Best Kayak Seats On The Market – Top 7 Models Reviewed!

Kayaking is a highly enjoyable sport, gives you the rare opportunity to get out on the water and interact with nature. Apart from the amazing relaxation you get from taking out your kayak on the water, kayaking also allows you to participate in other activities like fishing and geocaching.

However, there is one thing that has the ability to make your kayaking adventures unpleasant- an uncomfortable kayak seat!

When your kayak isn't equipped with one of the best kayak seats, you will not be able to focus on the beauty around you. In that sense, a soft seat with lumbar support will amplify your kayaking experience to amazing levels.

That is why I have looked all over the internet to find the best fishing kayak seating option on the market, in order to make your time on the water supremely enjoyable.

Best Kayak Seats in 2020 - Comparisons

The 7 Best Kayak Seats On The Market

As I have briefly mentioned, a comfortable seat is necessary for an enjoyable kayaking experience. The 7 seats we will look at below are composed of the best seat features, making your adventures more pleasurable.

1. GTS Sport Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat

GTS Sport Sit-On-Top Kayak Seat

The GTS Sport Seat back has been designed for smaller paddlers who require lower back support as they go out on their sit-on-top kayak.

The 12.5 inches tall seat back will provide generous lumbar support to paddlers, as there are thermoformed foam panels that ensure deep padding is possible.

This padding will contour itself to your body so that the seat is customized to you, guaranteeing that you have a firm yet comfortable time on the water.

The construction of the boat seat also features inbuilt tri-laminated backrests for extra structural support, as well as heavy-duty 600D fabric for improved durability at high stress points.

In order to reduce fatigue, the kayak cushions back also has 4 adjustable front and rear straps, which lock the seat into place so that you are not jolted about in the water.

This flexible attachment system is easy to operate, and requires only your thumb to lock it into position.

Before I forget, the GTS Sport Sit-On-Top also has a large built-in cargo pack in the back of the seat, as well as attachment clips made of solid brass for extra storage for your gloves and fishing hats.

Highlighted Features:

  • Generously sized built in zipper pack.
  • Seat Back: 13"L x 24"W. Seat Cushion: 14"L x 14"W x 3/4"H
  • Enhanced molded in water channeling grooves.
  • Built in Tri-laminated backrests structural support.
  • Lycra foam laminate construction
  • Multi-adjustable front and rear straps solidly lock in seat position
  • Two front attachment straps and two back attachment straps
Crack of Dawn Paddle Sports Spider Angler Kayak Seat

The Spider angler seat is a multi-function seat, comprising of the best features of any previous Malibu Kayaks seat.

This fishing seat has a high seat back, which is packed with thick padding for ultimate comfort for prolonged periods of time.

The beauty of the seat also lies in the extra features associated with it, such as dual inbuilt rod holders, a rear gear bag, a bottle holder, a navigation light holder, tool holders, safety reflectors, and D-rings for gear attachment.

As you can see, these seating options provide unparalleled convenience for all anglers.

Highlighted Features:

  • Our best fishing seat
  • The Spider Angler is high backed with our thickest padding, perfect for spending hours on the water in comfort
  • This complete seating option includes rear gear bag, dual built-in rod holders, tool holders
  • Seat: 18" (W) x 14" (L)
  • Backrest: 24" (W) x 19" (H)
Kerco Explorer Sit-on-top Kayak Seat Back Equipped with Back Pack

The Kerco seat back has been designed for sit-on-top models, with a generous seating design that will provide sufficient support during long paddle trips.

Currently, the seat cushion measures in at 13 inches by 15 inches by 1 inch, ensuring that your backside has sufficient space for a comfortable ride.

This seat cushion is made using molded foam and with a nylon exterior, providing you with a plush and durable seat for years of kayaking.

Additionally, the seat back measures in at 18 inches by 21 inches, therefore providing great support for your back so that you do not experience any pain and strain as you are out on the water.

Highlighted Features:

  • Best used for Kayaking or paddleboards
  • Nylon and molded foam construction
  • Seat Cushion Dimensions:13"L x 15"W x 1"H
  • Seat Back Dimensions:18"L x 21"W
  • Sit on Top option
Ocean Kayak Comfort Tech Seat Back

The Comfort Tech seat back is the more evolved cousin of the Comfort Plus we just mentioned above, making use of increased padding, ventilation and back support for a greater kayaking experience.

To begin with, this adjustable seat for sit-on-top kayak models has extra padding on the seat, so that you do not experience any sore muscles especially when you hit rough water.

This padding is augmented by a taller seat back, which has been constructed to give your back the extra support it needs when you spend prolonged periods on the water.

As if that is not enough, the Comfort Tech seat has an inbuilt ventilation system that allows for the efficient circulation of air, as well as modifiable mounting straps that improve your seating comfort by customizing to your preference.

The seat back also takes advantage of brass swivel buckle attachments and UV-resistant nylon cloth for amplified security and durability.

Highlighted Features:

  • Adjustable seat for Ocean Kayak's sit-on-top models
  • Four-way adjustable mounting straps create perfect seating comfort
  • Reinforced stays add additional back support
  • Brass swivel buckles for attachment
  • UV-resistant nylon pack cloth
  • Built-in ventilation system
  • Reflective logos for safety
  • Taller seat back for extra support
  • 4-way adjustable mounting straps provide ample adjustment
Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back

The Comfort Plus kayak seat from Ocean has been constructed for use with sit-on-top kayaks, and is made using top-notch components and features.

This seat back will make the longest of kayak tours seem like short stints on the water, due to the supreme comfort it provides.

The Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back is created with reinforced stays, which enhance back support by providing a sturdy seat back. The solid construction is enhanced by solid brass clips as well as stainless steel springs, which also work to ensure that the structure of the seat is retained for years to come.

Durability is also achieved via the nylon pack cloth of the seat, which has UV-resistant properties to prevent fading.

When it comes to issues of comfort, the Ocean Comfort Plus seat has a molded backrest for correct posture, with 4-way mounting straps that can be adjusted to your preference.

The seat back also has reflective logos which allow for good visibility in low-light situations, in turn providing extra security for you.

Highlighted Features:

  • Reinforced stays add additional back support
  • Fully padded back for comfort
  • Heavy duty clips universal to most Ocean kayak models
  • Brass swivel buckles for attachment
  • Reflective logos provide good visibility in low-light conditions
  • UV-resistant nylon pack cloth
  • 4-way adjustable mounting straps provide ample adjustment
Skwoosh High Back Kayak Seat with Lumbar Support

The Big Catch High Back kayak seat is a Skwoosh innovation, offering unrivaled lumbar support and cushioning for paddlers.

This seat makes use of a TekPad fluidized gel cushion and Air-Flo3D fabric, to ensure that the seat is cool, ventilated, comfortable, and firm, while ensuring that you experience pressure alleviation and superior customization.

The 20 inch padded backrest has modifiable side wings for additional back support, and will contour to your body shape for a comfortable kayaking experience. This low profile seat also has reinforced fiberglass battens for improved stability, strength, and enhanced performance.

Overall, the heavy-duty construction of this seat is durable, solid, comfortable, resistant to corrosion, and virtually maintenance free. When it comes to extra features, this seat boasts of a removable and convenient fishing pack that has two rod holders, 2 D-rings and 3 Plano tackle boxes.

This pack ensures that your gear is secure and that you are sufficiently rigged for fishing action.

Highlighted Features:

  • Air-Flo3D™ Fabric - Cool, breathable fabric
  • TekPad® Fluidized Gel gives pressure relieving, customized, comfortable seating
  • Full width, adjustable lumbar support
  • Detachable handled fishing pack with 2 rod holders
  • 3 Plano tackle boxes
  • 2 D-rings for gear
  • Low Profile - Designed for better stability and performance
  • Comfortable - 20" padded back rest with adjustable side wings for support
iROCKER Inflatable Paddle Board Kayak Seat

Do you want to own the most comfortable and durable seat that provides you with back support? Then get the I Rocker Inflatable Kayak seat.

The seat is designed to be compatible with many other brands of inflatable SUP's as long as they are built with the D- rings on the board used to attach a kayak seat.

The dimensions of the I Rocker inflatable paddle board seat are 19.1 by 14.6 by 5.5 inches while its weight is at 2.8 pounds.

Comfort and safety are paramount in such like a product that is why the material used to design the I Rocker kayak seat is of high quality and durable.

The design of the I Rocker brand is so unique such that it stands out from the rest because of its performance and service.

Many users have acknowledged its prowess and have had close to none negative feedbacks about the I Rocker inflatable paddle board kayak seat.

Highlighted Features:

  • There is four straps and clips – 2 on each side used to keep the seat secure to the paddle board. This ensures it fits well and stays put on the I rocker paddle kayak at all times even when there are currents on the water.
  • The whole design of the I rocker inflatable paddle board seat is focused on enhancing comfort for the user since that is where they would be seated throughout. It's also meant to be durable so as to endure tough environments.
  • The back support is made top range by ensuring that the highest quality material is used in developing this product.
  • The size of the I rocker seat is of reasonable measures which can fit for a good amount of people since it was designed with a good amount of room for the user.

Benefit Of The Best Kayak Seat?

  • Provides the right back support
  • A good seat ensures that you get a perfect paddling motion
  • Some seats are designed with additional storage
  • Provides comfort for long distance paddling
  • Great seats offer good support while you are on the water
  • Boosts maneuverability

Buying Kayak Seat - Things To Consider

Kayak seats are important in ensuring that you get the best paddling motion. Unfortunately, this is a feature that is commonly overlooked by many people when purchasing a kayak. A good number of kayaks come with seats. In most cases, the seats may be uncomfortable or even fail to provide the desired back support.

Riders need additional comfort, especially for long distance paddles, and this will force you to invest in a comfortable seating option.

How do you choose the right kayak boat seat to suit your needs?

In this guideline, I have provided you with important factors that you need to consider when you are out looking for a new seat.


The size of cushioning on your kayak seat greatly matters. It will be wise to buy a seat with a thick cushion that is enough to provide you with support without being soft. With a comfortable seat, you will find it very easy to distant fish and new waters.

The best kayak seat should provide you with adequate padding on the bottom of the seat to provide you with comfort. This will avoid cases of your legs not having the necessary circulation. There are variety of seat cushioning that are available. The most common used type of seat cushioning includes the self-adhesive and strap-on seat cushions.


The durability of a seat is determined by the type of material that is used to make the seat. For instance, Ocean Kayak Comfort Plus Seat Back (featured in our review) is designed with a nylon pack cloth which is UV-resistant hence no chances of fading.


What is the ideal price for the best kayak seat today?

You do not have to worry about spending a lot of money in purchasing a seat. Many paddlers do not require incurring additional expenses when purchasing the seating option. There are great deals on websites, where you can get a quality seat with different price. These types of seats will last for a long period of time if they are handled carefully.


When you are enjoying breathtaking views in a kayak, a little shift on your weight is enough to put you into water. This can be a very frustrating experience. A perfect seat should not only provide you with comfort, but it should also provide you with an ideal balance for your weight in order to keep you above the water.

Final Verdict

Now that you have all of this information, get ready to make your seat back purchase today. I admit that your final choice will be difficult; after all, the 7 seats given above are of superior quality and workmanship.

So if you would like a durable, comfortable and high-performing Best kayak seat , go ahead and make your purchase today!

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If you have any question, or feedback, please feel free to let me know. I would love to get back with my answer! 🙂

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    For those of you looking for a good kayak seat, I suggest purchasing from a company that will allow for free returns just in case you don’t like what you buy. I purchased a very expensive GTS exhibition kayak seat from Comfy Kayaks for $179. Amazon sells the same seat for $190.

    Well, as it turned out, I found a seat to be a bit too hard, so I wanted to return it. I found out the policy of the company was to charge 5% restocking fee, then any unpaid shipping, and then return shipping. So, on my $178 kayak seat, the unpaid shipping was $22, 5% was about nine dollars, and then it cost me close to $30 to ship back. Total loss nearly $60.

    So, if I had purchased from Amazon they would have reimbursed me fully for shipping, and also paid for return shipping.

    The other thing is don’t always go by company reviews. I posted a negative review on Comfy Kayak’s site, but it never got posted (big surprise). These companies never post negative reviews about themselves.

    So, I hope this helps somebody else out there if they’re considering a high-end kayak seat. These things are really expensive, so make sure of the company’s return policy if you don’t like it, and who pays for what. Best price is not always an indication of the best deal!

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