Pelican Odyssey 100x Kayak Review – Beautiful Entry Level Craft

This is the perfect fishing kayak for both beginner and intermediate kayak users. One of the many reasons that this kayak is so great for both beginner and intermediate users is because it is well-balanced and tracks really well throughout the water. This kayak is also long and thin in design so that you can easily streamline throughout the water. What’s really nice about this kayak is that it features adjustable footrests and knee pads, so that you can easily adjust the seat to fit riders of any size and height.

Pelican Odyssey 100x Kayak

This kayak has plenty of storage with a two covered storage hatches and a tank well with a mesh cover so that you can safely store your fishing supplies or fishing trip supplies for a day on the water. It even has a convenient smartphone holder so that you can always keep your phone within arms reach.

One of the biggest differences, in terms of the design of this kayak, is that this kayak is built from a multi-layer polyethylene design with an advanced resin which makes this kayak sturdier than your standard polyethylene kayaks.

Ergonomic Adjustable Seat

One of our favorite aspects about this kayak is that the seat is adjustable for anglers of all heights and sizes. This particular kayak is a sit-down model and has adjustable knee pads and foot rests so that you can quickly and easily adjust the seat of your kayak for maximum comfortability. This seat is comfortable, totally ergonomic and comfortable for those long days out fishing on the water.

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Plenty of Storage Options

Another aspect of this kayak that many anglers will enjoy is the ample amount of storage space that it offers. This kayak has several different onboard storage compartments which include two large covered storage hatches and a tank well. You have plenty of space to store all of your daily supplies for a long day on the water. You also have a smartphone slot within arms reach, so that you can keep your phone safe on your kayak.

Pelican Odyssey 100x Kayak

Durable Design

In terms of durability, this kayak is hard to beat. Most kayaks are made from a single layer of polyethylene, whereas this model is made from multiple layers of polyethylene and resin. This combination of layers makes it incredibly sturdy and durable, which will keep your kayak in great shape for years of use.

Hydrodynamic Design

What good would a fishing kayak be if it was a pain to row? Thankfully, this kayak has a hydrodynamic design that lets it glide through the water with ease. This kayak is perfectly balanced and tracks easily through the water. Whether you are streamlining or waiting for your next catch, you will be sitting comfortably in your kayak and streamlining with ease.

Paddle and Laydown Paddle Holder

If all of these features weren’t enough, this fishing kayak also comes with its own paddle. That means that you don’t have to buy or provide your own kayak paddle separately. You also get built-in, onboard horizontal storage for your kayak paddle so that you won’t lose it.

Pelican Odyssey 100x Kayak


  • This model is made with a sleek hydrodynamic design. It glides smoothly through the water with easy so that you never have to feel like you are struggling against your kayak.
  • It is really convenient that this kayak comes with its own paddle. It even has its own built-in paddle storage and can store horizontally on your kayak.
  • The kayak is ergonomically designed and very comfortable. It even has adjustable footrests and knee pads so that you can make your kayak seat suitable for riders of all heights and sizes.
  • This model has plenty of storage options within arms reach so that you always have enough supplies for a long day of fishing. It even has a nice little pocket for your smartphone so you don’t have to worry about it falling out into the water.
  • The multiple layer polyethylene design of this kayak makes it sturdier than other beginner and intermediate kayaks, without sacrificing its ability to streamline throughout the water


  • This is an awesome kayak for beginner and intermediate anglers, but may be lacking in terms of size and capabilities for experienced anglers.


  • Question: How long is this kayak?
  • Answer: This kayak is 10 feet in length.
  • Question: How much does the kayak weigh?
  • Answer: The kayak weighs 40 pounds.

Final Verdict

If you would describe yourself as a beginner or intermediate angler, this would be a great purchase for you. This kayak is super durable and has plenty of storage space. This kayak is designed to grow with you as you pursue your passion for fishing.

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