Penn Fierce 2 Spinning Reel Review – Versatile Drag, Durability & Reliability

Now that you have a decent overview of two of Penn’s highest performing fishing reels, let’s take a look at one of the higher price range and higher tier reels that they have to offer. The Penn Fierce 2 is the next step up from the battle. This model, once again, takes the features, the durability and effortless use of the models mentioned prior and expounds upon them even further to bring you one of Penn’s highest performance reels.

The question is, does the higher price of this reel and all of the added specs that it comes with just a significantly higher price than the Pursuit 2 or Battle 2? We will take an overview of that toward the end of this reel review.

Penn Fierce 2

Full Metal Body

What you will notice is a step up on this reel when compared to other similar reels in its price range is the quality of the materials that are used. This reel has a full-metal body that is perfect for standing up to harsh weather and fishing in saltwater scenarios. It also has heavy-duty metal side plates that help keep your reels components together and make sure that your gears are always in alignment.

You will notice the difference in the strength and durability of this handle when you get a really heavy catch and the Fierce 2 is able to hold up to it and resist it with no issues.

Infinite Anti Reverse

Another awesome feature that this reel offers is the ability to have infinite anti-reverse. To give you an idea of how this works, take a look back at the first two reels that we looked at in this review. They both use anti-reverse reels to control the amount of line that is released when you hook a fish.

This reel is equipped with the same quality Penn anti-reverse technology that controls your line payout so that you don’t snap your line when you hook a fish.

Penn Fierce 2

Stainless Steel Ball Bearings

This reel uses a four plus one stainless steel ball bearing design to make your reel feel natural and to give you a natural and fluid casting experience when you are fishing. The four bearings are used for casting and reeling and the plus one is used as the anti-reverse bearing, for a controlled line release when you catch something.

Another aspect of this reel that you will love is that the ball bearings on this model are completely shielded. That means that even when your reel is exposed to harsh weather and saltwater, the ball bearings in your reel will be protected from holding onto water and debris.

Anodized Handle and Soft-Touch Knob

Other aspects of this reel that you will be grateful for are the anodized handle and the soft touch knob on the reel. The anodized handle on this reel provides for the maximum amount of protection for your reel when you are fishing. As we mentioned earlier, the Fierce 2 is made with a durable, full metal body that can hold up to the biggest and strongest of catches. The strong body is also anodized to add another protective layer to your reel.

To make your fishing experience even more comfortable, the Fierce 2 has a soft touch knob. The knob is totally ergonomic and makes it even easier and more comfortable to grip and use your reel.

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Aluminum Bail Wire

When it comes to catching large and strong saltwater fish, you are going to need as much help as you can possibly get. With the extra-strength metals that this reel uses, the ball bearing system and the anodized coating for added durability, what more could you add?

Thankfully, Penn also added aluminum bail wire to the Fierce 2. The bail wire gives you more strength, leverage, and durability when it comes to reeling in strong fish.

Penn Fierce 2

Things We Liked

  • The aluminum bail wire on this model is a helpful feature that gives you more leverage when wrestling with a big catch.
  • The shielded, stainless steel ball bearing system on this reel makes it really easy to use. Casting and reeling are smooth and seamless, and the anti-reverse bearing is a nice touch for keeping your line supported and intact.
  • The full metal body that this reel has gives it unparalleled durability for saltwater fishing
  • The anti-reverse system on this reel is so handy for holding onto your catch without snapping your fishing line
  • We love the line indicators that these reels have so that you always know how many lines that you have left.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • It is a little overpriced for what you are getting with this reel
  • If you like this reel, you can basically get everything that you like out of this reel with the Battle 2

FAQ’s: Some Questions and Answers

Question: What are the differences between the Fierce 2 and the Pursuit 2?
Answer: The Fierce 2 uses higher quality materials and features than the Pursuit 2 does.

Question: How many bearings do this real use?
Answer: It uses five in total, one of which is used for the anti-reverse.

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