Raymarine Dragonfly 7 Review – All Weather High-Definition LED Backlit Display

The results that you are getting out of your fish finder are only going to be as good as the technology that your fish finder uses. Lower quality fish finders will use sonar and scanning technology that lacks accurately in displaying the landscape and the fish beneath you. Size, structure, and location may all vary.

With the Raymarine Dragonfly 7, you are getting quality readings from the CHIRP technology sonar system. This system transmits waves directly into the water so that you can get better detail and clarity out of the fish and the floor underneath your boat.

Raymarine Dragonfly 7

CHIRP Downvision

One of the other most important features of having a quality fish finder is having a screen that is able to provide high-quality imaging of your sonar readings. That’s what makes the screen and the technology that your finder uses to create those images are so important.

Thankfully, this fish finder is also equipped with CHIRP Downvision technology which will give your finder crystal clear, photo-like images of the underwater landscape around and beneath your boat.

The technology also allows you to view depths up to 600 feet, and also gives you reliable high-speed bottom tracking.


Another feature that is always a plus when you are looking for the right fish finder is finding one that has a quality GPS system. GPS systems will let you navigate the waters around you better, and some even give you the capability of saving your favorite fishing spots and waypoints.

The Dragonfly has a built-in GPS with Navionics charts which gives you the ability to store up to 3,000 waypoints. The maps that are included in the GPS give you access to views of the lakes and coastlines all over the United States and Canada.

Built-in Wifi

This handy fish finder even has an integrated phone application that you can use to stream sonar information from your Dragonfly straight to your smartphone or tablet. All you have to do is download the Raymarine Wi-fish mobile app and sync it to your fish finder. That way, you can have an enhanced view of your sonar data available on your mobile device.

High-Quality Display

One of the biggest selling points or drawbacks that you find with many fishfinder brands is the quality of the screen that they have. They could be great at pulling in the highest quality GPS and sonar data available, but if you don’t have a clear screen to read that information on, it is almost useless.

One problem that fish finders have is that their screens can be difficult to read without sunlight or in the presence of direct sunlight. Thankfully, this Raymarine fish finder is made with an optical bonding LCD display that can hold up against any weather. It is designed to be airtight so that it never fogs up, and it gives you bright colors and sharp contrasts so that you can get as much detail as possible.

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Things We Liked:

  • The CHIRP sonar and downscan systems that are included with this fish finder provide high-quality scanning and imaging capabilities. They give you greater detail at depths up to 600 feet.
  • We also really like the GPS on this model. It has tons of maps programmed into it, and the ability to save your favorite waypoints is a really nice touch.
  • The screen is something that we also really appreciate.The color, contrast, and brightness of the screen on this fish finder makes it really easy to read in any weather, at any time of day.

Things We Didn’t Like

  • The mount on this model doesn’t work very well and provides a limited range of motion

FAQ -Some pre-selling Questions and Answers about the particular product

Question: Can this GPS cover other locations outside of Canada and the US? Answer: Yes, you just need to download the appropriate update or card for your area, from Navionics.

Question: Is this unit difficult to install on your own? Answer: No, it is not difficult to install and should only take a few minutes.

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