Best Fish Tank Filters in 2020 – Top Aquarium Filters Reviewed

The aquaria life has never been so thrilling when its maintenance is at its best. The fish stand a chance to enjoy an amble environment to thrive while staying healthier. It is awe-inspiring. You get concerned how to go about cleaning the physical and soluble waste products from algae growths, debris among others from your much-adored aquarium?

Well, never have to worry anymore.

Best fish tank filters are not only the ideal solutions today to help you support the life in the aquaria but also will help you realize fresh water to keep the lively animals living big, just for the right purpose irrespective of the size of your aquaria. Now that is vital.

You need to identify the best fish tank filter that creates solutions for you remarkably while enhancing efficiency. That can be a milestone in taking care of the unwanted impurities in aquaria water.

But in reality, it can be confusing to choose from the many that claim to deliver on performance for your aquaria in the market today. I take you through some of the excellent household brands that will take your filtration process to another level. They are simply splendid.

Best Fish Tank Filters - Comparison


Product Name

Filter System

Aquarium (up to gal)



400 gallons


100 gallons


150 gallons


160 gallons


66 gallons


65 gallons


50 gallons


70 gallons


10 gallons


3 gallons

Best Fish Tank Filters - Reviews

1. Fluval Canister Filter

This is one of my favorite best fish tank filters, primarily of its high performance and outstanding body constructional features.

You are into fish tank filters that have remarkable functionality? Depend on this model to easily clean your aquarium water for amazing results.

Go for filtration of up to 925 gallons of water effectively without much of the hustle, thanks to the fish tank filter's capability to super capacity that remains compact, accompanied by reliable pump output.

You will find the filter boasting an outstanding 563 GPH circulations, assisting you to achieve expected results within a very short period.

For even superb filtration, its baskets are precision-engineered for a smooth elimination of water by-pass. The baskets remain outmatched among its competitors with a total of about 5.9 liters of media, besides its convenient capability to get stacked in precision with a combination of layers for much efficiency.

This is the definitive tech-savvy fish tank filter that embraces an electronic circuit board helping you round the clock monitor the pump. Find its ability to measure regularly its speed and force using its impeller for the most reliable powerful output and energy efficiency.


  • Instant-release T-handle
  • Effortless maintenance
  • Automated air evacuation
  • Multi-stage filtration
  • Monthly maintenance reminder
  • Handles up to 400 gallons


  • Not a great design in water draining

One of the most reliable fish tank filters today, this filter is more powerful and flexible to use. It is dedicated to easier setup, customization, and maintenance.

You stand to enjoy its filtering able to hold up to an extra 50 % more volume of water with the unique capability to maximize water contact through its complex flow path during the filtration process.

You expect to have the filter with multiple filtration baskets that will make you mechanical, chemical and biological filtration clean-up process more convenient and specific to detail. It brings you 4-sized increasing flow rates and filter capacities that make it suit perfectly for any of your mid-sized home or commercial aquarium.


  • Easy to open
  • Effortless maintenance and cleaning
  • Adjustable flow rate
  • Instant prime system
  • Easy start up guide
  • Handles up to 100 gallons
  • Quieter in operation
  • Comes with a clog-proof intake strainer and dual layer foam screen


  • Can't stand on its side

If you happen to be an enthusiast of large tank filter cleaning, then this is the right fish tank filter for you.

Expect it to throw you amble maintenance and care give credit to its multi-stage filter with stackable trays that are easily collapsible. Never have to be concerned if you are handling filtering in medium or large aquariums.

It is dedicated and ready to hit the waters for up to 75 gallons of a tank filled with your favorite fish species.

Create a large saltwater fish community with one reliable filter that can live up to your expectations, by doing a thorough water clean-up, leaving it not only crystal clear but an environment for the fish to thrive comfortably.

Having a large aquarium that is in the capacity of up to 30 to 150 gallons? You need a fish tank filter that will make the cleaning a walk in the park. That is what exactly this filter is emphasized to provide you on every cleaning cycle.


  • Embraces 3-stage filtration
  • Has 100% water contact for effective clean-ups
  • Comes with replaceable media slots
  • Comes with easy installation guide


  • Doesn't have a bio wheel

This classic series boasts remarkable technology that makes its performance one of the most enhanced. Do you want a fish tank filter that carries high efficiency with the most reliable filtration? The EhmFltr 2217 Classic Wm 264g is exactly what you can depend on at any given time.

Interestingly, you will be awed by its pump and motor that comes with the unique capability to run while going through minimal service.

Set up the mechanical, chemical, biological and adsorptive filtration process in a short time, courtesy of its well-crafted chamber for the most of the flex.

You are likely to find its flow rates one of the most smartly designed to achieve the right balance between biological, mechanical and the biological long term filtration, oxygen enrichment and water circulation. This brings about smooth optimal conditions for the best aquarium maintenance.

Expect to find this 14.6-pound portable with ease. It comes with a fine, coarse, carbon pads and reliable power consumption.


  • Easy to maintain
  • Advanced user-friendly technology
  • Efficient filtration
  • Balanced flow rate


  • Doesn't work on a 220v

If you are interested in a fish tank filter that delivers with the latest technology that is tried with certainty, then you can rely on the top level efficiency of this filter for even the larger systems.

Count on the EHEIM Classic External Canister Filter with Media's mechanical and biological process to purify your aquarium through just a single process.

Expect to enjoy constant water circulation and systemic oxygen upgrading while cleaning your waters. Let your fish thrive in a healthy environment in filtered waters using this fish tank filter's easy-to-use compact size that comes with a complete stand.

Find it also effortless when closing after cleaning your aquaria, thanks to its permo- elastic silicon seal that is ring fixed on the pump head. It is easy and light-weight to carry around, saving your time for the quickest aquaria filtration process.


  • Comes with a complete filter medium and valves
  • Extra accessories for smooth functionality
  • Easy installation
  • Safe to use


  • Can't work on a 220v

Re-ignite the spark of fish tank filtration in you with one dependable 12 pound Penn Plax Cascade Canister Aquarium Filter thanks to its durable construction and top class performance.

The aquarium filter is not only a household brand that can clean up to 100 gallons of water effortlessly but also embraces a speed of cleaning 265 gallons per hour (GPH).

This is a reliable speed you confidently count on when in a hurry. Do you need clear waters for both your fresh and marine aquarium? Well, this fish tank filter comes with a 3 stage cleaning process; mechanical, biological and chemical filtration for the perfect job.

To do away with the particulate matter, its floss pad is emphasized to this excellently supplemented by its activated carbon media to remove toxins and impurities from your water for a cleaner and healthier water base for your fish and any other aquatic life.

For those keen on its filtration process, you will find its biological clean-up one of the best thanks to its coarse sponge able to promote bacteria growth for easy and effective removal of waste, harmful ammonia, nitrates and many other impurities from your aquarium water.


  • Durable construction
  • Easily controllable flow rate
  • Has secure and water tight fitting
  • Comes with independent 360-degree rotating valve caps
  • Sturdy tip-proof base


  • Not a c-series pump

You want a superb fish tank filter that carries effective filtration process, given it carries sufficient contact time with its filtering media.

Expect to reduce the long-term operational costs of this fish tank filter, thanks to its energy efficient pump. Save your time in installing this filter in the shortest of the time too.

While carrying a 2-year warranty, this model is not only just reliable but also equipped with AquaClear foam, Biomax, cycle guard and activated carbon for the smooth running of its biological filtration. This makes this model one of the most top water quality compared to regular conventional brands.

If you have an aquarium that holds up to 110 gallons, you will find filtration an easy task with is the fish tank filter. Never have to find it mind boggling setting up this model. It is the ultimate quick installation, an aspect credited to its user-friendly manual installation guide.

For comfortable use, just plug it into your aquarium water after priming your filter. Tailor the water flow to your preference aided by its mid-level strainer.

This will make the installation process not only effortless for you but also not anymore time - consuming. Remember to remove and replace your filter cartridge on a monthly basis


  • Effortless maintenance
  • Convenient 3-stage filtration
  • Cleans up to 70 gallons
  • Certified flow rate


  • Not suited for 240v usage

Are you a newbie in fish tank filtering? Find this Marineland Penguin Power Filter one of the easiest to adapt to and maintain for longevity.

Become an expert in your fish tank filtration with this highly recommendable filter, thanks to its ability to suit medium aquariums on 20 to 70 gallons of water.

For those of us who love a perfect job in cleaning our aquaria, never have to worry about this model because it will handle any of the leftovers of food and fish waste particles. This is highly credited to the ability to replace its right sized cartridge for the clean and healthy environment for your fish and aquaria plants.

With a 3-stage filtration upper hand, the system embraces a biological, mechanical and chemical filtration for the most efficient cleaning.

This is partly made effective courtesy of its Bio-wheel that can grow beneficial bacteria for biological filtration. It also has the capability to eliminate chances of toxic ammonia and nitrates growing in your aquaria.


  • Has minimal noise
  • Adaptable easily by beginners
  • Has 100% water contact
  • Comes with a 3-stage cleaning system


  • Doesn't have control to adjust the flow rate

Take your dedicated aquaria filtration seriously with this 1.3-pound fish tank filter, thanks to its superb performance especially if you happen to have small sized aquaria.

Count on this filter to do an excellent job for up to 20 gallons of water, while embracing the best filtration of your tank within the shortest time.

Remove the excess food, decaying organic matter, dangerous chemicals from your aquaria courtesy of intelligently designed mountable suction cups or brackets that aid quick removal of waste saving your time.

The filter uses large whisper Bio-Bag Cartridges on a smartly designed 3-stage filtration process that is emphasized for clear-cut clean up that will leave more enthusiastic of your fish caring and reliable aquaria maintenance.

For those of us who love the quite filtration, this is not only the right choice but also one you can count on to for flexible adjustment of high or low water levels.


  • Comes with pre-assembled cartridges
  • Easy to mount on aquaria
  • Quieter in use
  • High-quality body construction


  • No water flow adjustability

Never has the aquaria filtration process been so dedicated, thanks to the Whisper In-Tank Filter 3i for 1 - 3 gallon aquariums (25846).

The filter tank takes into account of high performance based a carefully crafted 3 stage filtration that will leave your aquaria waters not only healthier for your fish but also clean and fresh.

Become a cleaning fanatic with this filter that can handle up to 3 gallons water effectively. In dire need of a fish tank filter that can deliver with less of the noise? This is the ultimate solution for you.

Mount it on the inside of your aquarium instead of hanging it from the outside for that fine flush. It will use its air bubbles to move water up the airlift tube during the filtering for your cleaner water than regular brands.

You have small fish and breeding fish? How about an experience with this 7.2-pound fish tank filter that will also make it easier for you to adjust it in high or low waters, courtesy of its mounting clamps.


  • Comes with an air pump
  • Has two feet airline tubing
  • Comes with one small whisper Bio-Bag filter cartridge
  • Light in weight.


  • The water flow rate isn't as fast enough

How to Choose Fish Tank Filter

Whether you are a fish enthusiast or an upcoming fanatic of holding your fish in your aquaria, acquiring a quality and reliable fish tank filter needs your keen look at its features.

Check out for these features if you want to avoid disappointments in the much-anticipated fish tank filtration process accompanied by impressive outcomes. Take into detail its capabilities, functionalities, and ability to deliver on your expectations.

Functionality of the Fish Tank Filter System

Just before you settle for your best fish tank filter, ensure you get to fathom the basics of how it functions. You are likely to come across three categories of fish tank filter systems; biological functionalities, chemical functionalities and those that function mechanically.

The biological functionalities emphasize on the fish tank filtering capability to remove the ammonia produced from fish grills during respiration among other waste products. A great filter should be able to handle this effectively for optimized water cleaning.

Your fish tank filter should eliminate these toxic wastes which otherwise if left unchecked could cause ammonia accumulation that could cause the death of your fish.

Check also whether your fish tank filter has an effective mechanical function to aid in smooth debris removal from your tank. You expect to have excess food and other dust accumulating on your aquaria at some point in time that will need to water purification. This should result in well-maintained water that is healthier for your fish.

The chemical functionality is necessary for your fish tank filter to facilitate the clean-up of those hard metals and other materials that you are likely to come across in the waters. hard metals could resultantly be hazardous to the fish.

This is because the water in the tank will always come from different sources, some unknown carrying many chemicals and other impurities that could be harmful to the aquatic life.

Type of Fish Tank Filter

Expect to find air-driven internal fish tank filters usually small and compact in size. They are the best choice for an easier combination of a wider variety of fish tanks. They are durable and well designed. They are a great choice for those with aquariums of a smaller size.

Under gravel, filters are normally designed for placement underneath a layer of your aquarium gravel for biological filtration to take place. This results into the beneficial bacteria breaking down the waste products in the fish tank. Some come with replaceable cartridges with active carbon that facilitates chemical filtration effectively.

Power filters are easy to install and can last for a long time. If you are keen on the biological, chemical and mechanical filtration, these are the ultimate models with heightened performance that will live up to your expectations.

Expect to find them too convenient for many different types of fish tanks and they also additionally come with their replaceable filter cartridges. Canister filters in your fish tank do offer all functions from mechanical, chemical to biological functions. Wet or dry filters are the perfect choice for biological filtration.

Installation Guide

Remember to check that your fish tank filter comes with instructions for set up, especially for those beginners into fish tank filters.

This will make it easier for you to adapt to its use and maintenance.

Tank Size

All filters are not always compatible with all fish tank designs. Some filters can handle one tank others more than one tank.

Check with your store whether this fits your preferences for the appropriate choice. Confirm your tank size gains the correct filter that will serve you better.

Other Factors To Consider

  • The filtration technology used
  • The water flow rate matched to filter design
  • Brand certification among other aspects.


The different models out in the market are likely to throw you into confusion before you settle on your best fish tank filter of choice. Run your budgetary needs against available brands that meet your aquarium specifications and demands.

Ensure you be keen on quality for longevity. The filter should be able to do you an impressive job with less of the letdowns. Any of these top fish tank filters are bound to ignite your passion into keeping your aquaria clean, healthier for the aquatic life support and easy to maintain in the long run.

Your fish tank filter should be easy to install and convenient to use even for newbies. I suggest you pick those that fit into any tank for starters as you grow into fish tank filtration. Your filter choice should be an effortless task with any of these top class models with dependable performance.

I can recommend them confidently, and they are worth your experience for the real results. Hope these tips leave you more prepared and re-energized for your aquaria cleaning that will live up to your expectations.

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