Best Water Shoes for Women in 2020 – Top Performing Models Compared

If you plan on spending time outdoors, then you need the right kind of footwear to ensure that your feet don’t wind up getting trashed. For those who like to spend their time in and around the water, there is only one kind of footwear that you need: water shoes.

These handy products are designed to keep your feet protected while also preventing them from getting waterlogged. So, the next time you’re out camping or boating, don’t walk around with sandals or flip flops. Instead, check out these water shoes and see what they have to offer.

Today we’ll not only be looking at the best water shoes for women (men have a different list), but we’ll also go over the various features and factors to consider when making a final decision as to which ones to buy.

10 Best Water Shoes for Women - Comparisons


Product Name

Primary Material



Merrell Women's Waterpro Maipo

Synthetic and Textile

7 Colors


7 Colors


2 Colors


6 Colors

Vibram Women's Signa-W

Stretch Polysester Mesh

2 Colors

Astral Aquanaut Water Shoe - Women's

Fabric and Synthetic

3 Colors

Speedo Women's the Wake Athletic Water Shoe


3 Colors

Ryka Women's Hydro Sport 2-W


2 Colors


4 Colors

Adidas Outdoor Women's Boat


10 Colors

10 Best Water Shoes for Women 

1. Merrell Women's Waterpro Maipo Water Shoe

Next, we have a high-performance water shoe that will hold up to almost any environment with ease. As you can see, Merrell is a company that makes rugged water shoes designed for hiking and camping rather than those for boating or the beach.

As such, you get more dependable materials that won’t break down easily, and you get better protection for your feet.

What we like about these shoes is that they have more of the open mesh upper design so more water flows through them. They even have small drainage holes on the side so that they get dry even faster. Thankfully, though, the holes are not at the bottom so dirt and rocks stay out of your shoes while you walk.

Speaking of walking, an air cushion heel and a molded arch shank provide extra comfort to keep you going hours later. The only suggestion we have is that you have to wear wet socks with these shoes as they can rub parts of your feet raw over time.


  • Durable synthetic and textile construction
  • Thick Vibram rubber outsole
  • Rugged traction for hiking and water activities
  • Open cell mesh upper for shedding water
  • Thick padded collar for comfort
  • Drainage holes on the side for faster drying
  • Rubber toe cap for added protection
  • Anti-friction insole with antimicrobial treatment
  • Heel pull tab for easier in and out
  • Standard lacing closure system
  • Molded nylon arch shank for better comfort
  • Air cushion heel for shock absorption


  • Internal seam may rub against your toes
  • May require wet socks to avoid blistering
  • In rare cases, the rubber may squeak when wet

When trying to pick out a set of water shoes, it’s important that you first determine what kind of activities you’ll be doing. In this case, the Merrell All Out Blaze Aero is designed as a sport and hiking shoe that can also get wet.

What that means is that these shoes are rugged and dependable on all terrains, but they also shed water remarkably well if and when you do decide to soak your feet.

What makes these shoes so reliable is the fact that they are made with high-quality materials. A textile and mesh upper keeps your feet protected while also allowing water and air to flow through freely. A Vibram outsole has improved traction for rocky and uneven terrain, and there are no holes in the sole to allow sand and dirt to come in.

Overall, these are fantastic lightweight and durable hiking shoes that work well in all conditions.


  • Durable textile and synthetic construction
  • Thick Vibram TC5+ outsole
  • Ideal traction for hiking and water activities
  • Open mesh upper to shed water quickly
  • Omni-Fit lacing system for better fit
  • Bellows' tongue keeps dirt and debris out
  • Heel pull tab for easier on and off
  • Molded TPU heel tab for better comfort
  • Unifly midsole conforms to your foot
  • Breathable mesh keeps your feet cool


  • May need wet socks to avoid blistering
  • In some instances, the outsole can get slippery when wet
  • Sizes may run a bit wide for some users

Best of all, because the holes are along the side and not the bottom, you don’t have to worry about rocks and dirt getting inside.

The other thing that we like about these shoes is the traction. It’s not quite as rugged as something like Merrell, but it’s sticky enough to give you a better grip underwater and thick enough to work on most dry environments as well.

That, coupled with a rubber toe cap means that these shoes can be great for all seasons and terrains. The only downside is that they don’t have a lot of arch support and they may require wet socks so you don’t rub your feet raw.


  • Durable synthetic and rubber construction
  • Open mesh upper allows air and water to flow
  • Wide drainage ports on the side for better shedding
  • Techlite midsole for added comfort
  • Thick traction on the bottom for any terrain
  • Heel pull tab for easier on and off
  • Soft mesh interior conforms to your foot
  • Rubber toe cap for added protection
  • Standard lace closure system
  • Lightweight and stylish design


  • May run a bit small for some users
  • Minimal arch support
  • May require wet socks to prevent rubbing

The other thing about having an open sidewall is that you can bend the heel down and use the shoe as a slipper for more convenience. Other top features of this shoe include a lace clip to keep your laces tight, partially-recycled rubber soles with thick traction, and an antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor and prevent mildew.

What we also like is that the midsole is soft and conforms to your foot, meaning that you can wear it all day without your feet getting sore. Overall, these are perfect for a casual day at the beach or on a boat.


  • Durable synthetic and rubber construction
  • Mesh and polyester jacquard webbing upper
  • Open sidewall for improved drainage and airflow
  • Quick lacing system with lace clip to keep in place
  • Semi-collapsible heel enables shoes to slip on and off
  • Antimicrobial treatment to reduce odor and mildew
  • Non-marking ecotread uses 25% recycled rubber
  • Thick traction for hiking and water activities
  • Soft and comfortable midsole conforms to your feet
  • Rubber toe cap for added protection


  • Toe can run a bit narrow for some users
  • May need wet socks to avoid rubbing
  • In some cases, the sidewall can bend in, causing you to step on it

First of all, they fit and feel like any other barefoot shoe, so that means that you get a minimal outsole that won’t provide a ton of arch support or protection from the elements. Since this is a water shoe, it has an open-mesh design and drainage holes on the bottom to let water flow through easily.

This also means that they are relatively cool as air can flow freely as well. One other highlight of these shoes is that they are machine washable so that mildew and odor are never a problem.


  • Durable polyester mesh
  • Stretches to conform to your foot
  • Barefoot design feels better
  • Wave grip outsole is perfect for all water environments
  • Drainage holes for faster shedding
  • Open cell mesh design for better air and water flow
  • Heel and front tab for easier on and off
  • Machine washable
  • Flexible to fit your feet perfectly


  • Outsole is not very thick and doesn’t protect from rough terrain
  • Dirt and sand can get inside the shoe from the drainage holes
  • Can be difficult to size due to barefoot shape

A stretchy collar also means that they are easy to get on and take off, making these the ultimate hiking water shoe. Other features that we like with these shoes include an EVA foam insole for extra comfort, a bungee lacing system that stays in place when wet, and a non-marking outsole that works well on almost any terrain.

Overall, if you are going camping and you want shoes that can keep your feet cool and will go anywhere with you, these are the ones to get.


  • Durable synthetic and rubber construction
  • Flexible collar for extra comfort
  • Extra-thick outsole for support
  • Drainage holes in midsole for faster shedding
  • Bungee lacing system stays put when wet
  • Thin air mesh upper allows for drainage and airflow
  • EVA foam insole for added comfort
  • Non-marking outsole with thick traction
  • Durable Cordura nylon upper
  • Ideal for hiking and river crossings


  • Sizes may run a bit large
  • Heel may be too stiff for some users

Overall, these shoes are fantastic not only because of their ability to drain water but because they also come with thick gel insoles that provide an extra layer of comfort. In fact, they are so comfortable that you don’t need wet socks with them. Holes at the bottom make sure that they dry really quickly, and a padded collar makes them feel incredible.


  • Durable synthetic and textile construction
  • Open air mesh design allows water to flow through
  • Bottom drainage holes for faster shedding
  • Gel insert for added comfort
  • Lightweight and stylish design
  • Heel pull tab easier in and out
  • Standard lace closure system
  • Rubber toe cap for added protection
  • Thick traction for most terrain


  • Sizes may run a little small for some users
  • Bottom holes allow rocks and dirt to get inside

Fortunately, if you get the Hydro Sport 2 from Ryka, then you can swim with these shoes on, and they won’t get damaged. That’s because they are treated to withstand chlorine, making them the perfect pool shoe.

However, you don’t have to limit yourself to the pool with this set. They have open cell mesh uppers and drainage holes at the bottom to allow water to flow out with ease. They also have sticky rubber outsoles that provide excellent traction, even when submerged. A gel molded insole conforms to your foot for extra protection, meaning that these shoes are perfect for any occasion.


  • Durable polyurethane and rubber construction
  • Open mesh upper allows for better water shedding
  • Perforated nitrocel footbed for comfort and draining
  • Holes in the bottom of the shoe let water flow out
  • Sticky rubber provides excellent grip in wet conditions
  • All materials are chlorine resistant for poolside wear
  • Standard bungee lacing system stays in place when wet
  • Heel pull tab for easier on and off
  • Rubber toe cap for added protection
  • Burrito tongue stays in place so you can slip on and off


  • Holes can let dirt and rocks into the shoe
  • Heel may rub against your ankle
  • Less padding than other water shoe models

Next, we have a set of water shoes that are essentially tennis shoes that have a mesh design instead of a standard textile one. These models from Teva are both stylish and lightweight and can be worn as an everyday shoe as well as a water shoe.

The thick rubber outsole provides excellent arch support, and the traction is ideal for most flat surfaces, including those found at the local pool.

As far as water is concerned, they shed rather well and dry remarkably fast. Best of all, they’re comfortable enough to where you don’t have to wear wet socks with them, which is a nice bonus. The lacing system is standard and keeps the shoes tight, and they fit as well as any tennis shoe we’ve seen.

Overall, if you want a comfortable shoe that can get wet, these are a great option.


  • Durable synthetic and rubber construction
  • Thick rubber outsole for added protection and comfort
  • Molded insole conforms to your foot and provided arch support
  • Open-cell mesh upper allows water to flow through
  • Standard lace closure system
  • Soft collar allows for easy on/off
  • Smooth traction works best on flat surfaces
  • Rubber toe cap for added protection
  • Lightweight and stylish design


  • In rare instances, the mesh may start to wear down quickly
  • Shoes need to be cleaned if used in pool or salt water to prevent damage
  • Not suited for rough terrain

What makes these shoes so desirable is that they are so easy to get on and off. They have an elastic collar that conforms to your foot so that they don’t fall off while walking, and they come with a thick rubber sole that provides extra cushion and support.

Best of all, they have sticky traction that will keep you from slipping while on any wet surface. Overall, these are the perfect shoe for any leisurely vacation.


  • Synthetic lightweight shoe
  • Slipper design for more convenience
  • Thick rubber outsole for protection and comfort
  • Stretchy fabric conforms to your foot and stays on
  • Sticky rubber bottom for better wet traction
  • Soft, conforming insole for better arch support


  • Over time, the elastic will wear down
  • May rub against the top of your foot
  • Sizes may run narrow for some users

How to Choose Best Water Shoe for Women


As we’ve seen, there are plenty of water shoes out there that can be used in a variety of different environments. Thus, before you can even begin to compare them you first have to decide how you will use them. Do you want to go hiking? Are they meant for lounging around the pool? Figuring this out first will help you out immensely as it will help dictate the important features to look for in your shoe.

One guideline to follow is that if you plan on hiking in your shoes, you will need socks. No matter how comfortable they are, the material will be rubbing against your foot for hours, so don’t risk getting blisters in the process.


This part goes along with the purpose of the shoe, as the more comfortable it is, the longer you can wear it. However, if you plan on getting water shoes for the pool or the beach, then you don’t have to invest in something with a lot of arch support. If you plan on doing a lot of walking, then look for shoes with a foam or gel insole that conforms to your foot. If they are casual shoes, then a flat outsole will be just fine.

Slip On

One great thing about water shoes is that you can wear them anywhere. However, if you’re going for more of a casual experience, then you don’t want to have to lace them up each time you wear them. As such, try to find a shoe that can slip on and off easily. Sometimes, lace shoes will have a rubber heel that can bend down to become a slipper. This is a great option if you want something light and casual that can also be used for longer walks or hikes.

Drainage Holes

When looking at water shoes, you’ll notice that some of them have holes on the bottom or the sides to allow water to drain out. This is an excellent way to ensure that you don’t squish around while walking, but they can also be a problem, especially if they are on the bottom.

Large holes mean that sand, rocks, and dirt can come in easily, so if you plan on walking on the beach with them you may want to reconsider. Some models have a thin mesh to keep larger particles out, but sand and dirt can still get in. If you want to avoid that problem, then get water shoes with side holes instead.

Final Verdict

Considering that there are so many great water shoes on this list, it’s hard to narrow down our top picks. As such, we’re going to list out the best shoes for various purposes so that you don’t have to try and compare two wildly different styles.

For casual poolside activities, we recommend the Adidas Slip On Shoes as they are the most effortless to wear. For hiking, we love the Astra Aquanaut for the thick traction and outsole. Finally, for all-around wear, we have to go with the Columbia Drainmaker II as it has the best drainage system of any other shoe we’ve seen.

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