How Tall Is A Pontoon Boat On A Trailer?

Pontoons are among the simplest types of boats and are relatively low maintenance. Even still, it can be tricky to safely load a pontoon boat on a trailer if you don’t calculate the dimensions. So, how tall is a pontoon boat on a trailer?

A pontoon boat is typically 12 feet tall when you load it on a trailer, but it varies based on the boat. Most trailers weigh 1,200 pounds and the average pontoon boat weighs between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds. Your trailer should be 3 to 4 feet longer than the pontoon to make sure you have enough room to strap it in and drive without worrying about cars hitting the boat.  

You can store a pontoon boat in a garage during winter, but they don’t always fit. Otherwise, you can keep your pontoon boat outside and lay a tarp over it to protect it from rain, snow, and ice. Follow along as we explore how tall a pontoon boat is on a trailer.

How Tall Are Pontoon Boats on a Trailer?

The average pontoon boat typically stands 12 feet tall on a trailer. That said, it ultimately depends on the size of the trailer and the height of the trailer. Most pontoon boats are roughly 6 feet tall from the bottom of the pontoons themselves to the deck and interior.

Boat trailers often measure up to 7 feet tall, but it varies based on the brand, wheels, and material. Small pontoons may only be 8-10 feet tall on a trailer. Luckily, they aren’t nearly as tall on yachts when you put them on a trailer. Yachts stand 15-20 feet tall on a trailer.

What Size Trailer Do I Need for a 22’ Pontoon Boat?

You need a trailer that is at least 25’ long for a 22’ pontoon boat. The general rule of thumb is that the trailer should be 3’ to 4’ longer than the pontoon boat itself. This will give you enough space to secure the pontoon boat with ratchet straps and make sure it won’t move.

It also covers you when it comes to driving, especially for turns. Tight turns make it easy for your pontoon boat to hit nearby cars when turning. The last thing you want is a trailer that’s the exact same length as your pontoon boat.

Not only will this make it difficult to strap the pontoon into the trailer, but it also carries several traffic hazards. Cars that are behind you in traffic must keep their distance, and you’ll likely notice that most people pass you. Better safe than sorry, so you should always pick a trailer that’s at least 4’ longer than your pontoon boat.

How Heavy is a Pontoon Boat on a Trailer?

Pontoon boats weigh between 2,000 and 2,500 pounds. The trailer for a pontoon boat often weighs up to 1,200 pounds, but they can carry weight up to 3,000 pounds in many cases. It’s important to check the towing capacity of your trailer before you load a pontoon boat onto it.

Your car can only tow so much weight as well, so you must check the capacity for it before you tow a pontoon. Luckily, it’s easier to load a pontoon boat onto a trailer than most other types of boats because of the simple shape, design, and low weight.

Can You Fit a Pontoon Boat in a Garage?

You can fit a pontoon boat in a garage, but it depends on the dimensions. It’s often a tight fit when you put a pontoon boat in a garage. The average pontoon boat measures 22 feet long, and the average garage is 22 feet long and 12 feet wide.

Because of that, you should only store a pontoon boat in a garage if you have a big garage or a small pontoon boat. However, it’s a great idea to store your pontoon boat in a garage if don’t need to store your car in it. This will protect your pontoon boat from the elements throughout fall and winter if you live in a cold climate.

Make sure to measure your garage before you load your pontoon boat into it. Carefully cover your pontoon boat and leave it outside if you can’t fit it in the garage. Otherwise, the ice, rain, and snow throughout the winter may damage the boat.

So, How Tall is a Pontoon on a Trailer?

A pontoon boat is typically 12 feet tall on a trailer, but it varies based on the boat and the size of the trailer. Ideally, you should load a pontoon boat onto a trailer that is at least 3 feet longer than the boat itself. This makes it easier to load the boat onto the trailer and gives you wiggle room in traffic so you don’t have to worry about cars hitting the pontoon.