The Perception Striker 11.5 Kayak Review – Worth The Investment?

Perception is one of the leading kayak producers in the world and the Perception Striker 11.5 is one of their best selling recreational kayaks. For those people who love fun and control, this recreational kayak is an extremely great selection that provides you with a splendid value for your money.

Many kayakers love perception striker kayak because it can hold a large weight capacity without compromising on the performance. Paddlers also appreciate its two comfortable seating options and the stand up assist straps among other great features that are packed in this kayak.

The kayak is also classified as one of the best entry-level fishing kayaks on the market that doesn’t cost much money.  If you are planning for your next angling expedition, consider this kayak the best pick for the most adventurous recreation and fishing activity. Don’t worry about your paddling skills because the perception striker has been created to make things easy for you.

Like any other product, always remember that there are a few elements you need to consider before buying a kayak like the brand, features, and price. Others include;

  • The material used to craft it concerning its stability and toughness
  • The size of the kayak and how much space it will offer you
  • The site or type of waters it will be ‘tasting.’
  • The purpose will serve. For instance, it could be recreational or a job.
  • How convenience will it be regarding transporting and storing it.


Perception Striker 11.5 Kayak


Features And Benefits of Perception Striker 11.5

In this section, I have sampled some of the best parts of the perception striker 11.5 that will help you make your ultimate decision when picking this model from Perception Kayak. I must say, the perception striker 11.5 is unique from others. Let’s find out.

Sit On Top

Primarily, a sit on top kayak is the best. It provides you the great stability you may need to be comfortable to paddle. The sit on top style is also great for beginners as well as pros. You also get to conquer whatever seemed impossible earlier when you use the perception striker 11.5.

To add on that, sit on top kayaks can be used on calm waters. Unlike other types of kayaks, it would be a wrong idea to take this kayak to rough water or rough terrains.

It is also the simplest kayak you will ever come across. Do you know it lacks a cockpit? Instead, its hull has a self-bailing drain hole. Meaning, when the water floods on the base top, it can flow out on its own through the drain hole.

The sit on top perception striker also has another advantage. It has a double-wall, which is good because it will trap a lot of air into the hull. In such cases, the kayak will rarely sink but float on water for a long period.

Simple Design

The perception striker 11.5 has a very simple design. I call it the entry-level design. Unlike other kayaks, it is only great for stable and smooth waters like ponds, streams, rivers and small lakes. Since it is not very fast, it would be a wrong idea to take it into rough waters like an ocean or a sea.

The perception striker 11.5 is very different from other kayaks on the market. This is because it is advanced to fit the modern context but still be simple. So much effort was invested in making it firm to boost beginners’ confidence and give pros a simple time paddling it.

One of the most fabulous facts about the perception striker 11.5 is that they are made in a variety of colors to choose from. Unlike other kayaks, you won’t be restricted to choosing one common color instead you will have the pleasure of selecting your favorite one. Besides, as I said earlier, you can personalize it with a style of your choice.

Friendly Cost

I fell in love with the cost of this kayak, because it is super affordable meaning it can fit into anyone’s budget. Despite that you will have to add other personal accessories, the kayak has a great value for the cash.

Adjustable Seat

As much as the perception striker 11.5 is simple, it is not flimsy at all. It tends to emulate the modern pontoon design which is why it has an adjustable molded seat. You will be able to adjust the seat to two set heights, though back support is missing. The seat is also padded but not much, and now you understand why it is designed for small fishing trips on calm waters.

Portable Size

If you are a die-hard fisherman, you can agree with me that we love space on our kayaks where we can put all of our fishing trip requirements. We also like kayaks that offer extra space where we can attach other accessories.

The perceptions striker is small, but it has the advantage of being modified into whatever style that suits your needs so that you can be totally comfortable. It is so portable in a manner that you can manipulate it to be roomier hence making fishing enjoyable.

The perception striker 11.5 has a molded cockpit which will give you standing space. Close to that, you can keep your fish finder close to you.

Convenient Weight

The Perception striker 11.5 is so immense when it comes to weight. It has an overall capacity of 500 pounds. Do you know what this means? Professional anglers will have fun paddling it. Tall people will also give us a break from complaining as it has enough space for them to be comfortable.

You will also have a stable kayak to carry your heavy equipment, yet the kayak is lighter if we compare it to other kayaks. Therefore, it will not be an issue moving the kayak or taking it with you on a long trip like a fishing holiday to another city.


  • Affordable hence budget-friendly
  • Does not corrode easily because it has no adjustable or moving parts
  • Crafted from high-quality plastic for toughness
  • Easy to detach and reassemble
  • Lightweight and portable
  • It has a wide standing platform that provides more space when fishing
  • Can be customized to suit your needs
  • The kayak is very stable because of the wide beam
  • It is also short hence easy to maneuver


  • The kayak has no seat cushion
  • Lacks backrest
  • The adjustable foot braces are also missing
  • If you need to attach other fishing accessories, you will need to customize the kayak for that.
  • The kayak is also slow because it’s short

The Perception Striker 11.5

The Perception Striker 11.5

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I have a huge and relatively complicated kayak. I’m looking for a kayak that is less complicated, the one that I can use on short fishing trips. Can the perception striker 11.5 offer me that?

A: the perception sports striker 11.5 is just what you have described. It is not an amateur, but it is simple and great for calm waters and brief fishing trips.

Q: is the perception striker 11,5 fast enough for cruising across rivers?

A: you can use it on rivers that are calm, like a river when it is in its old age, it is smooth

Q: I recently used this kayak, and we were three on board. It seemed like we had a rough time paddling, but it didn’t sink. Does this mean that less than three people can, board it?

A: because of its space and size, at most two can board the perception striker.

Final Words

In short, this review has equipped you with all the information you may need to understand the perception striker kayak. For me, it is great for small-scale fishing like in ponds, and I enjoy using it.

When it comes to simplicity and sophistication, perception striker 11.5 is the first one in line. This kayak’s makers have a strong reputation for making high-quality products that are technologically enhanced to meet most of our modern needs. As you have seen it has some features that are so lucrative.

It is portable and very easy to use despite its relatively affordable price. Like any other product it has its flaws but what you want is what matters.  We all know that kayaks made from polyethylene plastic are almost imperishable. The perception striker will meet a variety of your needs.

Therefore, it would be awesome if you have one for yourself especially if you fish in ponds or small water bodies.

For beginners, perception striker 11.5 is the best way to kick off your angling experiences because it is so basic. It gives you the confidence you are looking for.

The Perception Striker 11.5

Perception Striker 11.5

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