Review: How Versatile Is The Advanced Elements Strait Edge Inflatable Kayak?

This self-bailing kayak has managed to stand apart from other inflatable kayaks, due to its ability to tackle open waters as easily as it does raging white waters.

Strait Edge kayak



The secret of the amazing Strait Edge can be found in its aluminum bow and stern frame construction, multiple air chambers, rugged hull design, self-bailing functions, foam mesh back and seat, rod holders, and heavy-duty exterior construction.

Now that you are interested in the Strait Edge kayak, it is time for you to learn more about this durable, rugged, and portable inflatable beauty.

Features of The Strait Edge Kayak

Now that you are hooked onto this Strait Edge kayak review, it is time to explore all the features of this kayak as we try and establish whether this kayak is right for your paddling needs. So sit tight and take this ride with me.

According to Drakkar, kayak enthusiast, “Hardcore kayakers complain that they don’t track in a straight line, and they can’t handle any kind of water with a relatively mild current or higher. Because of this, Advanced Elements have come up with the StraitEdge Inflatable, which is precision engineered to address the above complaints.

Rugged and Detailed Construction

Whenever you buy a kayak, the most important thing to note is what the quality of construction and craftsmanship is. After all, you do not want to make an investment in a product only for it to fall apart after a few uses.

Thankfully, Advanced Elements does not cut corners when it comes to designing its kayaks, and the Strait Edge is no different.

This sit-on-top inflatable kayak has inbuilt aluminum ribs, which make up its bow and stern. The purpose of this design is to improve the tracking abilities of the kayak in open water.

By incorporating removable aluminum ribs in the bow and stern of the self-bailing kayak, you get a kayak that is rigid when it is inflated. You can now tackle whitewater and open water alike with incredible ease.

Fantastic Hull Design

Additionally, the rugged hull design will rival any hard-shell out there. The hull is constructed with a heavy-duty PVC tarpaulin that will resist abrasions from rough water and punctures from rocks and other underwater obstacles.

If you are a fan of the AdvancedFrame inflatable kayak by Advanced Elements, then you will be impressed to know that the entire hull of the Strait Edge is made up of the PVC as compared to only half of the AdvancedFrame.

How Versatile Is The Strait Edge kayak



Superior Self-Bailing Ports

As a professed self-bailing kayak, the Strait Edge cannot falter on the functionality of its self-bailing ports. That is why the self-bailing ports in this kayak open up, and operate in rough conditions such as big waves, and close in calm conditions and cold water so that water is kept out.

You can now paddle in class III Whitewater without fear of getting needlessly drenched.

Comfortable Seating Arrangement

One of the worst experiences in kayaking is heading out for a lovely day on the water and returning with an aching backside. Thankfully, the Strait Edge kayak has an adjustable, high support and padded seat, made with foam mesh, which is both breathable and comfortable.

This ensures that you can spend hours on the water without any problem, It’s really one of the best fishing kayak in the market.

Superior Convenience

There are several features of this easy to assemble kayak that can be termed as convenient, such as its simple portability and storage, which is achieved using a duffel bag, its advanced spring-loaded valves, which allow for quick inflation, two rod holders for amazing versatility, multiple mounting options for fishing equipment and other attachments, and multi-layer protection in all high wear areas.


  • Stable
  • Easy to inflate
  • Handles great
  • Tracks well
  • Rugged construction
  • Sturdy
  • Compact


  • Drying the kayak is a difficult process
  • Backrest is not comfortable

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q: Anyone who has taken a dog on this inflatable kayak?
  • A: Yes, I take my dog with me when going out for fishing. It is a small dog of up to 25 lbs.
  • Q: Does this inflatable kayak come with a pump?
  • A: No, you need to purchase the pump separately.

Final Verdict

After reading this informative The Strait Edge kayak review, you can see that this is more than worthwhile kayaking investment that will maximize the amount of fun you have when you are out on the water.

This versatile crossover kayak is perfect for whitewater and open water alike, with a fantastic design, superior construction, and amazing tracking abilities that have gained it a 4.7-star rating.

Though drying this kayak is a pain in the neck, the experience you will have out on the water will definitely make up for it. So what are you waiting for?



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