Stealth Cam 7 Review – Great Scouting Camera

Are you a hunter looking for a quick and easy way to track your next target? Or are you a naturalist who wants to see more of the wildlife in your surrounding area? Perhaps you’re searching for a method of home security that doesn’t involve expensive security cameras?

If you fit any of these profiles, then you will appreciate this trail camera from Stealth Cam. The 7 model is ideal for any or all of these functions, which allows you to get more from this device than most others.

When comparing different cameras, you understand what factors and features are most important for your needs. So, with that in mind, let’s check out what the Stealth Cam 7 has to offer.

Rugged Camouflage Design


Unlike most cameras, these units are built to stay outside all night long. In this case, you get a water-resistant case that ensures that rain or snow won’t harm the device. That means that no matter where you live, you can use the Cam 7 without any problems.

Nonetheless, no trail camera is 100% impervious to the elements, so you should always check it regularly to see if any issues developed overnight.

Even if everything is running smoothly, checking on the machine will allow you to look at the photos it took, replace the batteries, and adjust the camera as needed.

Seven-Megapixel Camera

When comparing the Stealth Cam 7 to other trail cameras, you’ll notice that it doesn’t have as many megapixels as they do. However, even though this model is kind of on the low end, it still provides plenty of clarity and definition.

With seven megapixels, you won’t have any trouble seeing what’s on the camera. The only limitation really is that you can’t zoom and enhance the image as much as those with higher definition. Thus, unless you’re planning on enlarging all of your best shots, you don’t have to worry about this camera.

60-Foot Flash Range


As we mentioned, the Stealth Cam 7 can be used for a few different reasons. If you’re trying to track wildlife, then you have a decent range of about 60 feet at night. During the day this goes down to 50 feet. This is more than enough room to capture almost anything that passes in front of the camera.

However, if you want to enhance its capabilities even further, we suggest placing it in an area where there is kind of a bottleneck. If there is a naturally-forming path through the trees, mounting it on one side will ensure that you see everything that passes through.

The other great thing about the flash is that it’s entirely infrared. This means that both animals and humans can’t see it, which is helpful if you’re using the device for home security.

EZ Programming and Setup

With some trail cameras, it can take a while to figure out how to adjust your settings. The most critical elements to customize are the photo option (i.e., a single image or a burst), the time and date stamp, and the hours of operation.​

Since you don’t want to waste battery life by having it take pictures when animals are least active, it’s helpful to customize the time to ensure that you get better images overall.

With the Stealth Cam 7, you can get set up in minutes. Not only that but when it’s time to download and review the pictures, you don’t have to swap out as it comes with a micro USB port, so you can transfer them to your phone or other mobile devices instantly, allowing you to maximize its productivity.

12-Volt Power Option

Typically speaking, trail cameras run on AA batteries. This one does as well, but you also have the option to plug it into a 12-volt outlet as well. This enables you to set up a remote power source outside so that it doesn’t drain as quickly.

Also, if you are using it for home security, you can just keep it plugged in at all times so that it doesn’t ever need a battery change.

Although this feature is not necessarily a game-changer, it is super helpful for a lot of reasons. Just having this flexibility is why we like what the Stealth Cam 7 has to offer.


  • Durable construction
  • Easy to use menu options
  • 60-foot flash range at night
  • 18 infrared bulbs
  • Camouflage design
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Records video and images
  • Burst mode available
  • 4GB SD card included
  • 12-volt power option
  • Uses AA batteries
  • Time, date, and temp stamp
  • Mini USB output for convenience
  • External LCD screen


  • Long reset time after taking pictures
  • Not 100% waterproof


Do I have to use the SD card that came with the unit?

No, but pay attention to the kind of hardware it uses. Not any SD card will work, so you have to make sure that they are compatible first.

How fast does this camera reset?

Compared to other models, it’s pretty slow. It takes a few seconds to reset after triggering an image. However, you can set it to burst mode or video to ensure that you don’t miss anything.

Is the flash noticeable on this camera?

No, it’s pure infrared, so you won’t be able to notice. Neither will the animals.

Final Verdict

As far as trail cameras go, the Stealth Cam 7 is one of the better options out there. We like that it can be utilized in a variety of ways, as it enables you to get more out of the device than other models out there.

Overall, this machine is fantastic for both monitoring wildlife or home security. We appreciate that it’s more high-tech and user-friendly than most other trail cameras, which allows you to get it up and running (as well as troubleshoot) much more easily.

Whether you’re a hunter, a naturalist, or a homeowner, you will love what you get with the Stealth Cam 7.

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