Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak Review

Wilderness Systems has brought us a kayak that will help all anglers explore the waters like never before. 2015 Wilderness Systems Pungo 120 Kayak is the angler version of the classic Pungo recreational kayak which stole the hearts of the masses, offering ideal features, which will send you on the adventure of a lifetime.


Pungo 120 Review



This kayak has somehow managed to combine all of the paddling advantages of a sit-in kayak, with the rigging and storage features a serious angler requires. This kayak weighs 51 lbs, and it can support a maximum weight capacity of 325.

When you purchase this high-performing angler kayak, you will benefit from a spacious, comfortable and dry cockpit, a quick and stable multi-chained hull, an accessible Orbix hinged hatch and rear storage, a convenient and detachable Kayak Console, and an adjustable and ergonomic Phase 3 AirPro seating system.

All of these aforementioned features make your time on the stealthy Pungo 120 simple, quiet, and relaxing.

Pungo 120 Angler Kayak Features

I have gone over the Pungo 120 top to bottom, and in the process, I have learned about the features of this kayak. We will go through them together below.

Excellent Seating System

The Pungo 120 makes use of a Phase 3 AirPro seating system, which is made up of a foam-padded, adjustable and ventilated backrest and seat, foam thigh and knee supports; an adjustable SlideLock foot brace system and an ergonomic leg lifter.


The Pungo 120 Angler Kayak Review



The backrest and seat use soft foam, which contours to your body shape, so that you are provided with exceptional comfort and superior ventilation when you are out on the water. You can customize your sitting position with the 6-adjustment system to suit your comfort needs.

The textured material used on the padding also provides an extra layer of protection in the cold seasons, while the side-mounted cam buckle and long-lasting webbing on the backrest allow for easy adjustments.

Ample Room

The Pungo 120 Kayak is also renowned for its spacious cockpit, which offers comfort as you paddle, and easy access as you get in and out.

The angler kayak is also constructed with sufficient storage for your food, drinks, clothes and gear, so that you are fully prepared as you paddle or fish.

A roomy and waterproof Orbix stern hatch allows for secure storage of your possessions, a small gear bag located under the seat is convenient for your food and water bottle, a kayak console and bungee deck rigging allows you to keep additional gear within reach.

Different-Size Air Holes

These holes are found in the seat to allow ventilation and water drainage. You will not experience water inside the kayak when you are fishing while there is still plenty of cushion and support to keep comfortable throughout your fishing experience.

Thigh and Knee Padding

In most of the kayaks, many of the anglers complain of reduced levels of comfort, especially around the knees. This model is designed to ensure that you are comfortable no matter the amount of time you spend on the water, thanks to the thigh and knee padding.

Increased Stability

Stability is a key thing that you should look at when you are purchasing any kayak. The Systems Pungo 120 Kayak boasts of a multi chine hull design that provides excellent stability. In addition, the presence of Phase 3 AirPro seating system provides back stability while you are on the water.


  • This model is stable
  • It is comfortable
  • This is a lightweight kayak
  • Tracks perfectly well
  • Durable material construction
  • Easy to carry


  • Relatively Expensive

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: Is this model equipped with carry handles?

A: Yes, it has ergonomic carry handles with a soft rubber construction for easy transportation.

Q: What are the measurements or dimensions of this kayak?

A: This kayak has a length of 12 feet, width of 74cm and a weight of 51 lbs. it can handle a maximum weight of 325 lbs.

Final Verdict…

The Pungo 120 is a flat-water and fishing marvel that will blow all other kayaks out of the water. This stable, quick, spacious, portable and compact kayak is exceedingly simple to operate, and it is obvious why it is the most popular model in the Pungo family.

Despite its high price, the Pungo 120 fishing kayak is a great investment to have, as it offers top notch components and a high-performing design that will make your time on the water unbelievable.

So get moving, and make Pungo part of your family.

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