Pelican Summit 100X Sit-In Kayak Review – Perfect For Beginners?

For the last 47 years, Pelican has stunned the market with quality products that go above and beyond the consumers’ expectations.


The 10-foot  Pelican Summit 100x kayak is no different, offering both the first-time kayakers and advanced kayakers an experience of a lifetime.

This sleek sit-in kayak ensures that your next day spent on the water will be magnificent, by using quality components that improve performance, skill and maneuverability.

So get prepared to read an impartial review of the Pelican Summit, which will cover all topics from kayak seats, adjustable foot pegs, carrying carts and adjustable padded backrest, to the elastic bungee, storage hatch, and v-chine hull.

Pelican Summit 100x Review Points

I have analysed the features of the Pelican Summit 100X Kayak and going to discuss them on pelican summit 100x review, one by one.

Quality Exterior Construction

One thing that Pelican is famous for, is the fact that it utilises top grade components in its products in order to achieve consistent and high-quality results.

The Pelican Summit 100X kayak exemplifies this, as its hull is constructed with Ram-X materials. For all who do not know much about Ram-X, it is a flexible material that works well in water and remains durable for long periods of time.

Additionally, the v-chine hull of The Pelican Summit 100X is shallow in nature, and this makes it stable enough to accommodate kayakers who are new to this recreational sport.


Not to detract from advanced kayakers who might be interested in the Pelican Summit 100X, as the hull offers amazing performance and maneuverability to those with highly developed skills.

Furthermore, the Pelican Summit 100X kayak has a conveniently placed drain plug, which makes it easier to get rid of any and all water that enters your kayak.

Last but not least is the carrying handles attached to the kayak, which makes it easy and convenient to carry and transport.

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Great Interior Design

The inside of a kayak is just as important as the outside. That is why Pelican has spent a lot of time designing features such as a cockpit table as well as other comfort enhancements.

To begin with, it has the molded-in cockpit table that comes with a bottle holder, and this allows you to keep your beverage of choice within reach.

This has put an end to balance your soda between your thighs as you try to maneuver your kayak.

Secondly, it has a storage hatch that comes with an elastic bungee cord. This storage area is roomy and gives you sufficient space to keep all your belongings and gear for your time on the water.

Improved Comfort

In the area of comfort, It has a seat pad and an adjustable padded backrest, which improve your comfort as you sit in your kayak.

This is very important as Pelican has heeded calls for improved cushioning in kayaks, as many people find it tough to sit, in an uncomfortable position over long periods of time.

With this seat pad and backrest, you can now head out on the water for an entire day, without feeling like you came back from fighting in a war.

You can also benefit from adjustable footrests, which allow people of different sizes and heights to fit comfortably in the kayak.

This seems pretty economical to me as it removes the need to purchase individual kayaks for each family member.


  • Easy to get in and out
  • Simple to handle
  • Cockpit is large and roomy
  • Great stability
  • Comfortable
  • Lightweight
  • Can accommodate people of different sizes and heights
  • Sturdy
  • Durable
  • Mounting holders is easy


  • Lack of a lip to hold a spray skirt
  • Back storage hatch is not waterproof
  • Tracking is not perfect

Specs of Pelican 100x Kayak

  • Length is 10 feet
  • Beams is 28 inches
  • Depth is 14 inches
  • Cockpit width is 23.6 inches
  • Cockpit length is 51.25 inches
  • Weight is 35 lbs
  • Maximum capacity is 275 lbs
  • Hull Material is Ram-X

Final Words

The Pelican Summit 100X kayak is without a doubt, is one of the best recreational kayaks for beginners. This kayak has propelled affordable kayaking into the future, with a vessel that is perfect for people of all sizes, skill levels, tastes and budget.

This stable, manoeuvrable, high-performing, sleek, comfortable and roomy kayak will accompany you on any solo, fishing or family trip you are planning. Despite the limitations with the skirting and tracking, the 100X boasts of features that are much better than other kayaks in its price range.

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  • One of my friends is currently using this Kayak, and he recommended me to get one. While checking through your link, I see this one is now unavailable .

    Please give me a link where I can buy.


  • Chris says:

    I just purchased 2 at Academy Sports this week.

  • Michael Hraba says:

    I just purchased mine at Academy sports. It’s on a Hot Deal at $169 as seen on their website.
    I’m a first timer and looking forward to this weekend!
    Best of luck!

  • Deb says:

    EMS is selling them. On sale right now. .. great buy, highly recommend.

  • Lisa says:

    They have at EMS still, I have two in my cart for pick up locally.

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