Why Is Bass Fishing So Popular [10 Reasons]

Fishing is a very popular pastime. Many people love fishing because it gets them out in nature or the open water. In addition, catching fish provides a great sense of satisfaction, and if you catch something, you can put a delicious fish dinner on the table.

There are many types of fish that can be caught in freshwater, and bass fishing is one of the most popular. Bass fishing is so popular because you can catch bass in most bodies of freshwater. 

In addition, you can use different types of bait and techniques to catch bass, and you get really excited when you get a bite. Finally, bass fishing is great for beginners. If you are new to fishing or are teaching someone, bass fishing is the best option. 

There is a large bass population in most bodies of water, making it easier for beginners to catch a fish, which will prevent a newbie from getting discouraged before giving fishing a chance. Also, you don’t want to spend a fortune on fishing gear for a beginner, and bass fishing equipment is inexpensive.

When Did Bass Fishing Become So Popular?

People have been fishing for bass for centuries as a food source. It wasn’t until the 1950s and 1960s that bass fishing became so popular and became a sport. In the 50s and 60s, angling tools specifically for bass were developed, which increased interest in bass fishing, which helped bass fishing transition from a way for people to feed their families to a popular sport.

Why Is Bass Fishing So Popular?

If you are still on the fence about bass fishing, understanding why bass fishing is so popular will help you see why so many anglers love fishing for bass.

1.You Can Catch Bass All Year Long

If you are an avid angler and want to fish all year long, fishing for bass is an excellent option. There are certain times of the day during each season where your chances of catching a bass increase.

During late spring and summer, morning fishing is excellent. Fishing is better in the afternoon in the fall and early winter because the water needs to warm up a bit for the fish to start biting. You can even fish for bass in the winter; however, you may need a jig and will need a lot of patience.

If you are more concerned about the weight of the fish you catch rather than the number, there are times that are best based on the season.

  • Spring: Midday and late afternoon
  • Summer: Midday, nighttime, and right before a storm
  • Fall: Late morning and early afternoon
  • Winter: Midday and late afternoon

If you prefer fishing to see how many fish you can catch, certain times are better than others.

  • Spring: Early morning and late afternoon
  • Summer: Early morning, late afternoon, and right before a storm
  • Fall: Early morning and early afternoon
  • Winter: Midday and late afternoon

2.You Can Switch Things Up To Prevent Boredom

One great thing about bass fishing is that you can switch things up all the time to keep your fishing trips interesting. For example, there are plenty of bodies of water to catch bass, such as streams, ponds, lakes, and rivers, allowing you to challenge yourself in different bodies of water all the time.

Also, you can fish from the shore or on a boat. Finally, you can use either live bait or artificial lures and different fishing techniques.

Finally, you can fish on your own if you are looking for some quiet time to relax, or with a group if you would rather compete with your friends.

When you can change the way you fish the way you can when fishing for bass, every fishing trip will be exciting and challenging.

3.Bass Fishing Is Great For Beginners

Bass is the best fish to catch if you are a beginner or are teaching a beginner or children to fish. A simple bass fishing setup for beginners is inexpensive, and beginners are often more successful when fishing for bass.

Many experienced anglers started fishing bass, which is why bass fishing is a favorite for so many people.

4.There Is a Large Bass Population

You have a better chance of catching a fish that heavily populates a body of water, and bass are available in high numbers. In addition, there aren’t any strict rules regarding catching bass, allowing you to catch as many as you like.

When the fishing season begins, many major fishing spots are stocked with bass, improving your chances of getting a bit even if you are a beginner or teaching a beginner.

It is better to catch a fish that heavily populates fishing spots rather than losing your patience waiting for a fish that may never come.

5.Bass Fishing Tackle Is Easily Accessible

Because bass fishing is so popular, you can buy poles and tackle in different types of stores, including department stores, sporting goods stores, tackle stores, and online. You can also find inexpensive bass fishing gear in these stores for beginners.

Because bass fishing equipment and tackle are so accessible, many anglers prefer bass fishing.

6.Bass Fishing Is Convenient

Because you can fish for bass in so many bodies of water, it is one of the most popular for experienced anglers. You can stop by a fishing spot on your way home from work and fish for an hour. You can also spend the entire day fishing at your favorite place or on a boat.

If you are planning a weekend fishing trip, there are plenty of campgrounds ad remote lakes where you can catch bass. If you feel adventurous, you can spend the weekend fishing for bass by a wild river.

People love bass fishing because a fishing trip can last an hour or an entire week.

People love bass fishing because bass are everywhere, and you can fish for an hour or two to unwind or while you are on vacation.

7.Bring Home a Tasty Meal

Some anglers don’t like the taste of bass, while others love it. Some say it is all in the way you prepare the fish.

If you are fishing for a meal, it is best to catch bass in the cooler seasons. As long as you can clean, season, and cook the fish well, you can feed the bass to your whole family.

8.Fly Fishing

Many anglers love fly fishing because it is a challenge, and it takes skill and proper technique. There aren’t many fish that can be caught fly fishing, and trout is the most popular, but you can also catch bass while fly fishing. This gives anglers a chance to try their technique on two different types of fish, making it more of a challenge.

9.Bass Fishing Is Exciting

Bass are smart, strong and they are fighters. When a bass bites your line, it will fight hard to get away, making the catch more fun and exciting. Catching a large bass takes a lot of knowledge, skill, and patience, and you can really challenge yourself when fishing for bass.

10.Competitions and Going Pro

Bass fishing is popular among competitive anglers. You can enter plenty of bass fishing derbies, and there are awards for the largest bass and the most bass caught during the derby.

If you are a skilled and experienced angler, you can win lucrative prizes during competitions and could get signed and become a pro. This gives you the opportunity to travel while participating in contests while showing off your skill. You will also have access to the best equipment and can become famous in the bass fishing world.

What Does a Beginner Need For Bass Fishing?

If you now see why bass fishing is so popular and want to try it yourself, you will need to get the best rod, reel, and tackle for beginners.

Rod and reel: The biggest mistake new bass anglers make is trying to fish with a rod that is too long. An ultra-light 5-foot Quantum with an ultra-light reel is best. If you try going longer than 5 feet, you may not realize you have a bite, which defeats the purpose of fishing. As you get better, you can find the rod and reel that works best for you, but a shorter rod is best for beginners.

Starting bait: As a beginner, you don’t have to spend a fortune on every type of bait in the store. You can start with the necessities first, and when you are more experienced, you can try different things. First, you will need a few crankbaits. It is best to get one that resembles a baitfish and one that is brightly colored. Next, you will need a couple spinnerbaits. You should have one natural with gold blades and a bright one with gold blades. Finally, you will need a few plastic worms. Natural colors are best, and the natural colors with sparkles can attract bass.

Where Should a Beginner Fish For Bass?

Taking a beginner fishing for bass on a boat isn’t the best idea. It is best to start in shallow water as you are getting your technique down. As you get better, you can start moving to deeper water off a dock and then the deepest water in a boat. If you are going to be successful in bass fishing, you need to learn to crawl before learning to walk.

Bottom Line

Bass fishing is so popular for many reasons, including the convenience and availability. In addition, many people love bass fishing because there are so many places and ways to fish for bass, and switching up the routine can make fishing trips more interesting and exciting.

Bass fishing is great for beginners and if you have the right equipment, the right teacher and are fishing in the right spots, you can have a very successful fishing trip. Bass fishing is a very popular sport. If you fish often and get really good, you could make bass fishing for sport a new career.

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