Best Pontoon Boat Brands (+ Specific Models)

The process of researching and buying pontoon boats can be quite frustrating. There are so many pontoon boat brands to choose from, and each of them varies when it comes to features, capacity, engines, and design. So, which brands make the best pontoon boats?

Bennington, Manitou, Barletta, Sylvan, and Godfrey are the best pontoon boat brands because of the deck space, engines, and capacity. They each offer luxury, cruising, and fishing models that vary in engine power and passenger capacity. Brands like Sunchaser, Harris, Tahoe, Princecraft, and Berkshire are also among the best pontoon boat brands on the market because they have several series to choose from.

Look for pontoon boats that measure under 24 feet long if you want to conveniently dock your boat at most marinas. Follow along as we explore the best pontoon boat brands and highlight the best models they offer.

BrandSeries/ModelsPrice RangeSpecial Features
BenningtonS Line, SV Line, Q, QX$21,000 – $200,000Customization, Practicality, Luxury
ManitouMultiple Collections$47,000 – $139,000Specializes in Pontoon Boats
BarlettaReserve, Lusso, CorsaNot SpecifiedSpace, Storage, Swim Decks
Sylvan6 SeriesNot SpecifiedLuxury and Fishing Options
Godfrey7 SeriesNot SpecifiedDesign Variety, Storage, Sundecks
Sunchaser5 SeriesNot SpecifiedCustomization, 25 Floor Plans
Harris5 SeriesNot SpecifiedLuxury, Fine Leather Upholstery
TahoeT21, T16, 1950, 2150 CCNot SpecifiedSporty and Family Boats
Princecraft8 SeriesNot SpecifiedDesign and Performance Variety
BerkshireLE, CTS, STSNot SpecifiedVariety, 5-Year Warranty

What Are the Best Pontoon Boat Brands?

1. Bennington

Not only does Bennington have 4 series to choose from, but they also offer plenty of customization options. This sets them apart as one of the best pontoon boat brands, whether you are interested in fishing, cruising, or high speeds. Bennington Marine sells pontoons and tritoons that specialize in both practicality and luxury.

The S Line and SV Line pontoon boats that Harris sells are the most practical options they offer if you don’t prioritize luxury and speed. However, the Q and QX lines

2. Manitou

Many manufacturers that sell pontoon boats don’t specialize in them. That’s not the case with Manitou, however, as they proudly specialize in pontoon boats, and they are one of the best brands on the market. With many collections, Manitou has helped lead the pack of pontoon boat brands since 1985.

They sell several models of pontoon boats meant for fishing, cruising, relaxing, and riding at high speeds. Manitou also sells pontoon boats within a wide range of prices starting at $47,000 and going up to just over $139,000.

3. Barletta

With 5 series to choose from, nearly anyone can find the perfect pontoon boat for them from Barletta. For hardcore boaters, you may want to check out the Reserve, Lusso, and Corsa series pontoon boats that Barletta offers. Each of these boats features lots of space, storage for anchors, and comfortable swim decks.

That said, the simpler and more affordable pontoon boats they offer, such as the Aria and Cabrio, are more practical. They are the best options if you have a limited budget and don’t need lots of storage space.

4. Sylvan

Sylvan has made pontoon boats for over 120 years. With 6 series of pontoon boats to choose from, Sylvan sells boats meant for both luxury owners and hardcore fishers. For example, the Mirage Fish boat has plenty of storage for fish and fishing gear.

They also offer sporty models that feature 300-horsepower engines, such as the Mirage X. They may be pricey, but you can save lots of money if you stick to their fishing models and avoid luxury pontoons like the Mirage X.

5. Godfrey

Godfrey offers a wide variety of pontoon boats ranging from luxury cruisers like the Sanpan Split Bench to the casual Sweetwater Lounge. Each of the 7 series that Godfrey has to offer stands out for the difference in design choices. For example, the XP is slender and sporty whereas the AquaPatio emphasizes passenger capacity and storage space.

The Monaco series is also quite practical and features 6 boats to choose from. The sundecks are where Godfrey stands out as one of the best pontoon boat brands. Check out the SanPan series if you want an even balance between storage space, passenger capacity, and a comfortable sundeck.

6. Sunchaser

Sylvan, another one of the best pontoon boat brands, is owned by the same company that makes Sunchaser. Each of the 5 series they offer is affordable and offers some of the best value for the price. However, Sunchaser primarily stands out because it offers more customization than most pontoon boat brands on the market.

You can customize a pontoon boat to the ideal layout, capacity, and storage space you need through Sunchaser. There are 25 floor plans to choose from, and you can adjust them as you go to make sure to accommodate your needs. Besides that, they have 6 primary pontoon boats to choose from.

The Geneva Cruise and Geneva Fish models are perfect for boaters who don’t need to race at high speeds. However, the Calais and Geneva Sport boats are fierce and feature 300-horsepower engines that provide plenty of power.

7. Harris

Harris is one the best pontoon boat brands when it comes to luxury. Each of the 5 series of pontoon boats they sell features fine leather upholstery, comfortable seats, and sleek designs. However, you should look no further than the Solstice and Grand Mariner if you want a sporty pontoon boat.

As the name suggests, The Crowne is the most luxurious Harris pontoon boat. They also offer variations of The Crowne with twin engines. That is the best option if you value speed as much as luxury.

8. Tahoe

Tahoe is a household name in the world of boat enthusiasts. They share the same owner as Avalon, which also produces incredible pontoon boats. Tahoe specializes in both sporty and family pontoon boats, and that sets them apart from many other brands.

Their sportier models, such as the T21 and T16, are sleek and typically feature four-stroke engines. The 1950 and 2150 CC pontoon boats also feature four-stroke engines, but they emphasize fishing more than luxury.

9. Princecraft

Princecrat offers 8 series to choose from, and they are one of the most diverse pontoon boat brands. Whether it be the Voyageur Series or Sportfisher Series, each of their collections is quite different. They offer electric sporty, luxury, and fishing pontoon boats that each vary in design and performance.

The Quorum and Sportfisher LX are among the most popular pontoon boats they sell. Some of their models, such as the Sportfisher LX, can hold up to 10 gallons of gas, and that’s convenient for frequent boaters.

10. Berkshire

Berkshire takes variety seriously, and that’s something you can tell when you check out their pontoon boat collections. They currently offer 4 collections, including the LE, CTS, and STS series pontoon boats. However, the Sport Series is the biggest standout of what Berkshire has to offer.

They offer everything from cruising-speed boats and luxury vessels to pontoon boats meant specifically for fishing. The LE Series offers affordable and simple pontoon boats whereas the STS Series focuses on luxury and comfort. Berkshire’s 5-year warranty is also quite accommodating, and that can be hard to find with many pontoon boat brands.

11. Sun Tracker

With nearly 40 years of experience, there’s no reason to doubt Sun Tracker as one of the best pontoon boat brands. Whether you like watersports, cruising, or fishing, Sun Tracker likely has something to offer. For example, the Party Barge is ideal for people who need to accommodate large groups at once.

However, the Fishin’ Barge and Bass Buggy emphasize speed and storage space. Their selection may be more limited than pontoon boat brands like Sylvan, but Sun Tracker is a great option if you’re looking for practical boats.

What is the Most Popular Size Pontoon Boat?

Pontoon boats between 20 and 24 feet long are the most popular. This is considered a medium size for pontoon boats. Large pontoon boats span up to 30 feet long, and that is too big for many people who don’t need to host that many guests.

Medium-sized pontoon boats also cost less and are much easier to store. You can park medium-sized pontoon boats at most marinas. They are also easy to haul via a trailer.

So, What are the Best Pontoon Boat Brands?

The best pontoon boat brands are Bennington, Manitou, Barletta, Sylvan, and Godfrey. Sun Tracker, Berkshire, and Pinecraft also offer a wide variety of pontoon boats whether you prefer luxury or practical fishing space. Check out Harris, Tahoe, and Sunchaser if you want a wide selection of pontoon boats to choose from.