Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel Review – Should You Buy?

If you are willing to take a step up in terms of price point and technology, the Penn Clash Spinning reel may be just the choice for you. This reel from Penn is specifically made tough for saltwater fishing, but you can use this reel in freshwater as well.

Penn clash reel is built from sturdy components that are built to resist the normal wear and tear that saltwater and the elements can have on your fishing reel. This unit is made with a coated, full metal body that provides it plenty of protection from harsh use and big catches to drops, accidents, and normal wear and tear.

This reel uses a Duragear system with CNC gear train technology, which gives this reel the durability and power to handle saltwater fish of any size. This model uses an eight-plus-one ball bearing system and an anti-reverse drag system to give you plenty of power and leverage when you are reeling in a big or aggressive fish.

Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel


The drag is actually made from the HT-100 carbon fiber system, and actually, has built-in carbon fiber washers that dramatically reduce the amount of friction that you get on your reel when you are pulling in a fish. The reduction in friction-induced heat will keep your reel from being damaged or becoming warped.

We really believe that you can tell this is a quality reel from the level of detail that went into its creation. This particular model has a line indicator directly on the spool so that you always know how many lines you have left on your reel before you run out. If you are worried about your line getting tied up in your reel, there’s no need. Penn also goes into excruciating detail by giving you a smooth line lay, a Techno-balanced rotor and a Leveline oscillation system to give your reel even smoother operation when you are fishing.

Instant Anti-Reverse

The instant anti-reverse function on this reel is especially helpful when it comes to reeling or fighting against an aggressive or large fish. This feature instantly engages the anti-reverse system and drag to help you reel against the fish, and multiplies your power in reeling.

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Durable Body

One of the biggest flaws that you can see with inexpensive fishing reels on the market is that they are going to be made with cheaper materials. When you have a reel that is made of cheaper materials, you may notice that it is going to wear out and deteriorate faster than reels that are made with higher quality metals and materials. This saltwater reel is not cheaply made, and in fact is designed with a coated, full-metal body that is perfect for fighting aggressive fish and sustaining use in the great outdoors.

Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel

Dura Gear and CNC Technology

The Duragear technology and the CNC gear train kick this reel up another notch in terms of usability and durability. Another common trend that you see with cheaper reels is that the materials and components that they use are constructed from cheaply made, feeble materials. This reel is not only made of full metal, but it also has durable, quality components as well.

HT-100 Drag System

The HT-100 carbon fiber drag system gives you a few huge advantages when it comes to reeling in fish. The drag system itself helps give you leverage and power when you are reeling in fish. The washers on the drag system reduce the amount of heat derived from friction that you get from your reel. The reduced friction significantly decreases the amount of heat damage and wear that your reel will take over the years.


This reel uses a staggering and impressive eight plus one ball bearing system. The ball bearing system on this model gives you more drag, which gives you are great power advantage over the fish that you are wrestling against. This also makes your reel feel and operate more smoothly.

Penn Clash Spinning Fishing Reel


  • Not every reel is made with the ability or the design to be able to be used in either fresh or saltwater. This reel is made to be used in saltwater.
  • The body of this unit is made out of durable, machined metals which are perfect for standing up to rough weather conditions and fishing out in saltwater environments.
  • This model uses a Duragear system which also features a fully machined CNC gear train for serious durability and strength that can handle fish of any size.
  • This particular product uses an eight stainless steel ball-bearing system, which uses an additional bearing for anti-reverse power and control.
  • This reel features an anti-reverse, which is used to engage the drag when a fish is pulling on your reel. This feature gives you the power to let the drag help you fight against the fish, instead of just muscling against the fish on your own.
  • Speaking of the drag system, this reel uses an HT-100 carbon fiber drag system with carbon fiber washers which gives the reel. The drag system offers smooth performance and reduces the friction that is caused when reeling so that you don’t warp or damage your reel.
  • In terms of how the line lays in the spool of the reel, this model uses a smooth line lay, effortless retrieve, and a Leveline oscillation system along with a techno-balanced rotor to make for the smoothest reeling and casting experience.
  • A nice visual aid that is included with this model is a line capacity indicator. This indicator allows you to visibly check how much reel that you have left on your spool so that you don’t have to be left guessing how many lines you have left.


  • It would be nice if Penn specified what kind of metal this reel was made out of so that you could get a better idea of the weight and feel of the reel.


  • Question: Can you change this model from right to left-handed?
  • Answer: Yes, as with any quality fishing reel you can change this from right-handed to left-handed.

Final Verdict

If you have been fishing for more than a couple of years and are ready to step up your game by getting a nicer reel, this reel by Penn would be the perfect complement to your passion for fishing. It has a lot of great features that put it above and beyond your traditional, beginner fishing reels.

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