Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife Review

Are you looking forward to the upcoming hunting or fishing season? Are you geared up with your official hunting knife?

Then be prepared for your next trophy with the Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife. What sets this hunting knife apart from the rest? Why would you want to have such a knife in your hunting equipment’? The Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife comes equipped to suit your needs for hunting.

Right Hand, Tip-Down Clip

Who would want to scare people away when a knife opens accidentally? Would you love to cause yourself bodily harm?


Then this is the knife should be in your list. You are safe from any unintended deployment that would otherwise have caused grievous body harm. So you don’t have to worry anymore about the accidental deployments. Quick response is a necessity in hunting. The right-hand mechanism aids this.

It is easier to access the knife by the right hand and hence make your kill. This is a feature you would not want to miss.

Curved Blade


Imagine making that cut you crave by just making controlled pulls. This means less energy is spent, and accuracy is greatly enhanced, and the possibility of an accident minimized.

The curved blade also increases the cutting edge without necessarily making the knife bulky.

The reduced bulkiness means that it is easier to carry around and conceal when necessary. The curvature also makes it extremely useful as a utility knife. You wouldn’t want to miss all this.

Handle Drying Vent/Shackle key

You don’t have to keep on wiping your hands now, and then as a result of the grip on the knife. No more sweating and feeling watery. The vents allow air circulation around the blade when closed wet. This also enhances the grip of the knife as it reduces the chances of the knife slipping.

David Boye Dent

Ever thought of a knife accident?

An accidental deployment of the knife will be a nightmare that nobody will wish to encounter. Visualize the different scenarios that this can happen. Imagine inserting more force than intended while handling a knife, that adrenaline coupled with the pressure of your hand.

The amount of damage as a result of this can be shocking. But with Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife, you don’t have to worry. Custom knife maker David Boye has developed the dent in the locking lever; this ensures that the blade remains securely locked open when gripping the handle with force. In the end, the risk is well mitigated.

Hollow-Ground Blade


Think of the power, the aggressiveness needed and required during cutting. Who doesn’t dream of finishing cutting within the shortest time possible and doing without the need to re-cut? Talk of a onetime slice. The hollow grind on the edge lends some serious cutting power to the knife. It also makes the knife tough, super easy to cut with suited for tough labor uses and not excluding the simple ones.

Hawkbill Blade

Talk of attractiveness!

Who would not want to be associated with beauty? The Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife Review has a high satin finish on it. This gives it a clean and attractive look.

The blade always shines best when cutting in a downward motion at arm’s length. On top of that, it offers the most impressive protection from rust. Imagine having always a shiny and attractive knife year in year out without a sign of getting old. This is what you are after.


  • Long lasting
  • Economical
  • Multipurpose use
  • Efficient and safe to use


  • Slow to open compared to other Harpy models
  • Quite heavy on the hand

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Does the blade look as the description given?

Yes, you will be shocked since the description of the edge, is what you will get in-reality if not more than.

What features sets this knife apart from the rest in the same line?

A majority of these features are enhancements from the previous versions coupled with the addition of others such as the Hawkbill blade and the hollow grind at the edge.

Final Verdict

The Harpy is an excellent acquisition that will make your cutting easier and enjoyable. It’s worth the value of your money. It is beautiful, flawless and attractive. Don’t miss out The Spyderco Harpy Single Blade Folding Knife Review has made it easier for you.

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