Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro Review – Our Favourite Fishfinder/Chartplotter Combo

Let’s kick off this review by taking a look at the Raymarine Dragonfly 5 pro. This fierce, handy and compact little fish finder has a lot of great features that any angler can find useful while out on the water. This particular model is made of highly durable materials. The screen is fully fog proof and the casing and the screen on this fish finder are built to handle the most extreme weather conditions.

The finder offers five inches of fully back-lit, optically bonded and screen that displays vibrant colors and information so that you can easily navigate the unit. It uses dual sonar technology to give you a picture like a view of the water around you while also using traditional sonar to find your next catch. This model is really easy to mount and use thanks to the ball and socket mounting system.


Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro


Durable Materials

What use is a fish finder if it can’t handle the water and the outdoors? Thankfully, this model is built with durable, high-impact materials that protect your finder from drops and impact. The casing is thick, to make this fish finder suitable for any and all weather conditions, no matter how extreme they are. This one even has a fog-proof screen, so that you never have to be concerned with moisture ruining your fish finder.

High-Quality Screen

If you can’t read your fish finder or it is really dim, you are not going to have much use for it. Thankfully, this model comes with a high quality, five inches, optically bonded, the backlit screen which shows you all of the data that you need in beautiful, vibrant color.

Application Integration

Another great feature that this helpful computer provides is the application that is connected to it. This fish finder integrates with the Raymarine Wi-fish app so that you can live stream all of your sonar information directly to your mobile device. It also gives you the ability to playback all of your sonar information from your trip. The application even gives you the ability to share your sonar information on your social media profiles.

Dual Sonar Technology

The reason that this finder is so precise is that of the dual sonar technology that it uses to read the terrain around you to help locate fish. It uses CHIRP sonar and Downvision sonar to give you a clearer view of your surroundings, and more importantly to help you identify fish.

Easy to Mount and Use

This finder is also exceedingly easy to mount and setup. The ball and socket mount that it uses to give you a secure base to place your finder on. It also gives you the versatility to use this model with other ball and socket mounts.

Raymarine Dragonfly 5 Pro



  • This particular fish finder includes a five-inch totally back-lit, vibrant LED display. It is optically bonded to give you even brighter colors and more on-screen definition, which makes this fish finder incredibly easy to read and use.
  • The screen has built-in protection from internal fogging and is also made with serious components that give it protection in all kinds of weather conditions.
  • This model features dual-channel sonar and uses both CHIRP DownVision as well as CHIRP conventional sonar.
  • The CHIRP down vision sonar gives you photographic-like images of the terrain and creatures that are around and underneath your boat.
  • The traditional CHIRP sonar is the channel that is going to help you accurately target and identify fish
  • With this fish finder, you can use the Raymarine Wi-fish application to link up to your Raymarine fish finder. This application gives you the ability to live-stream sonar data from your fishfinder to your application, for closer analysis. The application also gives you the ability to rewind and save your sonar information for later use, such as finding you are rediscovering your favorite fishing spots. It also gives you the ability to share your sonar data on your favorite social media platforms.
  • It comes with an awesome pivot-ball mounting system. The mount and removable mounting ball attachment give you the ability to use this fish finder with a variety of different socket mounting systems and models.
  • We really value that it comes with plenty of internal memory. In this unit, you can store up to 3,000 waypoints at one time along with 15 tracks. You can even expand your working memory with the SD card slot that is built into this fish finder.


  • The device can hold a lot of information, so it can take a while to load charts


Question: Is the memory expandable?
Answer: Yes, this finder comes with an SD card slot to expand the memory.

Question: Does this model include the transducer?
Answer: Yes, the transducer is included.


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