Raymarine A78 Marine GPS Review – Better Multi-Function Display

The Raymarine A78 is yet another awesome, reliable fish finder that has plenty of great features that will make for a more productive and enjoyable fishing experience. This model comes with Chirp DownVision and Fish Targeting technology that makes it even easier to find and detect fish in your vicinity. It gives you clarity and detail with twice the sonar power that your traditional fishfinder models have.

It has a beautiful seven-inch touchscreen display and is LED backlit, that makes your screen easy to read at any time of day. It has an SD card slot that you can use to save your favorite waypoints and connects to the internet via ethernet so that you can get the latest updates for your fish finder.

Raymarine a78

Quality Chirp Sonar

With any fish finder, you have to make sure that you have good sonar. Thankfully, this one from Raymarine comes with Chirp DownVision and Fish Targeting technology that gives you a clearer view of the water, the surface beneath your boat and more detail in the fish around your boat. It even comes with a transducer and mount so that you can conveniently place your transducer in the optimal location.

Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology is a nice feature to have in terms of entertainment. The Bluetooth connectivity that this fish finder gives you allows you to playback various forms of media directly on your fish finder. It’s great for playing music and videos on while you are out fishing.

Intuitive Touch Screen Display with LED Lighting

What’s the point in having a high-quality fish finder if it is difficult to use and navigate? Thankfully, this model comes with an intuitive touchscreen design that makes for easy navigation and control of your fish finder. It has a gorgeous, colorful seven-inch touch display that is really easy to use and customize. It is backlit with LED lighting to make it easy to read at any time of the day.

SD Card Slot

An added bonus that this fish finder has is an SD card slot which makes it even easier to save information on your fish finder. The SD card slot gives you the ability to save new maps and all of your favorite waypoints from your previous fishing trips. You won’t have to memorize the spots that you love because they’ll all be stored on your SD card and easily accessed via your fish finder.

Raymarine a78

Updates Via Ethernet

This fish finder is really easy to update. All you need is an ethernet cable and a computer that is connected to the internet in order to update the software on your fish finder unit.

Things We Liked

  • The Chirp DownVision and Fish Targeting technology that is equipped with this fish finder gives you clarity and vision like you have never seen before. You will be able to see more structure and more defined edges with your sonar, giving you a better view of fish and the water/floor beneath your boat.
  • It comes with a CPT-100 mount for your transom Chirp transducer so that you can easily mount your transducer in the best and most convenient place on your boat.
  • With this model, you get Navionics cartography which gives you countless maps of salt and fresh water in the US and Canada as well.
  • This unit comes with a large, seven-inch multi-touch screen with brilliant and LED backlighting so that you will always have an accurate, crystal-clear view of your screen, no matter what time of day it is.
  • This model comes with a built-in 50 channel GPS receiver which gives the easiest possible navigation capabilities while you are out fishing.
  • This model also includes Bluetooth capabilities which allow you to easily connect to other devices so that your fish finder can double as a source of entertainment. It gives you the ability to playback a variety of media including music and video.
  • Anytime that you need to update the software on your fish finder, this model is ethernet capable so that you can easily plug it into your computer to update.
  • It even has a microSD card slot so that you can update the maps on your device and even save your favorite waypoints.

Things We Didn’t Like-

  • Apparently, this fish finder has trouble connecting to your Android phone with the more recent updates of the Android software. The apps will often crash and have trouble connecting to your finder.
  • This model doesn’t appear to have Wi-fi, which would make for easier updating


Question: Does this unit include all of the cables that you need?
Answer: Yes, it comes with all of the cables that you need to charge and update your finder.

Question: Does this come with hardware to mount it?
Answer: Yes, it comes with all of the hardware that you need to mount it.

Final Verdict

All around, this is an awesome fish finder that gives you everything that you need when it comes to reliable software, a great user interface, and durable hardware. The only downside to this model is that it cannot update via Wi-fi. Otherwise, it uses high-quality GPS and sonar technology to give you the best navigation and fish tracking possible.

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