Penn Pursuit 2 Review – Better Spinning Fishing Reel?

To kick off this review, let’s take a look at the Penn Pursuit 2 fishing reel. Off the bat, with this reel, you will notice that it has a sleek look and a durable aluminum body. What does this reel have under the hood though? Let’s take a closer look so that you can see for yourself.

Penn Pursuit 2


Having an anti-reverse system on your reel is essential for keeping your line intact while you are fishing. The anti-reverse system serves two key purposes when you are fishing. The first is that it keeps your reel from spinning backward when you catch a fish, and the second is that it engages your drag system automatically so that you can back-reel to bring your fish in.

One of the primary issues that you can face with reels that don’t have an anti-reverse drag system is that you can run the risk of either losing the fish or snapping your line. The anti-reverse system on this reel will keep your line intact and engage the drag system so that you don’t lose your fish.

Oiled Drag System

The oiled drag system on this reel is another really nice touch to make your fishing experience much easier. Having a dry drag system can also lead to two major problems when you are out fishing.

The first issue is that you are much more likely to snap a line when you catch a fish. A dry drag system is going to make you considerably more prone to snapping your fishing line, than if your drag system is lubricated.

The other is that you significantly raise the chances that you could lose your fish. If you snap your line when you are in the middle of reeling in a fish, catching fish can be hopeless.

Penn Pursuit 2

In having an oiled drag system, your reel will stay nice and lubricated. The reason that dry drag systems tend to snap lines is that because the dry surface is exponentially more likely to catch and break the fishing line. The oil keeps your reel smooth and prevents your line from breaking.

Ball Bearings

The bearings that are used in a fishing reel largely dictate the reel’s performance while you are fishing. The ball bearings in a reel govern how smooth your reel operates, in terms of how fluid your reel is when you use it to cast and how easy it is to use the crank on the reel to reel in your fish.

With many reels, you will notice that the more ball bearings that the reel uses, the better that it works and the more smoothly it operates. This particular reel uses four high-quality ball bearings to keep the action of your reel smooth. The added benefit that you get with this reel is that the ball bearings are shielded by a metal plating cover. The cover protects the ball bearings from debris, grime, and anything small that could get caught in your reel.

Anodization Coated Aluminum Spool

Reels that are made out of a high-quality aluminum already have the added benefit of being lightweight and strong. Unfortunately, that aluminum on its own often isn’t enough to protect your reel from unforeseen damage, as well as the normal wear and tear that comes with fishing. The spool itself can be particularly susceptible to wear and tear use and damage.

Penn Pursuit 2

Thankfully, this reel uses an anodized aluminum coating around the spool to reinforce and protect it from regular use and the elements. The anodized coating on the aluminum reel serves as a protective coating to keep your reel working at its highest performance for the longest period of time.

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Line Indication Feature

Have you ever had that moment when you’re fishing and you are not totally certain how much fishing line you have left on your spool? With many reels, you have to do a little guesswork or estimate how many lines you have left on your reel.

This awesome reel gives you another helpful feature that many reels don’t include. This reel actually has line indicators on the spool that let you know exactly how much line you have left before your line runs out.

Things We Liked

  • The instant anti-reverse feature on this reel is top-notch. Many fishing experts and enthusiasts don’t tend to think about all of the benefits that having a great anti-reverse system provides for them. The anti-reverse keeps your reel from turning backward and also engages the drag system on your reel.
  • With any reliable reel, especially a saltwater one, you know that you are going to have to have a set of nice stainless steel ball bearings. What we really liked about this reel is that it uses a covered with a shielded set of bearings, which keeps them protected from grime and debris from getting caught inside of your reel.
  • With any fishing reel that doesn’t have a well-lubricated drag, you run a higher risk of snapping your line. No one wants to run the risk of snapping a line and losing a fish. The drag on this reel is designed to stay lubricated to keep your line from snapping.
  • What many fishermen will appreciate about this particular reel is the durability of the materials. On its own, aluminum can be fairly durable and lightweight. The anodization process covers the aluminum reel in a durable, corrosion resistant and damage resistant finish that will keep your reel in high-performing shape for years.
  • This reel has a line capacity indication system that shows you how many lines you have left on your reel. That way you never have to guess when you need to tighten the drag or add more line.
  • If you are looking for a great quality reel a reasonable price, this reel is going to be one of the best, budget-friendly reels that you can find
  • The anodized aluminum used to make this reel puts it at the top of its class in terms of durability. It is going to be difficult to find another reel as durable as this one in the same price range.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The drag on this model is kind of week, in comparison to other models in its price range
  • The anti-reverse function wears out pretty quickly

Penn Pursuit 2

FAQ’s: Some Questions and Answers

Question: Is this a right handed reel?
Answer: This reel can be adjusted for left or right-handed use.

Question: How many yards does this reel hold?
Answer: This reel holds between 160 yards and 220 yards depending on the size of the model that you get.

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