Deserve Its Premium Title?

The Pelican Liberty 100X kayak has been designed to keep pace with you as you refine and improve your kayaking skills. Pelican Liberty 100X Kayak is an easy to store and comfortable to transport kayak, which is composed of features that are more advanced than others found in novice kayaks.

Pelican Liberty 100X Kayak


It has a stable twin-arched hull, a stern Quick Lock hatch, a spacious storage pouch, and a convenient cockpit table. The Liberty 100X falls under Pelicans Premium lineup, and looking at the features we mentioned above it is no surprise.

Features of The Pelican Liberty 100X Kayak

Below are the stunning features of the Pelican Liberty 100X, which you will be able to take advantage of after buying.

Innovative Construction

The Liberty 100X is comprised of a twin-arched hull, which is made up of multiple layers of RAM-X polyethylene for maximum durability in all conditions.

This Pelican-specific material is highly resistant to violent impact, and will resist exterior degradation caused by UV light.

Due to the hull design lateral stability is guaranteed, ensuring that you can cast, reel and lean over the Liberty 100X safely and with confidence.

Every beginner and intermediate paddler who goes out fishing on this kayak is assured of a fun and fantastic time.

Excellent Interior Design

When it comes to the interior of the Liberty 100X, Pelican has spent time designing convenient features that will improve your experience. To begin with, the kayak has a dashboard with a molded-in cockpit table, a watertight day hatch and a bottle holder.

These features allow you to safely keep your gear, lunch, and drinks in close proximity.

The seat also includes an adjustable back rest that provides support for paddlers of varying heights, as well as the height-adjustable foot pegs, which ensure that your paddling position provides you with the utmost of comfort.

Amazing Convenience

The Pelican Liberty 100X is also famed for its amazing convenience, which begins with a large cockpit that is exceedingly simple to get into and out of.

The knee pads found in the kayak improve your comfort as you paddle, and the ergonomic carry handles found on this 47.6 lbs kayak make transportation easy.

Furthermore, there are 2 strategically placed rod holders which can be easily accessed when you are paddling, and a paddle holder for hands-free fishing.

Sufficient Storage

Do not let the compact, 10 feet long kayak deceive you; it is composed of plenty of storage that will carry all your gear; you will find a bow hatch, stern hatch and a bungee on this kayak.

The bow and stern storage is kept in place by a Quick Lock hatch, which is designed with a hinge, and locking lever. This waterproof storage is great for your food, clothes, bedding and gear.

If you have more gear, you can secure it to the top of the bow hatch via the bungee cords. Additionally, a stern hatch found on the kayak is composed of a 60L dry bag that will keep your possessions organized and dry.


  • It comes in Red/ orange/ yellow color schemes which are appealing
  • The kayak is designed with Watertight storage
  • Comfortable for long distance paddling
  • The kayak is strong and sturdy
  • Drain plug is convenient
  • Great lateral stability
  • Highly maneuverable


  • No recline capabilities for the backrest
  • Does not track well
  • No mounting plates provided

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: What is the maximum weight limit of this Pelican Kayak?

A: This is a great kayak with a maximum weight capacity of 300 lbs.

Q: Does this model have knee pads and carrying handles?

A: Yes, it is equipped with knee pads and carrying handles.

Final Verdict…

The Premium Liberty 100X from Pelican is a sit-in best fishing kayak like no other. This recreational kayak is designed for beginners and intermediate paddlers, as it models itself to meet your current skill level and advances as you advance.

The kayak is constructed with high-quality RAM-X Premium polyethylene, providing you with a lightweight hull that can withstand heavy knocks from underwater obstacles such as rocks.

This aesthetically pleasing kayak is innovative, functional, reliable, durable and stable, and will outperform any other kayak you have in your possession.

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