Sevylor Colorado 2-Person Kayak Combo Review – Should You Go?

Sevylor Colorado 2-Person Kayak Combo is one of the best canoes available on the market. This beautiful innovation combines all the maneuverability, stability and seaworthy features of a kayak, with the styling, comfort and design features of a traditional American Indian canoe, to leave you with a fishing and hunting canoe that can tackle all lakes, oceans and rough waters.

sevylor inflatable kayak reviews


The Colorado is packed with an assortment of features, including a raised bow and stern, a durable double-hull, a rugged and reinforced bottom, comfortable elevated bucket seats, spacious storage compartment, an efficient airtight system, and directional strakes for optimum steering abilities.

Now that I have your attention, it is time to thoroughly write a detailed Sevylor inflatable kayak reviews

Sevylor Colorado Canoe Features

Below are the most rousing features of the Sevylor Colorado 2 person hunt fish Canoe, with my analysis of the features.

Superior Construction

Sevylor is known for its quality construction. This 2-person inflatable canoe is crafted with a durable double-hull made with 18-gauge PVC, which provides additional resilience and sturdiness when you find yourself in rough waters.

This 10’9” by 3’1” canoe also has a fabric-reinforced bottom constructed with a thick 420D nylon cover, which will transport you safely to your favorite fishing spot.

Top-Notch Handling

One frustrating aspect of water sports is the inability to control your vessel. This will not be a problem with maneuverable Colorado, as it comes with a raised bow and stern which improve the handling and steering of the canoe.

Furthermore, we have directional strakes, which enhance the speed of the canoe while optimizing its steering control. A Sevylor trolling motor is also on hand if you want to make your experience even simpler.

sevylor inflatable kayak reviews

Airtight System

When you purchase an inflatable vessel, you expect it to come with a sealed construction that will prevent air loss.

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That is why the Colorado has an airtight system, which is made of multiple air chambers and valves that are guaranteed to bring you back dry to the shore.

Double Lock Fast Valves, as well as Mini Double Lock Fast Valves, allow for simple inflation and deflation while providing additional leak protection.

Adjustable Seating and Consistent Paddling

The Colorado comes with a pair of elevated bucket seats, which will keep you comfortable for extended periods out on the water.

These adjustable bucket seats also include rear storage compartments, so that your time paddling and fishing is equally comfortable and organized.

In the field of paddling and rowing, the Colorado uses paddle/oar holders to make your entire experience more convenient. You can now achieve consistency while you are paddling, as your arms will not be exhausted.

Maximum Convenience

To provide you with the ultimate fishing, and paddling experience, the Colorado is equipped with several convenient features that you will instantly fall in love with.

These features include removable back storage, tie-downs and D-rings to secure your gear, bow and stern lifting handles for easy carrying, a compact luggage bag for additional storage, and Berkley Quick Set rod holders for hands-free fishing.

All of these easy to operate features promise to improve your experience exponentially, and ensure that all of your needs are covered.

Sevylor Inflatable Colorado Hunting and Fishing Canoe Specs

  • Construction material is 18-gauge PVC, and 420D nylon cover
  • Dimensions are 10’9” by 3’1” (3.28 m by 0.94 m)
  • NMMA certified using ABYC standards
  • Maximum capacity is 500 lbs (226.79 kg)
  • Seating is 2-persons
  • Seams are Radio Frequency (RF) welded
  • Weight is 37 lbs


  • Durable
  • Stable
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to inflate and deflate
  • Portable


  • Does not come with Boston valves
  • Replacements are not easy to come by
  • Tracking is not perfect

Final Verdict

Whether you want to fish or hunt, the Colorado will take you to your limit every single time. This inflatable canoe is big enough to accommodate 2 people, but compact enough to fit in your luggage when you travel.

Despite its drawbacks, the Sevylor Colorado Canoe Hunt Fish is a reliable, durable, and portable boat that will make your trip out on the water worth it. So I think Sevylor inflatable kayak reviews help you taking a purchase decision.


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  • charles s says:

    Paid $550 for the canoe. We use it 3-5 times a year. At two years old the main side bladder blew a 4 inch hole in the seam while drying in the garage (in Tahoe so it’s not blistering heat by any means). Sevylor now Coleman doesn’t sell or have any help for a replacement bladder??? It’s a $500 inflatable device and the seam separated!!! Spoke with Tony the manager at Coleman today and while nice he has nothing to offer but a 35% discount on a new canoe? So I have a $550 disposable kayak…NICE for the consumer and the landfills.

    Loved it before this however, I would NEVER recommend a Sevylor product again because of this policy. Shame on you Coleman!

  • Jeneva says:

    I tyiclaply only wear Fornarina jeans, the only other pair I have thats not is from Cheap Monday. I love them, I just wish Id bought a size down cause they stretch out a bit during the day.

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