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When Do Fish Spawn And When Do They Eat?

Reproduction is a crucial part of life. Just like wild animals fish also reproduce and not just randomly but during specific climates. If they do not effectively reproduce they may be extinct and we won’t be able to enjoy delicious fish dishes. For your fish to successfully spawn, you need to know some biology and […]

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What Is the Best Time of Day to Go Fishing?

Since the most ancient of times, anglers or fishers have known the natural cycles of the world and how it affects fish, from dusk till dawn. Fishing at the right time improves the chances for a successful fishing trip. If you don’t know how to identify the right fishing times, your catches will mostly be […]

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Why Do You Need A Fishing License?

If only fish were like the air we breathe, there would always be more than enough air for every living creature. The whole idea of fishing licenses is to protect the fishing resources. Here is the idea. If you say that a particular thing is free of charge, it will attract the interest of even […]

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10 Fly Fishing Destinations Worth Visiting

Fly fishing has become a very common recreational sport. Many people have not yet got the chance to experience the overwhelming thrill that comes from fishing in the most beautiful fly fishing destinations that are worth visiting. By visiting these destinations, you will experience nature’s best.  These destinations will without a doubt reward your fly […]

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