Sun Dolphin Aruba SS Sit-in Kayak Review

The KL Industries Sun Dolphin Aruba 10′ SS Sit-in Kayak has made quite an impression on the market. I admit that I have never owned a Sun Dolphin kayak before, but when my best friend talked about this particular kayak, I had to check it out.

And I’m so glad I did. Behold I present to you a kayak that has made significant strides in comfort, craftsmanship, durability, and aesthetics.

Now I know that you have heard statements like this on several other reviews, however, this kayak is not exaggerating when it makes these claims. The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 kayak is lightweight, sturdy, solid in design, superior in craftsmanship, simple to operate, and capable of withstanding extreme conditions.

Now, I know I have caught your attention, it is time for us to explore this Sun Dolphin Aruba SS 10-foot sit-in kayak, and marvel at the features that have made it so talked about.

Features of the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS Kayak

Before discussing the final verdict on The KL Industries Sun Dolphin Aruba 10′ SS Sit-in Kayak review, let me discuss some feature of this kayak first.

Amazing Comfort

KL industries and Sun Dolphin have come together to give us a superbly comfortable kayak, that is guaranteed to improve your kayaking experience tenfold. So how do they achieve this?

The answer is simple: the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10′ sit-in kayak is composed of a roomy and open cockpit with an adjustable and padded seat, as well as protective thigh pads, and adjustable foot braces. So don’t worry if you are headed out on the water for the whole day; your body won’t feel a thing!

Sun Dolphin Aruba SS 10

Sufficient Storage

The worst thing you can experience as a kayaker is lacking sufficient storage to keep all your gear. You won’t experience this with the Sun Dolphin Aruba 10, it has a capacity of 280 lbs; enough for you and any extras you might want to bring along.

In addition, It has a removable Portable Accessory Carrier (PAC) which can act as a tow behind, backpack and storage compartment.

What more can you ask for?

Bonus Features

The Aruba kayak aims to meet all your requirements, through the use of bonus features such as a recessed water bottle holder, paddle holder, shock cord deck rigging, flush mount fishing rod (be a it a baitcasting rod or any other type of rods available on the market) holders, dry storage compartment for personal belongings. These all serve to heighten your convenience levels.

Top Grade Construction

With all the amazing storage, comfort and bonus features of the Aruba 10 SS kayak, the most important component is the construction of the craft. Using high-density polyethylene, the KL Industries Sun Dolphin Aruba 10′ SS Sit-in kayak manages to present itself as exceptionally durable and wonderfully sturdy.

The vacuum molded Fortiflex with a UV inhibitor also ensures that the kayak retains its vibrancy even when in contact with the hot sun. All of these top-grade construction features ensure that you will be kayaking for years to come, without fear that your investment will go to waste.


  • The lightweight design and retractable carry handles of the kayak makes it easy to carry
  • The 10 SS is stable in calm waters, ensuring that you do not tip and get wet when you are out on the water
  • The kayak is composed of a sit-in design, which makes it easy for you to get in and get out
  • Affordable
  • The kayak has a variety of colors options which include red, lime green, tangerine, and ocean
  • The Aruba 10 SS is appropriate for individuals of all ages
  • Kayak is compact enough to fit in your car
  • Tracks effortlessly


  • The stability of the 10 SS kayak is compromised when the water gets choppy
  • The 10 SS lacks drain plugs, and therefore water can enter your kayak through the drain holes

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How easy is it to paddle this kayak?

A: This kayak tracks and paddles with ease at the same time offering maximum stability.

 Q: Is there a storage compartment to store some items?

A: Absolutely! You can use the portable accessory carrier an as extra storage.

Final Words

Incredible: that is the one word that is ringing in your mind after reading this review. I do not blame you, I feel the same way. The KL Industries Sun Dolphin Aruba 10′ SS Sit-in Kayak is incredible in value, craftsmanship and versatility.

Though the matter of stability slightly lets down this kayak, we must remember that this craft has been designed as an entry-level model that will cater to beginner paddlers who favor calm conditions. So unless you are planning on sending your terrified pre-teen on a ride over raging white waters, this is the kayak you need to buy.


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  • Tim says:

    You reviewed the 10 SS but your pictures are of just a Sun Dolphin Aruba 10. The 10 does not have the PAC and the 10 SS does.

  • Jim says:

    The Sun Dolphin Aruba 10 SS (Super Sports) kayak is very difficult to track in all types of water. I wish there is a way to add more or modify keel to be longer at the bottom of a boat. Other than that, this kayak is an excellent kayak for all ages. Highly recommend.

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